Top 16 Best Wholesale Hair Vendors and Suppliers

Most virgin hair wholesalers seek to start their hair company by finding the top hair vendors at the lowest price. In today’s virgin hair market, there are literally hundreds of hair sellers.

Whether you pick a hair brand name or a niche source with high-quality hair, you may save money by buying in bulk. Today, we’ll discuss how to locate the top wholesale virgin hair sellers and provide you with a list of the greatest human hair providers.

Why Buy Wholesale Hair in Bulk?

According to, the global hair wig and extension market will generate over $10 billion in sales by 2023. Between 2017 and 2023, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is expected to be 9%.

In 2016, the hair extension segment brought in the most money.

The growing demand for ultra-high-quality synthetic wigs and high-end human hair extensions, especially in Europe, will likely open up new prospects for the world’s leading hair product makers. Growth in per capita income, as well as an increase in consumer purchasing power, will help to raise market revenues.

Men have recently developed an interest in hair care products, adding to the global hair wig and extension industry. Rapid urbanization and growth in discretionary incomes are increasing sales in the worldwide hair industry, particularly in emerging markets such as India and China.

According to the market research study, the full analysis of the hair wigs and extension market (both market and segmental) considers the type, material, and region.

According to all indicators, the hair wigs and extension business is a promising area. Finding the proper suppliers is one of the most crucial things you need to figure out. Let’s go on to the introduction of wholesale hair suppliers in the following section.

Top 16 Best Wholesale Hair Vendors

AliExpress/Alibaba – Best Wholesale Hair Vendors in China

Alibaba is by far the largest retailer in the world, and it is based in China. Alibaba was founded in 1999 and now serves customers in over 200 countries. Its revenues and sales in 2015 surpassed those of all US retailers combined. It has one of the greatest buyer protection and secure payment systems.

AliExpress is an Alibaba Group company that operates as an online retailer. Alibaba takes advantage of this online store to expand its global reach beyond Asia. AliExpress is primarily a marketplace for companies to connect with customers, but it has expanded to include affiliate marketing. So, if you’re looking for a safe and reliable location to buy wholesale home décor, Alibaba may be a good choice.

Ted Hair – Best Chinese Wholesale Hair Vendors

Ted Hair, a manufacturer and seller of virgin hair and related items, was founded in 2009. The firm has no minimum order requirement so that you may buy one bundle or hundreds. Furthermore, the more you buy, the greater the discount. Ted Hair offers shipping throughout China and the rest of the world. It operates two warehouses, one on the Chinese mainland and the other in Seattle, Washington.

JC Hair Factory

In 2002, JC started working in the hair industry. Since its start, it has been one of the most cost-effective hair suppliers. The firm is a reliable factory-based source with no intermediary. It includes a drop-ship service that makes running a business easy while also helping you establish your hair brand.

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You may also enter to win a cash prize of up to $15 by posting a photo of yourself wearing JC virgin hair. For orders over $149, delivery is free.

Goddess of the Dynasty – Wholesale Hair Vendor in the USA

Dynasty Goddess is a family-owned business that is a leading provider of virgin hair. The factory of the firm is in Thailand, while the shipping center is in Florida. It offers quick, courteous, and dependable client service. As a gift to help combat breast cancer, the firm gives a 20% discount. After shipment, there is a $10 cost for delivery corrections, such as incorrect mailing addresses.

Private Label Extensions – Best American Hair Vendor

As the name says, Private Label Extensions allow you to personalize your brand. You may customize your logo, tags, labels, packaging, and more right here. It’s a fantastic chance to take your hair salon to the next level. For low-cost operations, the firm offers a drop-ship service. Additionally, you will receive hair business tools to assist you in managing and improving your hair company.

Wholesale plug, Inc.

Wholesale Plug, Inc. is a company that sells wholesale plugs.

With wholesale plug hair products, you’ll enjoy “elegance to remember.” The company began operations in 2012. It was named the top wholesale hair distributor in the United States in 2016. Wholesale Plug’s hair products are designed to be flexible and high-quality, with a lifespan of 1-2 years. To provide ultimate solutions at competitive pricing, the organization collaborates with other important partners.

Hair & Compounds Inc.

High-end, lab-tested hair products may be found at Hair & Compounds. It started in 1992 and now provides hair products that are 100 percent stronger than most treated hair. Custom orders are available through the firm, so you’re not restricted to what’s in stock.

There are over 40 hues to choose from to help you achieve any design. On Skype or FaceTime, you may take a virtual tour of the company’s warehouse. Hair & Compounds has a 99 percent order success record thus far. If you are dissatisfied with your order, it provides a complete refund as well as delivery.

Miracle Mink Hair Wholesale

No matter how much you buy, Miracle Mink is the place to go for fantastic deals. There are a variety of hot offers to be had here. For example, any order receives a 5% discount. Discounts of 10%, 15%, and 20% are available for dispatch values exceeding $100, $200, and $350, respectively. Plus, there are special package deals that allow you to save even more money. The company’s starting packages are ideal for newcomers to the hair industry.


Ellisons is one of the hair industry’s oldest firms. It has been in the hair industry since 1930 and now has over 10,000 items in its inventory. The organization is the best next-day wholesale hair provider in the UK. It sells the most recent and popular items from a variety of exclusive brands. Within the UK mainland, Ellisons provides door-to-door delivery. Any shipment with a value of at least £50 qualifies for free shipping. Anything less will cost you £3.95.

Koko Hair

Koko Hair is a division of Koko Fashion Ltd. The firm aims to accommodate the growing demand for hair products and has one of the top customer service departments in the industry. The minimum purchasing amount is £100. Within the UK mainland, Koko offers two delivery options: normal delivery and weekly delivery. The cost of standard delivery is £7.8, while the cost of weekly delivery is £12. Internationally, the corporation ships to the United States, Canada, European countries, and portions of Asia.

Dennis Williams

Dennis Williams is your one-stop-shop for cash-and-carry hair supplies. The company has been in operation since 1955 and now has nine cash and carry locations. Those above £ 50 ships for free, while orders under £50 incur a £4.5 freight fee. Dennis Williams delivers to the United Kingdom, Wales, and Scotland. Northern Ireland and the Scottish islands, however, are not eligible for internet orders.

Virgin Hair and Beauty

Virgin Hair & Beauty is a wholesale hair supply company with over 8 years of expertise. The firm sells hair products in the United Kingdom, the United States, and other countries. A 15% discount is applied on dispatch values starting at $150, as well as a complimentary oil gift. A trade discount is available to professional hairstylists and salon merchants.

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Forever Young

Forever Young is a one-of-a-kind online hair retailer. For every pound spent, the firm awards 10 reward points. You will receive 300 reward points for registering. You will receive a £3 discount on your next order if you accumulate enough points. Forever Young offers free shipping inside the UK on orders over £60. Products costing more than £100 are eligible for a 20% discount.

SGI Hair – Best India Wholesale Hair Vendor

SGI is a distributor of extraordinarily soft, lightweight, and breathable hair. Since 2005, the firm has been in operation. It has a global presence, delivering hair products to over 15 nations in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, and West Africa. SGI provides free private labeling and package customization services. There is no minimum quantity that may be purchased.

Dhwarak Indian hair

Dhwarak is a temple hair provider that sells factory-direct temple hair. To create healthy, long-lasting hair, the firm blends ancient production processes with modern technology. It is housed in a 3200 square foot production facility. Dhwarak hair products are in high demand all over the world.

Adorable Hair Suppliers

Adorable is a leading hair provider in India. The firm can make hair that is natural in both luster and texture, thanks to clean, sanitary manufacturing settings. Some people can go for more than two years without losing their quality. Aside from the many tests and quality control, the organization performs monthly upgrades to stay current with the latest hair industry trends.

Let’s look at some recommendations for starting a wholesale hair company, identifying a wholesale hair supplier and the essential credentials for a wholesale hair supply firm in the next section.

Steps to Starting a Hair Business & Buying Hair in Bulk

So far, you’ve learned about the greatest hair wholesale firms and the industry’s potential. The million-dollar issue now is where to begin. So, here are several easy approaches, some of which are completely free.

1. Use Google to search wholesale hair suppliers

Look for hair salons on Google, through third-party reviews, or in local phone books. Even if Google and third-party evaluations are free, it will take a long time to find a reputable source. A validated list of hair suppliers, such as this article, may be found in business directories.

Alternatively, you may purchase a list of hair suppliers, which will come at a cost. The cost of the lists varies, ranging from $47 to $900. The type of seller separates the listings and the sort of hair you’re looking for.

Once you’ve decided on a hair dealer, go to their website and look for phone and email contact information. Give them a call to be sure they’re the real deal.

2. Choose a business name and see whether it’s available

Choose a name that is both memorable and catchy. Stay away from well-known names. Choose something unusual, such as a surname or the name of a charming flower. To ensure no one else has the same name, type it into Google and search on social media channels. After you’ve decided on a domain name, go to a website like GoDaddy to purchase it. The service is expected to cost roughly $10. But keep in mind that a domain name isn’t a must-have in the business.

3. Make a professional business email

You may create a Yahoo or Gmail account here, whichever is more convenient for you.

4. Set up social media profiles

Create a social media account on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

5. Choose a color scheme

A color palette creates a professional appearance. You can go with a color that complements your website or packaging, or at the very least one that will help you create your brand.

6. Choose a color scheme

You have the option of creating a bespoke logo, which most wholesale hair providers will provide for free. Additionally, you may buy logos from websites like Fiverr, where most of them cost under $5. You may also make a logo for free with picture editing and design software like Canva.

7. Think about hair packaging

You may choose from a variety of bespoke hair packing companies. You may even do your own packing if you choose.

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8. Compare prices and come up with a price list

Select a price range for your items. Compare prices with other sellers to ensure you don’t go too high or too cheap.

9. Decide your target market

Determine who your target market is. It will be quite beneficial in terms of marketing, advertising, and promoting your company.

How to Find a Trustworthy Wholesale Hair Vendor?

The best wholesale suppliers aren’t always the biggest or the cheapest. So the most appropriate for us is the best. What we need to do is figure out which one is best for us.

If you want to establish a hair company, you should try various hair product brands to see which one is best for your consumers. Perhaps you might attempt some low-cost options or some high-quality options at a greater cost.

If you’re a hairdresser, you’ll want to go with a high-quality virgin hair seller since most of your clients will need to style their hair, and if the hair quality is poor, it will hurt your company and lead you to lose money or lose customers.

If you want to switch hair weave suppliers, you should look for one that offers excellent quality hair at a reasonable price.

It is preferable to locate a more professional hair factory since the price you will receive will be lower than that of a trading hair firm.

A bit of extra research is required if you are looking for a well-known wholesale hair dealer.

Orders and Reviews. You should only buy hair from sellers that have completed at least 300 orders and have a 93 percent or higher rating. The dealer must have received a lot of favorable comments.

Look for YouTube reviews. Before testing a new seller, look at their social media accounts and watch a few YouTube review videos. For the most unbiased viewpoints, seek videos that are not sponsored.

Look For Reviews With Pictures. Some wonderful consumers include photos with their evaluations. This will give you a better concept of how the hair looks in real life.

Content and Service. Test the company’s about pages to discover if they offer prompt customer assistance by phone or email. In general, you can trust a store that has high-quality material and service.

Return Policy. A return policy demonstrates that the vendor is confident in their goods. If you’re not happy with the hair for any reason, you may return it for a full refund (excluding shipping) as long as it hasn’t been altered or tampered with.

Shipping. Ask how soon will you receive the hair.


Which country has the greatest human hair on the market?

In 2019, Hong Kong was the world’s top exporter of raw human hair, with 30.2 million US dollars in exports, followed by India with 19 million US dollars in exports. In 2019, the United States exported around 945,000 dollars worth of human hair.

How much money do you need to start a hair business?

A hair salon can be started for as little as $1,000, possibly less, or as much as a quarter of a million dollars. Don’t forget that starting with a low-cost strategy, such as renting a booth and gradually building your way up to owning your own business, is totally lawful.

How can you find a reputable wholesale hair supplier on AliExpress,

The following difficulties will help you locate dependable wholesale hair vendors on AliExpress:

1) Check the store’s ratings. 2) Check the store reviews, analyze the client comments, and look at the photographs of the reviews. 3) Choose the one with the highest rating of above 4.0 stars.

Where can I find the top wholesale hair suppliers?

A: First, you must grasp your business plan and define goals, after which you must discover your target suppliers. I’ve listed a lot of supplies in this post; have a look at one of them and see whether it’ll work for you.

Remember to start with a few samples before buying in bulk.