Is Chinabrands Legit? Chinabrands Review

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Thanks to technological advancements, a modern form of drop shipping service have recently become popular. The supply chain and resource handling are known to be challenging aspects of drop shipping.

I want to introduce Chinabrands, a specialist dropship and wholesale network that helps streamline the supply chain and makes order fulfillment easier. Surely, it consists of more than just these features. It offers complete drop shipping services to multinational sellers thanks to its warehouse and logistics advantages.

What Is Chindbrands?

Chinabrands is a world-renowned dropshipping and wholesale marketplace. This B2B e-commerce marketplace allows small and medium businesses to sell consumer goods to customers. They’re putting together the rest of China’s top-tier suppliers.

Chinabrands also offers international payment processing, logistics, confidence and security, multinational product delivery warehouses, escrow protection, and internet financing. Chinabrands is available in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese.

How Does Chinabrands Work?

The Chinabrands platform was established in southern China’s manufacturing hub. It has a long background in cross-border e-commerce and has amassed many domestic and multinational vendor tools and solid supply chain capability. Chinabrands has the most strong global wholesale and distribution capability thanks to its efficient inventory turnaround mechanism, fast logistics, and global overseas warehouse architecture.

1.?Source of Products

The majority of goods are held in a factory operated entirely by Chinabrands. According to industry demand, their professional staff would buy a vast quantity of products from domestic manufacturers. Alternatively, request that the vendors specialize in supplying the goods that Chinabrands’ customers need.

Furthermore, Chinabrands provides all vendors with a way to upload their products and market them to customers worldwide. It means we’ll be able to buy the goods directly from Chinese manufacturers. It has the potential to lower our online business costs.

2.?ERP System

Chinabrands works similarly to an ERP framework. All of your orders will be scrapped into the system, and all you have to do now is pay for them. Once you’ve docked API, the device can take care of the following tasks automatically.

3.?Supply Chain

Chinabrands has established a comprehensive supply chain to ensure that all orders are handled within 24 hours. The majority of sellers are concerned with stock size. Chinabrands could procure the goods within 2-3 days to satisfy your needs. But don’t get too worried about it.

Is Chinabrands Legit?

The answer is definitely yes. After registering on, consumers can leave drop shipping ratings and reviews on the company’s dropshipping site. These reviews are accurate representations of the actual condition of the goods sold on Chinabrands.

Global E-grow is the parent company of Chinabrands. Their eCommerce websites, such as and, are also major sellers on Amazon. You should look up their parent company,, on Google and see if they are hesitant.

Is Chinabrands Free?

Chinabrands offers a wide range of items across a wide range of price ranges. The product details are available to view for free. It is completely free to become a registered member. Only VIP members are charged a small service fee. Let’s look at the detail.

A registered member is entitled to free access to information on 300 products. The most critical is that your sales results determine your VIP member rating, and you cannot purchase a higher level for your account. Chinabrands calculate your membership level based on your store’s results.

The VIP membership is very affordable, as it costs just USD 3.99 a month, which is far less than the other providers on the market. VIP associate, VIP Bronze Member, VIP Silver Member, and VIP Gold Member are the four tiers of membership. It is completely free to become a registered user.

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Because of the various VIP tiers, VIP members can get exclusive offers based on their VIP status. There are three special discounts: 1%, 2%, and 3%. Regardless of the VIP membership status, you can receive a 1% discount on 3C items.

Furthermore, Chinabrands thoughtfully offers bulk discounts to all offering dropship wholesale goods. Aside from that, the discount scheme is combined with the purchased numbers. Under 1 USD, 1 – 5 USD, 5 – 20 USD, 5 – 20USD, 20 – 100 USD, and over 100 USD are the five grades for a single price. As a result, the recommended commodity amounts for purchase are more precise.

What I Like About Chinabrands

Huge variety of products available:?On the Chinabrands website, nearly 500000 items, such as clothes, apparel, and car parts, are shown. Furthermore, the product consistency is outstanding, and they have a dedicated QC team that follows stringent guidelines.

  • Optimize API technology:?The CB platform uses completely integrated API linking technology to ensure effective end-to-end device integration, providing you with real-time alerts and business-critical details. Chinabrands will use this feature to automatically catch orders from your store and process them for you. You would be happy to have this platform to deal with until you have 1000 orders a day.
  • Whole Sale Prize: On the one side, they help consolidate the supply chain and sell the products directly from the suppliers. On the other hand, it provides its enrolled members with no fee, and VIP members get exclusive concessions or discounts. As a result, most products on Chinabrands are less expensive than those on other drop delivery sites.
  • Good logistic services:?It represents clients in over 200 countries and has a genuinely international presence. Furthermore, Chinabrands formed relationships with the world’s leading couriers, such as DHL, EMS, and special express, to help customers reach their shipping deadlines.
  • A quick listing of products: You must select items and list them in your shop before Chinabrands can send them to you. Chinabrands will export commodity data following each selling platform’s standard template. After exporting, the seller will upload to the appropriate website in a single click without re-enter product details. To put it another way, if you want to upload listings to your store easily, this is a feature worth praising. It’s no challenge to get a thousand listings in one day.

What Could Be Better

China brands are working to enhance their drop shipping operation, much as a coin has two sides. The first move in overcoming a disadvantage is to recognize it. It is a legitimate site but has some issues that are required to be solved.

  • High competition:?Given the rapid growth of the drop shipping industry worldwide, it’s easy to see how fierce the rivalry among sellers is. Furthermore, it is likely that since there are so many vendors competing in the same hot niches, the competition would get saturated.
  • The communication gap between sellers and end customers:?As we mentioned in the previous segment, vendors or distributors can supply orders directly once end customers place an order. Sellers will have little ways to engage with their end customers as a result of this. End-customer reviews and suggestions are in short supply, making it difficult for sellers to improve their drop shipping market.

Does Chinabrands Offer After-Sale Service?

Yes indeed. When you register for after-sale service, you must have supporting documentation, such as snapshots of your contact history, order history, and so on. You must also remember the period for the after-sale operation.

Where Is Chinabrands Located?

Chinabrands is the largest drop shipping and distribution Platform in China. It is a subsidiary of the Chinese listed companies Global Top (SZ002640). Chinabrands is a professional cross-border e-commerce company.

Is Chinabrands Good for Dropshipping?

Furthermore, the customer care does not send an invoice for any delivery, and the boxes in which the items are placed are unmarked and lack any logos. This is excellent news for drop shippers because it improves the buyer experience and prevents conflicts when goods are purchased from a different shop than yours.

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Chinabrands has a re-sell agreement, rendering it a legitimate marketplace retailer. First, while Shopify sellers do not need any deals to offer Chinabrands goods on their websites, this is wonderful news for marketplaces. Chinabrands offers a reseller agreement, a license that allows you to sell your merchandise on online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. When you hit $500 in ChinaBrands sales, you will assert your seller agreement.

Do I require that before starting drop shipping from Chinabrands, you may wonder? NO, as long as you have a drop shipping account with them, you should start selling their goods right away. The aim of this reseller agreement is for Chinabrands wholesale to accept you as a valid business partner.

Chinabrands, by the way, has multiple delivery warehouses, and the same commodity can be processed in multiple warehouses. Each warehouse’s inventory can have a different weight, stock number, and status. There is a representation of where the item would come from if you want to see it on the product detail website. This detail will help you accurately describe the location of the items you are selling so that you do not break eBay’s Item Location Policy.

Following are some delivery warehouses of Chinabrands-

  • CN to Chinese
  • HK- Hong Kong
  • US- United States
  • UK to United Kingdom
  • And many more locations

Is Chinabrands Reliable?

Yes, of course, Not only do Chinabrands reviews reflect a wealth of facts and advantages about the website, but they also expose its flaws and issues. Their other e-commerce platform is also a hit in Europe, focusing on customers (B2C model). While is mostly a B2B model focusing on eCommerce vendors who wish to dropship or wholesale. If you’re interested in studying more, visit and Chinabrands University for more videos.

Let acknowledge the Chinabrands Business Policies-


Chinabrands will assist you in rapidly taking the lead in the business rivalry. However, to be reliably successful and unstoppable, you must have a strong sense of risk management and shop management skills. You are making the best of your money to study niche markets. I assume you, too, will accomplish your objectives.

When you dropship from Chinabrands, you can have the best buying environment, the best deals, and outstanding buyer service, but it’s the delivery process that allows your customers to get what they ordered from you.

Return policy

As a drop shipper, determining your return policy would necessitate balancing the need to protect your company with your customers’ preferences. It’s a good idea to review your returns policies once a year to ensure the plans are still appropriate for your business. Chinabrands requires refunds and provides warranty and protection to ensure that the shopping trip is hassle-free.


PayPal is Chinabrands wholesale’s primary payment method; they also allow Payoneer and wire transfers to their bank account. You may also use the payment methods listed to top up your Chinabrands account. For more details, see their Payment Methods page.


DSM Tool is a feature of Chinabrands that helps you to adjust prices. When an item sells, you can immediately raise the price as a signal of rising demand, and when an item doesn’t sell for a few days, you can automatically lower the price to become more affordable. On the Sales & Orders settings tab, you’ll see the Pricing Strategy option.

Dropshipping from Chinabrands Using DSM Tool?

DSM Tool’s drop shipping supplier integration is intended to encompass the whole dropshipping phase, from deciding goods to automating post-sale customer service.

Following are the potential steps required to be acknowledged while using DSM Tool to

Find Products to Sell

Use the DSM Commodity Search feature, part of the DSM Auto Paste Chrome extension, to easily search items in Chinabrands and equate the results to those from other suppliers. With a single click of a mouse, you can open several tabs with search results from your favorite suppliers. By checking the box next to Chinabrands in the Chrome extension settings.

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ChinaBrands is a leading Chinese online drop shipping and wholesale supplier. It serves the needs of over 10,000 merchants who dropship goods to their customers through Chinabrands.

The Hot Sale area is the first and most important section to search or visit. This is where you can see things that are particularly selling and being purchased repeatedly for apparent reasons. You can filter the findings by merchandise warehouse and other considerations, based on how you choose to dropship them from Chinabrands to your e-commerce store.

Add products to your store.

Hover the mouse over the potential product you wish to sell, then press the DSM shopping cart. DSM Rapid Lister will be forwarded to the website after the product link is copied. The rapid lister would then import all of the data from the Chinabrands stock page and insert it into the rapid lister, instantly estimating the final price. It allows you to optimize the product’s price, title, description, and specifications. You may also render an image collage, edit the various versions, change the summary form, and plan the listing time, among other items.

Sync the price and stock on the store

Every 60 minutes, the DSM Tool inspects and reprices Chinabrands goods. If the DSM system notices any market shift on the Chinabrands website, it will adjust the listing price, and if the listing goes out of supply on Chinabrands, it will be marked as out of stock.

As long as the retailer has sufficient stock, the DSM Tool can automatically restock items that have sold out on your shelf. This is a fantastic feature for sellers on marketplaces like eBay, where the number of items you can post on the website is minimal.

Automatic processing of orders

The Chrome plugin also automates order management. Please don’t waste time clipping the buyer’s address and pasting it into the Chinabrands product’s checkout list. Allow DSM Auto Paste to do the work for you.

Look for the buyer’s address on the Sales and Orders tab. The address will be copied immediately when you press the “Copy Address” button.

To paste it, go to the Chinabrands checkout page and press the “Paste Client Address” button in the address filling section.

Tracking Delivery

Another advantage of the DSM Auto Paste Chrome extension is to refresh the tracking information after receiving an email with the order’s tracking information. When you get an email with tracking information, use DSM Auto-Paste Chrome Extension to edit the information.

Provide Customer Services

DSM Tool’s messages center enables you to respond to your customers from a single point of contact while still checking all of the aspects of the product they’re writing about. Each message includes information about the product’s price in your store and at the retailer. If it was shipped, the status of the shipment, and the package’s tracking number. It’s all automatic.

Increase your input rate by using the messages automation feature, which will automatically manage your buyer’s post-sale experience.


Finally, Chinabrands is a wholesaler with a larger variety of options for drop shippers around the world. Encouraging consumers to personalize their orders makes it easier for everyone to start their own online company.

Drop shippers may enjoy the luxury of setting their rates and making the most profit from their deals on Chinabrands by leaving no invoice or quoted receipts.