Best Clothing Manufacturers for Small Businesses Review 2021

Best Clothing Manufacturers for Small Businesses Review

Fashion is one of the most popular niches in electronic commerce, and this is supported by a study carried out by Statista, an online statistical portal that collects data from market studies on a single platform.

Here, it is mentioned that in 2020, the global apparel market had revenues of up to USD1.5 trillion, double that of 2015.

Millions of entrepreneurs decide to invest in this business. If you are interested, you must be wondering how to get the best clothing suppliers, which ensure that much-needed quality and without going out of your budget?

This article will talk about how to choose the best clothing manufacturers and suppliers for small businesses.

More specifically, we will give you the necessary tools so that you can search for reliable clothing suppliers online.

So, whether you are looking for manufacturers in the USA, UK, or India, you will have the answer in this article.

Best Clothing Manufacturers for Small Businesses in the USA

According to our research, these are the best clothing manufacturers for small business in the USA:

Organic Apparel USA

Organic Apparel USA

MOQ: 400 per color/model up to the 5 different sizes available.

Organic Apparel USA has been manufacturing organic clothing for 15 years. This means that its raw material is organic cotton.

For cotton clothes to be considered organic, they must comply with a series of regulations, meaning that Organic Apparel USA follows a series of environmental protocols.

Many entrepreneurs decide to work with this company, and the main reason is the high quality of the clothes they offer.

On the other hand, the prices are very good, and buyers are offered the possibility to customize their products.

If you want to start your own clothing line with your own designs, Organic Apparel USA is an excellent option.

Good Clothing Company

Good Clothing Company

MOQ: 10 per size, style, and color.

If you are thinking of selling your own clothing designs and are looking for manufacturers in the USA, here is another alternative.

This company works with many entrepreneurs, and they choose it because they do not need to buy so many products. That is, the order quantity is low.

The company is focused on establishing a long relationship with its customers, offering excellent quality clothing of different styles.

Euphoric Colors 

Euphoric Colors

MOQ: 300 per style/color.

This company is located in Los Angeles and specializes in the manufacture of many types of products. Euphoric Colors produces the best quality clothing for both men and women.

Find everything you need here, from lingerie to swimwear and from dresses to overalls and much more.

Discover the latest fashion trends in their clothing catalog, or if you have a small business, Euphoric Colors helps you with your designs and re-branding.

Best Clothing Manufacturers for Small Businesses in the UK

Are you looking for clothing manufacturers in the UK? Here we offer you the best ones for small businesses:



MOQ: 50 pieces for custom clothing.

Hawthorn has been in the textile sector for many years, helping entrepreneurs who seek affordable prices and the best quality in clothing.

Although they are based in London, they work with independent designers and small businesses offering high and low quantity purchase orders.

Also, they accept custom designs, leaving at your disposal the option of contacting them by email or phone for any questions you may have.

DSA manufacturing

DSA manufacturing

MOQ: 100 pieces for clothing.

With DSA manufacturing, you can feel confident investing to start your own clothing business.

They offer the best styles of clothing for men and women at very low prices. And although it is based in the UK, they bring clothing from China while maintaining factory prices.

You can get different garments such as jackets, jeans, t-shirts, sportswear, and much more. In just 30 days, you can get your order with the best fabric, achieving a first-class finish.


Sewport-Fashion Design Clothing Manufacturers for your Brand

MOQ: – 

At Sewport, they offer the best quality clothing and the best models according to market trends and the season.

Since 2017, this clothing factory is known worldwide and has a well-established production process to achieve the best quality at a low cost.

If you are looking for a clothing manufacturer to stock your boutique with exclusive models, they are the best option. They work with +6000 brands and with +800 clothing manufacturers.

They offer you from women’s clothing to men’s and children’s clothing and accessories and sportswear.

Best Clothing Manufacturers for Small Businesses in India

Do you live in India, and would you like to start a business selling clothing? Next, you will find the best Indian clothing manufacturers.

Ace Clothing Company

Ace Clothing Company

MOQ: –

Ace Clothing Company opened its doors in 1925, but in 2005, thanks to the advancement of technology, it grew.

Charged with manufacturing garments for small businesses in India, Ace Clothing Company offers its buyers the ability to place low purchase orders.

On the other hand, the quality of their materials is very high such as organic clothing, which is why they have many clients. However, the company agrees to work with unique designs, but they do wholesale as well.

Arvind Mills Ltd


MOQ: –

India is known to be one of the largest exporters of fabrics due to its high quality. Arvind Mills Ltd has enjoyed the same reputation since 1931.

This company is recognized for having been the supervisor of international brands such as Calvin Klein, Lee Jeans, etc.

In their factory, they work with different fabrics and make different types of garments at excellent prices.

Raymond Textile and Apparel Ltd

Raymond Textile and Apparel Ltd

MOQ: –

This company is well known in India for being one of the large men’s clothing manufacturers. Even so, it is also highly recognized in other countries for its high quality.

Raymond also has other branches such as Park Avenue, ColorPlus, which has extensive experience in the textile sector.

Best Custom Clothing Manufacturers for Small Businesses

If you have a clothing design in mind but do not know which manufacturers to contact, here you will find good options:


Printful On-Demand Print & Embroidery Fulfillment and Warehousing Services

MOQ: 1

This platform offers you the possibility to design your own clothes.

It is a company with large clothing and accessories stores that design, manufacture and sell products on demand and retail. That is, they manufacture all those items that your customers will order through your online store.

By creating a profile, you will have access to an online tool to generate a mockup and sell it.

Plus, Printful is fully equipped with everything from home décor to men’s, women’s, or children’s clothing.


Printify Drop Shipping & Printing Service for E-commerce

MOQ: 1

This is another platform where it allows the user to design their own garments. This company works with many clothing manufacturers who supply the products to be printed and sold.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about shipping, and Printify takes care of everything.

For those looking to reach different parts of the world with their designs, this is a good alternative. Besides, it works for both freelance designers and small businesses.

Visionary Manufacturing

Visionary Manufacturing

MOQ: 25 units.

This company is dedicated to receiving orders for custom clothing designs and then selling them. So if you are an entrepreneur, you can invest in a minimum order to start your small business.

This clothing manufacturer offers a high quality of products with different printing methods.

Besides, although it is based in Minneapolis, USA, they can ship your products anywhere in the world.

What to Consider When Choosing Clothing Manufacturers?

Before choosing the best clothing manufacturer for your small business, keep in mind the following aspects:

Business Model

You have two business models that you can take into account. One is the wholesale companies that offer discounts for bulk purchases, and on the other hand, you have printing companies that work on demand.

In case you are in the first steps of your business, the second option may be ideal for you. These manufacturers are responsible for providing the material, printing it, and shipping it.

You have to design it.

Printing Methods

What is used the most is screen printing and direct-to-garment because they are the most economical. Still, there are different types of printing to personalize your garments.

You have the digital transfer, embroidery for a high-quality presentation of your brand, direct digital printing, among other manufacturers. It will depend on what you are looking for.

Domestic or Overseas

Considering work with a domestic clothing manufacturer can provide different advantages. One of them is the shipping times: they will be much faster.

Plus, shipping is also often cheaper, even free of charge. As for communication, it is usually more direct and simple since there are no time differences.

As for working with overseas manufacturers, this is a good option if you plan to sell near the manufacturer’s country. However, you should consider that such a company takes care of customs papers, among other documents.

Production Time

Finding a clothing supplier who can provide you with the fastest shipping times is essential. This is important if you want to sell seasonal clothing to customers looking for specific items.

Generally, you must have a stock of garments and place your orders at least one month in advance. In this way, you can meet the needs of your customers.

Available Clothing Products

This is another aspect that you should consider since, depending on the manufacturer, it will be the product they offer. Not all offer what you are looking for. However, some manufacturers accept custom designs.

You should keep in mind that companies that accept custom designs tend to be more expensive. Still, you can look for manufacturers that already have similar designs to what you need.

Minimum Order Quantity

Last but not least, it is the minimum order quantity. All manufacturers have their own standards or rules, so you must analyze the investment cost you must make for a minimum purchase. This is important if your business is small.

How to Find a TrustWorthy Clothing Manufacturers?

If you do not know how to find a trustworthy clothing manufacturer, below you have a different option:

#1. B2B Directories

This is one of the options you have to find clothing manufacturers. These marketplaces are ideal spaces for wholesale buying and selling.

They are like the stores in the stores, the online mall that houses thousands of clothing manufacturers.

You must pay attention to updating the data available in these directories. Invest a little of your time in your search.

#2. Search Engine

There are many clothing manufacturers that you can find in search engines, and you have to know how to search for them. For that, it is convenient to do your search based on keywords such as ‘dress manufacturers.’

On the other hand, keep in mind that many providers are on the last pages since they do not invest much in their web page or are a bit old.

#3. Tradeshows

If you would like to meet some representatives of clothing factories, this is a good option. Here, you can evaluate different manufacturers to see if it is what you are looking for.

On the other hand, you will also have the opportunity to evaluate the different fabrics they work with.

#4. Incubators and Local Fashion Schools

Visiting different fashion schools is another excellent option since they have a lot of contact with clothing manufacturers.

They can put you in direct contact or recommend some reputable companies. On the other hand, if you cannot visit one of these schools, you can call by phone or contact them via email.

#5. Referrals

If certain clothing manufacturers cannot work with you or may not have the products you are looking for, you can ask other manufacturers to recommend you. Ask for references, and they will surely help you.

Final Words

When you start selling clothes, choosing the best products is one of the first tasks that you will have to face, but not the only one. It is a very common mistake to focus only on the products themselves when, in reality, working with good clothing manufacturers is equally or even more important.

Therefore, if you don’t know where to start looking, you can trust the clothing manufacturers mentioned in this post.

Good luck!