Top 11 Best Indie Clothing Sites to Shop

If you’re looking for independent apparel, you’ve come to the right place. Vintage, hipster, and retro clothes may be found on these carefully selected independent-clothing websites.

The advantages of purchasing locally and independently are well-known. Nonetheless, with megastores and multinationals continuing to dominate the high street and, in many cases, providing lower prices, finding these tiny jewels can be more difficult than we would like. However, there has never been a more critical time to promote alternative retailers. The epidemic has put retail as a whole, including many of the major brands, to the test; what it has done to small clothes businesses has been a genuinely grueling and frequently existential crisis. Many people have died.

Why should we shop at independent clothing stores? For starters, they aren’t managed by faceless corporations out to make a quick buck.

Rather, these shops are usually labors of passion for talented artisans or small company owners that work tremendously hard to build a brand that can compete with the big boys.

Second, because of the nature of running a small business, the garments are more likely to be created ethically and without racking up a lot of air miles. Finally, they can provide alternatives to the frequently uniform apparel available in chain retailers.

At a time when many stores have been boarded up as we emerge from our third lockdown, now is more than ever the time to support small labels, both in recognition of the Herculean work they have done to stay afloat and in the hope that a post-pandemic world will bring lower rents and, thus, the possibility that indie labels might be in with a chance of reclaiming parts of the high street. Let’s hope for the best.

For the time being, you may help them out by buying in stores or online. These are the independent clothes websites that cut our list.

Don’t be without our guide if you’ve ever wondered where to get independent apparel.


Collectif was founded in 2000 and specialized in vintage-inspired clothing. Its goal is to resurrect some of the ancient glories of the 1950s pin-up era and Hollywood’s golden age of beauty.

It began in Camden Market and has since grown rapidly, attracting millions of followers who share a desire for a taste of the splendor of the past.

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It develops seasonal collections of womenswear, menswear, shoes, and even bridal clothing, all at affordable prices (dresses generally cost about £70) and in sizes ranging from a size 2 for women to a size 22 for men.

The men’s 1930s-style knitted polo shirts (perfect with high-waisted pants), maxi dresses, and – the reason so many people flocked to this name – the 1950s-style frocks with nipped-in waists and flared, full skirts are our favorites.


This menswear indie apparel boutique is located on Hoxton Street in east London, the epicenter of all that is cutting edge and fashionable.

The aesthetic of htown is perfectly in line with this. Martine Rose, Y/Project, Mowalola, Ahluwalia, and Saul Nash are among the brands included in its brief edits of some of the most interesting menswear labels.

And it’s only going to get bigger, but only with designers that share the store’s basic philosophy of sustainability. If you wish to buy something online, one of the benefits is that delivery is included in the price.

Top Vintage

Top Vintage is another classic label that does exactly what it says on the tin.

You can purchase the entire outfit, from clothing to shoes to underwear and beauty items, and it’s all divided into decades ranging from the 1920s to the 1970s.

Although the majority of the selection already goes up to a size 20, there is a ‘plus-size’ segment.

The majority of the things are relatively inexpensive – think €60 for a gown – but some of the more intricate pieces, particularly those from the 1920s with extensive beading, cost over €200.


50m is a high-end concept store that was created to promote and encourage young and rising fashion designers and artists.

Its purpose as a platform is to serve not just as a venue for selling and presenting work but also as a supportive community for designers to use and, essentially, grow up in.

You may browse for men’s and women’s clothing, as well as ‘art and lifestyle’ items (think homeware, objects, and books). You may expect avant-garde things that you won’t find on the main street.

Re:collection Store

Sarah, an ex-fashion PR who loved the industry but was increasingly at odds with fast fashion’s throwaway ethos, developed this charming store and its equally lovely website.

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She started her company after the shutdown. Re:collection sells pre-loved products from across the vintage, designer, and high street, all chosen and edited and ready to buy; it helps that Sarah has an exceptional eye.

She also shares the tales of the individuals behind the garments in her art, emphasizing that these aren’t just clothes to be thrown away on the spur of the moment; they have a history.

Each collection has the name of the individual who first possessed it. Everything about Re:collection appeals to us.

APOC Store

APOC is a marketplace for a new generation of fashion designers, creatives, and artists that lives entirely online.

The goal is to build a flexible and light-weight platform where designers may sell one-of-a-kind items and ship them directly to customers from their studios, while APOC pays a more equitable commission to assist its fledgling firms to thrive.

The portal sells women’s and men’s clothing, as well as accessories and art. This is a must-see if you’re seeking independent apparel in the UK.

Wolf & Badger

The two brothers who formed Wolf & Badger state, “We founded Wolf & Badger with the purpose of disrupting a failing high street and solving the difficulties of physical retail in a digital age.”

‘We offer a platform that makes identifying and acquiring sustainably and ethically made jewelry, clothes, accessories, homeware, and beauty products easier, without sacrificing quality or style.’

From avant-garde fashion to shop design to business practices to cuisine, we want to support all things new.’ In 2010, they opened a boutique in Notting Hill that sold women’s and men’s clothing, as well as beauty and interiors.

It now has a three-story headquarters in Coal Drops Yard, King’s Cross, as well as a flagship store in Soho, New York.

Wolf & Badger encourages its designers to produce in a sustainable manner by highlighting those companies on its platform who have met specific ethical manufacturing requirements.


Rotik, one of our elder kids on the block, was started in 1986 and has recycled over a million tonnes of unwanted clothing and accessories since then.

With a focus on antique denim obtained from American cowboys, the idea began as a booth on Camden Market.

The demand was so overwhelming that the founders moved into a permanent shop on the main street within two weeks, even before retailers had an internet presence.

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There are now shops in both Brick Lane and Covent Garden. Unlike many antique stores, Rokit Recycled does not have that musty scent; everything is cleaned, pressed, and transformed by the Rokit Recycled crew.

There includes clothing for both men and women, as well as a Rockit Originals area and repurposed military attire.

ASOS Marketplace

Most of us are acquainted with ASOS, but how many of us are aware of its marketplace arm, ASOS Marketplace? This is a fantastic resource for anybody seeking indie style apparel or affordable indie clothing, as it is home to almost a thousand tiny businesses, including vintage and indie labels.

Whether you prefer 90s grunge or stylish graphic shirts, you’ll find it all here. It’s gone a long way since its humble beginnings in 2010 when there were only twenty merchants. Do you want to create your own independent or antique shop? This is an excellent place to begin.

ARTsy Clothing

‘That instant when the paintbrush makes contact with the cloth, and the paint spreads out, transforming dots into spots, layering tones, and blending colors…’

That’s when I realized I’d made something unique. This is what you receive when you get apparel from ARTsy. ‘A one-of-a-kind.’ That’s according to Ruta, the Brighton-based label’s creator, who cites the town’s perpetual holiday spirit, animals, David Lynch, and the band Placebo as sources of inspiration. Everything is custom-made. Nothing is made in a factory. Everything is straightforward and flawless.

Blue Banana

The home of alternative fashion, according to Blue Banana. It is the go-to destination for emo, goth, and punk clothes, having been founded in 1997—banana in blue color.

Whatever aesthetic you’re trying for, you’ll find everything you need here, from clothes to footwear (there’s an entire department dedicated to Dr. Martens) to make-up and hair color. One of the oldest independent apparel retailers on the internet.