Top 29 Best Stores Like Forever 21 Review

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For those who like to shop online and venture in different styles, we present the best stores like Forever 21 that suit girls who love to look extravagant. So today, we leave you the top 29 alternative online stores that will make you look different without losing that fashionista touch.

What Is Forever 21?

Forever 21 is a youthful and fun brand that offers the most innovative and versatile trends, designed to satisfy the tastes of the most feminine to the rudest woman, regardless of age. This US-based fashion retailer is undoubtedly a benchmark in mass-market fashion, reflected in its more than 500 stores in 20 countries.

The Love 21 Contemporary line is designed for the most sophisticated woman, with classic cuts, modest settings, and premium details. Love & Beauty’s first makeup line includes cosmetic bags, beauty kits, nail polish, makeup tools, and bath products.

Although Forever 21 is in your country, you can also buy online, where you will find very affordable prices.

Top 29 Stores Like Forever 21

#1. ThredUp

The American company ThredUp, one of the largest companies specializing in commercializing second-hand garments, focuses on sustainability and environmental awareness. On the other hand, ThredUp is quite similar to Forever 21 for its prices and clothing styles that it offers.

ThredUp offers the opportunity to buy individual pieces or buy clothes for the whole family, shoes, and accessories by boxes known as ¡®Rescues.’ Something interesting about this site is that you can participate in the referral program with which you can earn credits to use in the store when you refer your friends.

#2. Windsor

Do you have a big event on your doorstep? Visit this site where you will find the most exclusive evening dresses, as well as accessories that will make you look radiant. This store specializes in dresses for formal events such as graduation, wedding, businesswomen, etc.

Prices start from $ 8 and offer accessories, shoes, and a wide variety of clothing of other styles for today’s women.

#3. Cotton On

This retailer has a wide catalog of basic cotton garments in sizes for women, men, children, babies, and maternity from Australia. Cotton On has a similar style to Forever 21 since both have very relaxed but sophisticated garments at great prices.

On Cotto On-site, you will also find an accessories section to buy belts, bags, travel accessories, etc. And also, it has a technology section where you will find tablets, headphones, etc. This online store is complete and offers different payment forms.

#4. Pacsun

PacSun is inspired by the Californian spirit: beaches, music, and fun. Originally located in Las Vegas, the stores were progressively expanded to California and Miami and have more than 600 locations throughout the United States. However, you can also buy in their online store.

This store offers the best of well-known and youthful brands, and you can find sports and casual fashion for contemporary youth and adults.

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#5. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is an online retail store well known for being the favorite brand of many Instagrammers who wear their clothes on this famous social media. Among them, you can see influencers, YouTubers, and other well-known celebrities.

This store is a good alternative to Forever 21, where they compete very well for their low prices. Yes, you can find here great jeans at just $20-25 and dresses under $20.

#6. Newchic

Newchic is a Chinese store that offers garments in Forever 21: modern, fresh, and youthful. This store offers shipments to more than 50 countries, and its website adapts to practically all languages.

Newchic also works as a retailer and is very present on Instagram. You can find clothes for men, women, and children, accessories at great prices, starting at $ 1.99, crazy!

#7. Zara

According to Google Trends statistics, the most searched brand is Zara. It has managed to position itself as a brand with style but can be accessible to anyone due to its low costs. However, compared to Forever 21, Zara may have slightly more expensive clothes, depending on the season.

Zara is a Spanish company, but it is present in almost every continent where it is always following trends and going to the edge of fashion. Hence, both women and men are willing to give their money for its merchandise.

#8. Free People

Free People is an American brand that offers excellent quality clothing with inspirational designs to dress an independent woman. It also brings classic garments that harmonize your wardrobe.

Free People offers styles for everyone, even if you like vintage. Find shoes, accessories, sportswear, swimwear, and lingerie at great prices.

#9. H&M

Like Forever 21, at H&M, young people are very aware of their collections. Although you can find physical H&M stores in many countries, you can also buy in its online store.

This Swedish retail clothing brand is known for its fast logistics handling fashion clothing for men, women, teens, and children. It is ranked as the second-largest clothing retailer in the world, after Zara.

#10. Boohoo

This store presents a wide catalog of dresses, tops, knitwear, coats, jumpsuits, footwear, accessories, and much more. Besides, they affirm that ¡°every day we release more than 100 new styles, so you will find what you are looking for in Boohoo, fashion 24 hours 7 days a week.¡±

Boohoo stands out for being an online clothing sales website with a large number of discounts in each one of its sections.

#11. Pretty Little Thing

This renowned English fashion firm offers a wide selection of sizes, from smallest to plus size. With its base in Manchester and offices in Los Angeles, Paris, and London, it offers its clothing in its online store to the whole world.

Pretty Little Thing is slightly different in terms of style that Forever 21 offers, as PLT clothing, is for women looking for sexy clothing.

#12. Missguided

Missguided is a UK-based clothing store focused on women’s fashion where you can find swimwear, dresses, etc., in all sizes. Missguided is present all over the world and ships to more than 160 countries.

Misguided is a modern brand with a global aesthetic and constantly renews its collections with retro inspiration. Besides, they have very interesting shipping options, such as next-day delivery.

#13. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal started in 2006 on the eBay platform selling second-hand vintage clothing. Today, the company is one of the leading fashion retailers in the US market with its eCommerce website.

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Its success is because it offers all sizes, low prices, great discounts, and trend collections.

#14. ASOS

Compared to Forever 21, ASOS can be a bit more expensive, but it is also true that it offers many discounts, for example, on Black Friday. There are promotions in all its categories.

On the ASOS website, you will find the best fashion for men and women, beauty products, accessories such as bags and purses, coats, jackets, lingerie, skirts, dresses, and everything you can imagine from more than 850 international brands.

#15. Rue21

Rue21 is a retail store dedicated to young audiences. On its site, you will find that it offers an inclusive look in terms of sizes since it also has a plus-size collection.

But Rue21 doesn’t just think about women; and it also focuses on men’s fashion. Find accessories, perfumes, and shoes at prices very similar to Forever 21.

#16. Francesca’s

Francesca’s is a retail company dedicated to the sale of clothing and accessories where according to the company, its main market is young women between the ages of 18 and 35. Feel free to find shirts, skirts, jackets, and much more in all sizes,

Although its prices are a little high, you will also find clothes with discounts. Its site is very well organized, and you will find interesting products.

#17. Maurices

I don’t think there is another online store more inclusive than Maurices. Here any woman of any age and size can find an outfit that makes her look and feel splendid.

In Maurices, you will find informal clothing such as jeans, dresses, shirts, accessories, and shoes for all seasons.

#18. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is another online store like Forever 21, although with slightly higher prices. Still, this multi-brand store of American origin is dedicated to lifestyle. While its Home collection includes bedding, tapestries, rugs, bathroom accessories, and furniture, you will also find a clothing section for men and women with very nice collections.

#19. Lulus

The style of clothing that you find in Lulu is very similar to that of Forever 21, so it is a good alternative. In this American online store, you will find t-shirts, swimsuits, dresses for important occasions, shoes, and even a section dedicated to weddings where you can find dresses and accessories for the bride. Its prices? A little high, but its quality is worth it.

#20. Shein

Fashion items and at a very good price is what Shein offers, an exclusively online store that offers its products in 220 countries.

Its prices are a bit lower than what Forever 21 offers. Here you will find women’s clothing, maternity; however, it also has men’s clothing, children, accessories, shoes, bags, household items, pets, and more.

#21. Chicloth

Chicloth offers very sophisticated clothing at a price very similar to Forever 21. If you have events like your prom or even if you are looking for dresses to marry and for your bridesmaids, here you will have it all.

As for their sizes, Chicloth offers from smallest to plus size. You will also find shoes and accessories to match all your clothes.

#22. TopShop

Topshop is a dynamic brand whose hallmarks are the search for modernity and avant-garde applied to fashion, style, and culture. Inspired by design, obsessed with fashion, and endorsed by influencers worldwide, Topshop connects haute couture with the most informal trends in the world of fashion, bringing it closer to all those who have a style in mind.

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Here you will find clothes for men, women, and kids.

#23. ModCloth

ModCloth is an e-commerce retailer that offers modern, vintage, and inclusive clothing and accessories by offering plus-size sizes. If you are looking for a good alternative to Forever 21, ModCloth is a good option for those looking for a unique style and colorful and cheerful clothes in their wardrobe.

The brand offers promotions and flexible payment options and collaborates with charities such as the National Domestic Violence Hotline, Planet Bee, and The Trevor Project. ModCloth is focused on supporting and empowering its customer community.

#24. Mango

Mango is the best option in the latest trendy clothing for women, men, and children, offering unique and modern designs for all occasions and seasons. All the lines of the Mango collection are combined with different accessories: shoes, bags, belts, jewelry, etc. Yes, the prices are higher than those you will find in Forever 21.

The brand has created a diverse collection, where every woman will find garments from the most basic to the most fashionable that are identified with her style and personality.

#25. Amazon

Forever 21 has its own space on Amazon, but Amazon already has more than 150 own brands if you want to see different things. In 2017 they entered the fashion sector, and in a few years, they have created many different brands, but not all of them are available in all countries.

Still, you will find very good quality clothing for women, men, and children at good prices.

#26. American Eagle

American Eagle offers fashion that reflects individuality, freedom, and authenticity. Its garments are very comfortable, with a classic and casual style and informal clothing for those seeking comfort.

This brand is different from Forever 21 in style, where jeans are the most prominent and selected by customers.

#27. BerryLook

BerryLook is an online store that works worldwide and offers the latest fashion for women (in greater quantity) and men. On this site, you can find different clothing of good quality and at a good price. On the other hand, its customer service team will always be aware of you, since your satisfaction is one of the priorities of this store.

Its prices are much lower than Forever 21.

#28. Zaful

Forever 21 customers will love Zaful because of its garments variety, discounts, and offers that you can find. This online clothing and fashion accessories store is for men and women, although the variety of women’s clothing is much greater, specializing in current trends. You will find swimwear, dresses, tops, sportswear, and much more.

#29. Romwe

Romwe offers similar prices to Forever 21. It focuses on women, on the latest urban look trends, and products of all kinds concerning fashion: clothing (skirts, jumpsuits, coats, Tops, etc.) and accessories such as shoes, bags, sunglasses, etc.