Top 25 Stores Like Charlotte Russe Review

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Is there a housewarming party in a few days? You might want to check your wardrobe to see if there’s something perfect for the occasion. Today, we don’t like to wear the same outfits on different occasions. We demand a new collection to keep ourselves with the fashion trend.

Hence, there are many e-commerce websites out there that know exactly what you may be looking for. One such website for girls is Charlotte Russe. They are one of the leading companies in the market and take their customer’s satisfaction seriously. There are many others as well like Shein, Fashion Nova, Zaful, etc.

What Is Charlotte Russe?

Charlotte Russe is one of the best and biggest e-commerce websites in terms of fashion that mainly focus on women’s fashion, and you will find almost every cloth of high quality. It’s one of the things they don’t compromise in.

Their collection is considered to be cute and trendy. Organized in categories, you won’t be facing any issues and find yourself a new outfit pretty soon. The shipping charges and delivery time are somewhat the same as others. They believe in customer satisfaction and if you feel uncomfortable in your outfit, feel free to contact them.

Top 25 Stores Like Charlotte Russe

Just so you get what you want easily, we’ve come down to 25 stores that you can approach when needing a new website. All the websites mentioned are trustworthy and renowned.


JustFab - Women's Shoes, Boots, Handbags & Clothing Online

We all know subscription means lots of premium deals. You can get something like this here. You will access their amazing collection if you get their VIP membership. Not only that, you’ll find activewear, shoes, handbags, etc. Just keep your cart ready and yourself active, as you’re going to take a lot of time while going through their collection.



Want to fill your wardrobe? Windsor is someone that can help you with it. They sell all types of clothes no matter what season it is. Whether you want a classy outfit or the modern one, everything will come at a reasonable price range. Their collection is worth checking out.


Nasty Gal

NastyGal is another great clothing shopping site for women’s clothing at a very affordable price. NastyGal has been improving themselves and wants their customers (women) to be confident. This online fashion store believes in getting their customer the best apparel they deserve. They respect their customers and fashion. A fun fact, NastyGal was an eBay store in the beginning.

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Lucy in the Sky

Lucy in the Sky

You might think their prices are a bit high, but they follow a simple equation, the higher the price, the higher the quality. Along with the quality, you’ll find their clothes to last longer. The girly collection of this online clothing store is something you’ll adore. They keep updating themselves to please you. You’ll get every dress you need regardless of the occasion.


Forever 21

You might’ve guessed it on the list. They are one of the top clothing retailers on the market with an unbeatable price range. Their collection keeps expanding so, hurry up before because there could be a lot of digging. They never compromise in quality and trend and have a wallet-friendly collection that you want.



Another top leaderboard player is Zara. Their main focus was on women, but lately, they’ve started to get a collection for men and kids as well. You’ll adore their high-quality clothes because they keep their promise. Your wardrobe might be empty for now, but Zara will help you fill great clothes.


They are the kind of players who keep their guns locked and loaded. Always ready with their updated collection for their customers. They cross every issue might have like age, gender, cloth-type, material, etc. Whichever category you select, they’ll give come at an affordable price you can’t resist. Topshop is one of the trusted sources for fashion.


Do you like trendy clothes? So do they. Missguided is a fashion paradise for women. Missguided believes in empowering women’s fashion and boosting their morale. They have all sorts of apparel like jackets, shoes, sweatpants, modern wear, etc. The prices are affordable as well, and you will like the quality certainly.


Do you have a lot of time? Why not go through Boohoo’s collection? Boohoo is another female-centric fashion clothing website that respects women’s apparel and wants female customers to get the best at amazing prices. They host sales frequently so, grab that opportunity when you get it.

Urban Outfitters

They are other big players you get to see on the leaderboard. This clothing store believes in delivering stylish and modern apparel to their customers and wants the best for them. They might have a different collection from Charlotte Russe, but they definitely will get you quality. They also follow the same rule, high price, high-quality.


This is one of the noticeable online clothing websites in the market. Do you want to update your wardrobe? Try giving them a chance, and they won’t disappoint you. You can find all the trendy, modern, and most comfortable outfits here at a great price segment. They update themselves constantly to keep you happy. They aren’t like others who’ll empty your wallet.

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You must’ve heard of Shein if you’re a regular shopper. Shein is one of the largest online clothing websites in China for women’s fashion. They are considered one of the best collections you can find on the market and that too at great prices. If you didn’t like the outfit, use their free returns under time and find a new one in the meantime.


Romwe is somewhat similar to Shein in terms of the collection, but their prices can be better. Another big difference is sales, and they organize frequently compared to Shein. They believe in keeping you updated with the trend and want you to get the best from them. Hence, a website worth checking out.


If you’re a party girl, this is the online clothing site we will refer to. They’ve got every cloth that you can wear during a party, and they are very good at it. Whether you want cocktail dresses, boots, handbags, etc., They’ll get it for you. To make your night comfortable and memorable, try Lulu’s collection.


This online apparel website not only provides you with their best collection but also delivers them in at least a day, that’s right. This is one of the best opportunities for you to grab some cool outfits and great discounts for the students out there. Another great thing, they also sell clothes of their brand.

Love Culture

This online clothing store is meant for young girls. They have some of the most unbeatable collections for girls. If you like Charlotte Russe, you’ll definitely like this one as well. They satisfy every fashion need a girl wants, and they intend to keep things that way.


You don’t like your wardrobe to be empty? Head to GoJane’s lobby to get some of the best apparel and fill the spaces. You will love this place as they often organize sales, and sometimes they keep discounts up to 55% on many categories. Consider this, and once you visit them, there’s no coming back.


ModCloth is one of the places where you will express their collection as “unique.” They are some of the websites that keep plus-size clothing for their customers. Indeed, their prices can be higher than Charlotte Russe at times, but you’ll be happy that you ordered something for yourself from here.

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The reason why you should visit them is that they provide high-quality material at very low costs. Their prices are hard to beat, and the clothes are reliable. You may think that they won’t last long, but reality’s just the opposite. For accessories as well, you can visit them.

One of the great things about this clothing site is its navigation. It’s very simple to search for the clothes you want. They have the most amazing and simplistic clothing, and their collection is indeed fascinating. They don’t compromise in quality. And their shipping and delivery are fast, but it depends where you want the package.

River Island

When it comes to River Island, they stand out from the crowd because of their unique collection. They can deliver a new collection every week because of their design team. They have settled their business in several countries and continue to grow as one of the best e-commerce websites.


Shoptiques is one of the best cheap online clothing stores that treat their customer very nicely. They gladly show their collection and that also at very affordable rates. If you don’t like the items, their return policy will take care of them. They aim to provide women with the best fashion that suits them.


This is a fashion clothing store for confident and modern women and those who want to join this class. BeBe is one of the best fashion clothing stores where you’ll find an amazing collection that keeps updating. Starting in 1976, a boutique is now one of the renowned places for fashion trends. They are considered a trusted source and offer great quality clothes.

American Eagle

When ?American Eagle Outfitters entered the market, they had a mission to respect those making the clothes. Since then, they have been developing and controlling over 1000 stores. They have an ever-amazing collection that draws people, and many tend to find their taste.

Tobi has been a great cheap clothing online store for fashion trends. They believe in providing great quality with fine details. They aim to provide you with apparel that’s made for you. Hence, their collection is considered one of the best by people. Also, their customer service is amazing. They are always ready to solve any query you have.