About Me

Hi, welcome to my site Aylatrendguide.com. I’m Ayla Anderson, a product sourcer and a boutique owner.

Ayla Trend Guide aims to provide helpful information and actionable tips for boutique owners and retailers to source products from the best suppliers worldwide; and also serves as a go-to resource that offers you well-researched and in-depth reviews of the latest fashion items & online stores.

The majority of my articles are on product and apparel sourcing, and fashion inspiration for both men and women.

I’ve come a long way in the fashion wholesale industry, so I know how and where to source the product at a low price and understand what problem you will encounter if you want to start a boutique business.

Also, I have my own boutique store, and as the owner, I need to keep my eyes on the latest fashion trends, meaning that if you in need of fashion advice, I also have the resources to help you.

Here are some of the main topics I cover:

Fashion Items: This category is your source for fashion, apparel, and accessory information for men and women. I help you discover the best upcoming fashion brands and items here.

Product Sourcing: If you want to buy products in bulk at an amazing price, but worrying about the quality, here I will provide useful tips and some best places to source products to help you avoid scams.

Similar Store: Enjoying the online store you’re looking at and interested in other similar stores? Trying to find a clothing store like Shein or a product sourcing site like AliExpress? Here you can get loads of ideas.

Store Review: It can be tricky to find in-depth reviews about many online stores and brands out there. And that is why I created this category to help you on your shopping journey. I perform in-depth research to ensure all of my information is accurate, helpful, and the best it can be.

If you want to talk to me personally, please feel free to contact me.