Top 21 Best Clothing Stores Like Urban Outfitters

There are almost too many places to explore when picking the right outfit for a casual day. Clothing stores exist for almost any occasion. Finding the appropriate clothes store, on the other hand, is a lovely experience when you know precisely what you want to wear.

Urban Outfitters is a clothing business that tries to serve both men and women with current apparel. They sell anything from bohemian gowns to antique apparel to simple graphic t-shirts.

Urban Outfitters will offer the appropriate outfits for a casual day out, no matter what you’re looking for.

However, you may lose hope if you discover that there are no Urban Outfitters in your area. As a result, below are the best stores that are comparable to Urban Outfitters.


Cider bills itself as “your closet’s happy hour,” and it certainly lives up to that description.

The bright inexpensive collection has a variety of amusing styles such as flirtatious sun dresses, fashionable going out shirts, and printed jeans.

You may even browse by mood for romantic, classic, sophisticated, Kpop-inspired, and other styles.

Frank And OAK

This Canadian firm creates both men’s and women’s clothing, all while keeping the environment in mind.

In fact, the company’s website has a wealth of information on the company’s aims and the methods it is taking to reach them, so you can be certain that it isn’t simply putting an eco-friendly label on a cotton tee and calling it a day.

Frank And Oak excels at creating everyday things with unusual hues and textures, as well as a combination of timeless motifs that aren’t just blue and navy stripes.

Check out the denim and intimates areas of the store, and don’t be afraid to shop both the men’s and women’s departments.


Outerknown was founded by star surfer Kelly Slater with the goal of creating eco-friendly clothes and being completely transparent about its sustainable operations.

It began as a men’s collection, but has subsequently extended to include women’s clothing. The warm Blanket Shirt is a must-have, but jumpsuits, denim, and casual dresses are all worth considering.


ASOS is a clothing business that thinks you should be able to express yourself without fear of being judged and that the greatest way to do so is via what you wear.

With over 30 different sizes available, no matter what your body shape is, you will be able to locate the appropriate outfits for you.

The clothes you’ll discover at ASOS, which range from vivid flowery print pants to a neon-yellow top, are the ones that will stand out.

ASOS is the right apparel retailer for you if you want to show your personality via your clothes.

Because ASOS does not discriminate based on gender, both men and women will be able to locate a broad range of bright and fashionable clothing.


Everyone wants the right pair of jeans or denim jacket, and happily, Madewell is a denim-focused firm.

Madewell prides itself on being “built for denim enthusiasts,” so if you appreciate wearing denim, you can be confident that Madewell is the perfect place to purchase.

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Of course, Madewell also offers a variety of additional apparel options. When you browse at Madewell’s rompers, maxi dresses, and tunic shirts, you’ll be able to choose out your summer wardrobe and beachwear effortlessly.

There are fewer alternatives for men’s apparel at Madewell than there are for women’s clothing. Men’s clothing consists primarily of jeans, which is wonderful news if you’re searching for a new pair of jeans from a shop that specializes in denim.


Topshop is a British apparel retailer that specializes in a wide range of clothing styles. If you are not from the United Kingdom, have no fear: TopShop ships to many worldwide destinations, both major and small.

Simply bear in mind that your fantastic new garments may take a little longer to arrive than they would otherwise.

With that stated, TopShop is a store that is more than willing to accommodate consumers of all shapes and sizes. They offer petite, tall, and pregnant categories, so no matter what your body type is, you’ll have a good chance of finding items that are just right for you.


Bold, vivid colors are the nicest thing you can wear, especially in the summer. Thankfully, Anthropologie can help you out with that.

In reality, the creator of this company was strongly influenced by Urban Outfitters, but she wanted to open a shop that would appeal to individuals her age, who are between the ages of 30 and 45.

This means that, while the items at Anthropologie may not be as current as those at Urban Outfitters, you will find plenty of vibrant, fashionable apparel when you buy there. Plus sizes are available at this store, which is vital for certain women.


Zara is the place to go if you’re searching for apparel that will make a statement everywhere you go.

When you pick an outfit from Zara, you will undoubtedly turn heads with angular, green, and loose clothing.

If edgy greens aren’t your thing, Zara has plenty of alternative possibilities. There are still many alternatives for you when you purchase at Zara, with camo, blues, greys, and even graphic print shirts available.


If you appreciate California’s beaches as well as wearing current apparel, WildFox is the place to go.

WildFox utilizes retro-style clothes as inspiration for its shirts, bottoms, dresses, intimates, swimwear, and eyewear.

If you’re searching for light, breezy, and elegant clothing to go to the beach, you should certainly check out what WildFox has to offer.

Many of their outfits are current, which means you may find the same sort of edginess that you would at Urban Outfitters.

Free People

When Urban Outfitters originally opened its doors, it wasn’t called Urban Outfitters. It was originally called Free Individuals because it aimed to express themselves freely via their clothing.

As the firm developed, it took on new brands, such as Anthropologie. However, some of the original Free People’s employees decided to return to their roots of femininity, daring, and spirit.

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This is where the Free People clothes store originated, or rather, returned. If you like shopping at Urban Outfitters, you’ll love the vibrant and trendy designs of Free People, which are a continuation of one of their legacies.


Many individuals like the vintage-style clothing that Urban Outfitters sells. If you’re searching for a retailer specializing in that kind of apparel, ModCloth is a good place to start.

ModCloth offers a wide choice of unique and attractive clothing for ladies by merging current clothing with other people’s favorite vintage designs.

ModCloth’s stuff ranges from basic tees to bridal gowns so that you can shop for your complete wardrobe at just one location.


Many women desire to be able to flaunt their feminine physique, but they lack the appropriate clothing.

Reformation is a clothing brand that aims to create “effortless silhouettes that appreciate the female shape.”

While their primary line of apparel is meant to accommodate women who are 5’6 to 5’10 inches tall, they also offer a petite, plus-size line, ensuring that no matter what your body type is, you will be able to discover the right garments that compliment your shape better than any other.


Everyone enjoys a little bit of fusion in their clothing, and if you’re seeking to add a little touch of fusion to your wardrobe, Superdry is the place to go.

They concentrate on blending the popular vintage American style with Japanese-inspired artwork in a British manner.

When both designs are combined, you get a new, unique sort of apparel that will undoubtedly turn heads when you wear it outside. Superdry has a lot to offer you in terms of vibrant colors and eye-catching designs.


While mangos are sour, flavorful fruits, you can rest confident that the Mango apparel line is just as flavorful and bold.

Mango attempts to incorporate the Mediterranean style of clothing into its designs, resulting in a lovely, free-flowing wardrobe for you to pick from. Their clothing’s color palette is distinctive, and it’s something that would look great on a woman’s shape.

Forever 21

Forever 21 is a business that seeks to bring out the youthful young adult in you, just as the name says.

You will undoubtedly discover apparel that you would have loved to wear when you were 21 and that you would want to wear now, thanks to bright, current, and contemporary clothing designs of various sorts and styles.

Because Forever 21 is one of the largest specialty stores in the United States, you’ll be able to find one near you to try on their clothes.


H&M is a clothing firm devoted to giving the most up-to-date kinds of apparel to everyone who desires them, both men and women.

H&M’s vast clothing selection allows you to discover your personal style at your own speed. There are innumerable different sorts of outfits to pick from, from graphic tees to vivid designs and charming cuts.

H&M thinks that by allowing you to find your own sense of style at your own speed, you are helping to create a more sustainable fashion future.

Nasty Gal

When it comes to attire, confidence is important. Being able to confidently strut your stuff will make almost everything appear nice.

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Nasty Gal is all about this. Nasty Gal is a clothing brand that started with “killer vintage” and has now evolved into the realm of edgy apparel that makes a statement, such as mesh tops and crop tops.

If you want to show off your confident side, Nasty Gal is the first place you should go.


For the summer, everyone needs some flamboyant attire, which Revolve is more than glad to give.

Whether you’re looking for fake leather leggings or distressed shorts, you’ll undoubtedly discover apparel that is bold and ready to turn attention.

Revolve’s apparel will suit you and your figure ideally if you have the confidence to flaunt your style.


Lulus is situated in California and is an online fashion company that sells a variety of collections worldwide.

Their creative team of designers creates one-of-a-kind fashions that are contemporary, stylish, and refined.

Lulus offers high-end details and outstanding quality at a reasonable price, making your purchase a luxurious experience.

They will go above and beyond to ensure that you have a pleasant shopping experience. Lulus provides a relaxed and enjoyable work atmosphere that encourages employees of all levels to be creative.

Summer means sundresses, swimwear, loungewear, shorts, shirts, and tees, among other things.

When the weather becomes hot, Lulus can help you locate the appropriate attire. So you’ll look great even in the sun while being as comfortable as possible.

Lulus’ collection is made up of light and airy garments that are comfortable to wear.


Missguided believes in the power of the babe. Their mission is to inspire and motivate women all around the world to believe in themselves and that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

They pay attention to what their customers have to say and keep up with worldwide influences, including pop culture, street style, and social media.

An in-house talent team designs the designs to provide the fashion that millennial women desire.

Whether you’re looking for tops, dresses, swimsuits, or pants, Missguided offers the right clothing for your summer vacations and plans.


This online fast-fashion shop caters to young ladies in over 100 countries. At its heart, LA is forward-thinking, fashion-focused, and fast-paced.

Tobi’s items are picked and created in its Los Angeles headquarters. They strive to provide consumers with the most up-to-date styles as quickly as possible.

Their goal is to inspire the next generation of women to be comfortable in their skin and what they wear.

Tobi’s assortment includes fashionable crop tops, essential bodysuits, flouncy rompers & jumpsuits, bodycon dresses, floor-grazing maxi dresses, little black dresses, and beautiful formal dresses, among other designs. If you’re looking for the right outfit, go to Tobi.