Is Parisian Wholesale Legit? Parisian Wholesale Review 2021

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ECommerce is an activity that spreads in different countries to stay and solidify its bases. Thanks to the Internet, online sales have managed to achieve large numbers and advances within Digital Marketing. But those who decide to invest in this business are afraid of contacting the wrong wholesaler.

Parisian is not the exception, i. e., many newbies are unaware of the quality of its products, its policies, etc. Therefore, I prepare this complete review for you to get rid of your doubts.

What Is Parisian Wholesale?

Parisian Wholesale

Parisian Wholesale is a wholesale platform dedicated to the sale of women’s clothing, where it offers a wide range of garments for all styles, from pants to jackets and from dresses to jeans. The brand put special attention to garments based on the latest trends to offer today’s women.

Parisian opened its doors in 2002, and since then, it has been in the world of fashion, changing as the years go by. The company works to supply retailers, e-tailers, and independents worldwide with excellent quality products and a wide variety of fabrics.

Many eCommerce choose it because they offer a secure platform, and even those who have just registered receive a 5% discount on their purchase using a discount code (PROMOS).

Is Parisian Wholesale Legit?

Yes, Parisian is a legitimate wholesaler, which is reflected in the comments of the different customers. The aspect that customers highlight the most is the quality of the products.

Also, customers are very satisfied with the customer service and professionalism on the part of the brand. On the other hand, Parisian offers many advantages, such as those who reside outside the UK do not have to pay VAT.

Besides, they can send anywhere in the world. On the other hand, Parisian has a showroom in the UK where they open every day from 9 am-5 pm if you want to get closer personally, giving you even more confidence.
What I Like About Parisian Wholesale

I really appreciate that Parisian does not charge VAT for those outside the UK. Also, I must highlight the speed of delivery of the orders, the excellent quality of their outfits, and the latest trend designs.

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On the other hand, I also like that they accept returns and refunds if you don’t like what you received. I must highlight the company’s willingness to its customers to provide help if they need it, and for that, they leave at your disposal emails and phones where to contact.

What Could Be Better

Parisian could improve on expanding its size catalog since they do not sell plus size clothing. They also do not perform dropshipping services and do not offer samples of their products (although you want to see their quality products face to face, visit their showroom).

Parisian Wholesale’s Shipping and How Long Does Parisian Wholesale Take to Ship?

Regarding shipping prices, the company offers free shipping if you are in Europe and buy for 500 Euros, free shipping if you are in the UK and buy for ¡ê 400, and if you are in the USA, the shipping cost starts from $ 30. If you are in another part of the world, the shipping cost is between $ 45 to $ 60, depending on your area.

All these prices will depend on the package’s weight, i. e., they do not exceed 5 kg. However, if it exceeds 5 kg, you must pay an extra cost ranging from $ 10 to $ 25, depending on your country of residence.

Surely you are worried about knowing when you will receive your purchase. Well, you don’t need to worry as Parisian uses DHL services, so you get it as soon as possible.

Once again, the delivery time will depend on the country you are in. If you are in the UK, you will receive your purchase within 24 hours as long as you have ordered from Monday to Friday. If you are located elsewhere in Europe, your order will take between 2 to 3 business days.

On the other hand, if you are in America, you will receive your package after 2 days of placing your order. If you are anywhere else globally, you will receive your purchase between 3 and 7 business days after Parisian has processed your order.

After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email with your tracking code so that you can follow the route of your package.
How to Order Wholesale from Parisian Wholesale?

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To buy and see the prices of Parisian, the first thing you should do is create a user profile on its official website. After you have registered by entering your personal data and authenticated your profile, you will be able to access the clothing catalog, where you will see the photos of the products and their descriptions.

The garments that you choose will be reflected in the basket, and you will be able to see the final price of your purchase, including the cost of shipping, all this before you make your payment, so in case you want to replace something, you will be able to do it.

Where Is Parisian Wholesale Located?

Parisian has a showroom in the UK where you can come to visit to see its products. You can visit it at Parisian House, 145 Cheetham Hill Rd, Cheetham Hill, Manchester M8 8LY, United Kingdom.
Return Policy of Parisian Wholesale

According to the Parisian return policy, the company accepts the return products within 14 days of receiving the goods as long as it is well packaged and not damaged. After Parisian has verified that everything is in order, you will receive the refunds in 3-10 working days.

On the other hand, the company will not proceed with the refund if you do not complete and attach the package’s return form. Also, Parisian do not send the return parcel to your door’s home, and you have to go to the post office city and, besides, pay the return cost.

For those who want to buy single products, the return policy is not applicable. If you made the original payment through PayPal, the refund would be made through PayPal. The same applies to any other payment method.

Tips on Buying Clothes on Parisian Wholesale

If you want to buy on Parisian, take in mind the following tips:

#1. Check the Reviews: This point is critical because you will find real information about the customer’s opinions. Here they mention the product quality, the shipping cost, etc.

#2. Check Size Charts: As you may know, the sizes are not the same around the world. That is why it is important to check the sizes equivalents to your residential country to do not have problems.

#3. Use a Promo Code: Parisian is always offering promo codes to its customers. You can receive a newsletter when the brand offers any other discount or check the website often.

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#4. Check the Material Info: Parisian offers each product with a high-quality photo where you can see how the outfit looks like and, at the same time, a description of the product’s fabric.

Best Things to Buy on Parisian Wholesale

Parisian offers a wide range of women clothes such as dresses, skirts, tops, co-ordinated sets, playsuits, jumpsuits, jeans, trousers, blazers, knitwear, leggings, coats jackets. Find formal outfits and also occasional ones.

Do Parisian Wholesale Drop Ship?

No. They do not offer a drop shipping service. However, their standard shipping is sent on express – fast-tracked and dispatched within 24 hours.

Do They Only Sell in Packages?

Yes, all Styles come in packs of 4-8 units per pack, as confirmed for each style on the product pages. They are a Wholesale company and design and manufacture their Clothing to supply to Retailers, Traders, and Boutiques.

Do Parisian Wholesale Offer Plus Size Clothing?

No, they do not currently stock plus sizes. All their current Styles are Sold in Small-Extra Large sizes, and the Sizes of each pack style are confirmed on the product page.

Do You Need a Wholesale License to Shop with Parisian Wholesale?

No, you needn’t. Simply register for an account and add your details for your account approval to shop with Parisian.

Is Parisian Wholesale True to Size?

Yes, the clothing from Parisian Wholesale is true to size and is very stylish.


As you can see, buy with Parisian wholesale is not a risk at all. They are a recognized UK-based brand with more than 10 years in the women’s clothing business. Also, it does not matter in which part of the world you are. Parisian will ship your purchase in a concise period of time to your residential country.

You can start your eCommerce right now selling trending and outstanding runway clothes. On the other side, Parisian also has disadvantages such as it is not suitable for plus-sized women.

So what is my final verdict? Parisian wholesale is a legit brand able to show its products in its own showroom.