Is Zaful Legit? Zaful Review 2021

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Zaful is a Chinese online store that has been in the clothing business for more than 7 years. They maintain a good collection of fabrics in every category and offer a one-stop solution for all your needs. This article outlines more things on Zaful online store and has all that you would like to know.

It starts with a section that establishes the legitimacy of Zaful as an eCommerce store to instill a sense of security in your mind. Then I mention some of the factors that I liked. I will also let you know what could have been better. This gives you a clearer idea of what to expect and whatnot while you start shopping on the site.

Next comes the section that speaks about their shipping mechanism. The timeline and the charge breakup are more vividly presented to make you understand the exact transaction process. With this, you can get to know when you will receive the product you shopped for.

I even cover the aspects of their return policy and speak of the discounts and coupons offered. Particular attention will be paid to explaining the z points gained and used on the site to have a better trading experience. The payment modes supported by Zaful are also outlined.

There is even a section that covers the opinions expressed by other Zaful customers. With all these, you will be able to know the good things and the risks associated with Zaful shopping and thus would be able to make a wise decision.

So, let us start!

Is Zaful Legit?

Yes, Zaful is legit. Shopping on this online site is legal, and while doing so, you need not worry about doing something wrong!

This Chinese online eCommerce shop offers different clothing kinds and acts like a one-roof store for your entire family. Although it may seem to concentrate more on swimsuits, you can find many other clothing kinds.

They market the goods well within the legal framework and come with an astonishing number of discount offers to facilitate their customers. The products sold are impressively good for the money paid, although not of very high quality.

All their payment modes are legit, and there seems to be no loophole that would ditch you. They charge reasonably for their shipment and follow all norms to be met while transferring the goods across the nations.

What I Like About Zaful

Having conveyed its general introduction and having declared its legitimacy, let me now express my positive personal views on Zaful.

  • Versatility: I like the versatility offered by the site. It provides me with a huge choice of patterns and colors in almost all categories. The result would be the product that exactly matches your thoughts and description.
  • Cost: I love shopping on the sites that offer worthful products at a reasonable price, and Zaful is undoubtedly the one! I feel all clothing to be competently rated even when compared with other online stores.
  • Discounts: I am fond of their discount sales section that compels me to buy clothing even when not mandatory. High discounts on good products most of the time is something that must be appreciated.
  • Website Design: I like the way their interface is designed. It makes navigation, searching, ordering, and paying extremely easy. This saves a lot of time while you shop while elevating your experience.
  • Coupons: Their mode of offering lucrative coupons attracts me as it saves my pennies while fulfilling my necessity. Over time, I would have saved as many bucks as sufficient to buy a whole new product just from those.
  • Z point: I like their way of offering z points and the mode in which they allow their redemption, never mind, even if it is on just selected brands. Getting something back for the purchase made always sounds good!
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What Could Be Better

Like any other eCommerce platform, even Zaful can work on many things to become much better. Some of these are

  • Customer Service: They can work on their customer service section to respond more quickly to their customer queries. Right now, contacting the service personnel is more like a nightmare!
  • Return Policy: Zaful’s return policy is not very appreciable as it costs too much for return shipping. It can be made better either by exempting the shipping fee for returnable fabrics or lowering it to an acceptable value.
  • Order Tracking: Sometimes, the shipment may get lost! If this happens, there is no way to know whether you will be receiving the new fabric or get back the money. A better order tracking system can be deployed to avoid the possibility.
  • Refund: They should preferably work on ensuring the refund within a specified time by avoiding huge delays. At present, the time taken for a refund is very long, sometimes long enough to make you forget it!
  • Chat Facility: Zaful can extend its live chat facility for all customers instead of being restricted to pre-sale clients. They should make it available to answer the clients’ queries even after they have ordered their clothing.
  • Bulk orders: They can offer a greater discount or a better deal for the customers who buy the fabrics in bulk. This would attract wholesale dealers towards their shop, opening up a whole new market.
  • Display: Zaful team can display more exact images of the product on their site by photographing the real product delivered. They should avoid using pictures just for illustration purposes.

Zaful’s Shipping Method and How Long Does Zaful Take to Ship?

Zaful offers product shipping all over the world. The shipping fee is exempted if the price of the purchased fabric exceeds a minimal amount. Else, the shipping amount varies depending on delivery and is decided by Zaful, considering the distance involved.

Typically, the processing of Zaful shipping takes around 4-5 working days. This time will then get extended depending on the distance and type of shipping. Greater the distance, more the time. Besides, standard shipping takes a much longer time in comparison to the express mode.

In addition to shipping costs, some countries may charge extra for cash-on-delivery goods. However, these will be credited to the local carriers and not for Zaful. Moreover, you can even insure your product while shipped by adding a reasonable shipping insurance price.

So, at the time of check out, you can know the stipulated time to expect the delivery of the product ordered. This avoids unnecessary worries and waiting time, leaving you in a relaxed state until the time is met!

Is Zaful’s Clothing True to Size?

Yes, Zaful’s clothing remains true to its size. Purchasing an item that is true to its size is very important, especially when shopping for non-returnable clothing. Just because, if they are under or oversized, then they won’t serve your purpose and cannot even be returned.

When shopping offline, looking for clothes that make a good fit is not that difficult. However, while shopping online, it is much like throwing a stone in the dark to hit the target precisely. The percentage of success is more of a chance and luck!

The only way to choose the correct-sized clothing is to refer to its vendor’s sizing chart. But, what if the chart is not correct? The result will most probably be a misfit even after ordering the most accurate one.

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Most of the products in Zaful show up with a sizing chart, just like in any other online site. However, there is the best side. These are, in almost all cases, accurate to the point and exhibit precise measurements. So, when you order on Zaful by referring to these customized tabular entries, you will receive a product correct to your size.

Return Policy of Zafual

A not-so-appreciable return policy characterizes Zaful. Besides, just like many other online stores, Zaful’s return policy does not hold good for all product types. Some of the items for which returns do not hold good include swimwear, lingerie, masks, beauty items, and protective equipment.

Furthermore, most of the time, the return shipping is not free. The charges involved are almost comparable to the price of the purchased fabric. This makes the return policy almost useless and least preferable.

As a result, Zaful’s return policy does not give you the necessary peace of mind. The return, although offered, is like not being offered. So, if you are looking for a site that comes with an assured free return, then it is time to look for some other eCommerce store!

Nonetheless, it is to be noted that most of the time, there would be no need to ask for a refund just because you would have received a pretty good item that is true to its size well meeting your thoughts and expectations.

Tips on Buying Clothes on Zaful

Shopping on Zaful can be further enhanced by following some simple tips. These are mentioned here below for your reference. Feel free to read along!

  • Start purchasing minimal-cost products until you gain confidence. In particular, look for the quality and sizing while checking the delivery time once the product arrives.
  • Check whether the product you are looking for is returnable or not. This provides you with an extra sense of security while shopping at the initial stages.
  • Before making a purchase, always research through the reviews posted from the previous buyers, including the received item photographs. This would enhance your knowledge of the clothing and help you better decide whether you need to choose it or not.
  • Try to grab an attractive deal or an appropriate coupon. This would reduce the product cost considerably, ensuring a cost-effective purchase.
  • Think wisely and decide when to use your z points, as not all products come with such redeem options. Moreover, keep in mind that once you use z points to clear the payment, you would miss the opportunity to get them credited for the current order.
  • Always have an eye over their discounted sale section and subscribe to their emails. This ensures you avail the best deals while never missing a single one.

Zaful Coupons or Promo Codes

Zaful offers many coupons and promo codes for its clients. However, the advantages are more for a newbie rather than a regular customer. You can use these coupons and promo codes to lower the price of your purchased product significantly.

Besides, you can even use cash or gift cards at Zaful to reduce the shopped item rate. These lightning deals will make your purchase more budget-friendly and create an awesome shopping experience, making you love Zaful than ever.

Besides, they also have a discounted section that exhibits lucrative deals on good-quality fabrics. These attractive deals can be made to reflect in your mailbox. These cost-effective options are more on Zaful in comparison to most of its competitor stores and would be available at almost all times!

Zaful’s Payment Method

Zaful supports 4 different payment methods:

  1. Western Union
  2. PayPal
  3. Credit Card
  4. Credit card via PayPal

What do Other Customers Say About Zaful?

Like any other online shopping site, Zaful has earned both positive and negative opinions from its customers. These are explained in detail here below for your reference.

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Positive views:

Most of the customers express that Zaful especially pays attention to swimwear compared to any other type of clothing. They have an extensive collection of suitable swimsuits and offer many designs, colors, and patterns.

Customers seem to be happy with their feature of getting the correct cloth size. This ensures that they get exactly what they have been looking for! Besides, they will even be exempted from the hassle of exchanging and refunding.

Zaful shoppers are happy with the prices offered by the site. They appreciate the discounts, coupons, and z point mechanism adopted by it. Particularly because this makes their shopping remain within their budget.

Negative views:

Some customers seem to be unhappy with the return policy of Zaful. They complain about it being very tedious, time taking, and not being worthy enough. Moreover, they complain that the customer service is very poor and under the level of acceptance.

A few customers have complained that the product received was of poor quality and not exactly like that on display. They were seen to be more of a replica-kind of fabrics rather than good quality originals.

Is It Worth to Buy Clothing on Zaful?

Yes, it is worthful to buy clothes on Zaful. They have an extensive collection from which you can choose your favorite pattern and design. The products are good quality and serve you the best for a considerably long time, making shopping an enjoyable experience.

Typically, all Zaful clothing remains true to its size, for which you need not worry about the size once you place the order. Their packaging is appreciable and will render the fabric in an acceptable condition irrespective of the distance involved.

The prices are competent to many other eCommerce stores, and perks like discounts and coupons make Zaful shopping attractive. Good customer reviews and fame obtained by the site impart a sense of security.

There are z points associated with most of the products redeemed on selected future orders that make the shopping budget-friendly. Above all, their user interface is intuitively designed to facilitate shopping that saves you a lot of time.

How Can You Use Z Point on Zaful?

You can earn z Points on Zaful for free and can then use them for shopping. If you are a new member, then you will be credited with 50 z points during registration. Additional 100 z points will be added to it once you verify your email.

Even after registering, you can keep earning z points. This involves up to 12 z points for daily visits, 20 z points for every review posted, and 100 z points for a review with a photo. Beyond this, you can even win up to 50 z points by playing the lucky draw.

Once these z points are credited to your account, you can use them for discounting the order price of selected products at the time of checkout. Every 50 z points will be redeemed as $1 and can reduce the product’s price up to a maximum of 15%, excluding shipping and insurance fees.

Nonetheless, if you decide to use z points, you can be restricted from participating in certain activities. Further, you will not receive any new z points on the orders you use z points. However, the number of credited z points remains the same even when coupons are used to clear the payment.