Top 10 Best Adidas Copy Shoe Sellers Review 2021 (on AliExpress & DHgate)

Best Adidas Copy Shoe Seller Online

Shoes are an important accessory that defines us. There are many categories we can find in the market. They could be sneakers, loafers, sports shoes, formal shoes, etc.

To be more precise, we can have a pair of shoes for a particular event. That’s how many categories we have currently. In this article, we will discuss the replicas of branded shoes.

How much their price can be, where you can find them, how to distinguish between fake and original, etc.

Top 10 Best Adidas Copy Shoe Sellers on AliExpress and DHgate

We all love having branded shoes, and for those who can’t afford them, approach these first copy shoes, which aren’t the same but have almost the qualities you’ll find in an original.

Let’s look at some of the websites you can search for these AAA shoes.

Sports 101 Store – AliExpress

Sports 101 Store
Image Source: AliExpress

If you want to consider someone having a higher rating or better customer service, you should consider approaching Sports 101 Store. They have a rating of 93.8%, which makes them stand away from the crowd and trustworthy regarding their services.

They will offer you over 250 shoes. You will find the best shoe categories by Adidas, which are costlier for people, but this online store on AliExpress will help get the copies at the best price.

You will find Adidas Neo, Adidas Alphabounce, Adidas Swift, Adidas Continental 80, Adidas Superstar Originals, etc.

Best Sports Store – AliExpress

Best Sports Store
Image Source: AliExpress

If you’re not only looking for casual shoes but also other categories like sports (for basketball, etc.), other merchandise like t-shirts, caps, etc. Then you should try this seller.

The Best Sports Store has a rating of 95.7%, which is considered to be among the big players in the competition.

They are known for selling high-quality products and other items, as mentioned before. You will find their offers quite intriguing and appealing. Many people have chosen them as their go-to place for Adidas shoes.

You might want to add to that list if you want to brag about your new shoes. They have some of the best shoes by Adidas, including Original Novelty 2019 and 2020, Adidas Neo Questar, Novelty 2018, etc.

Top Sports Flagship Store – AliExpress

Top Sports Flagship Store
Image Source: AliExpress

As their name suggests, they are the ones who sell flagship processors but in terms of shoes. On AliExpress, they have made quite a name throughout the time and earned a rating of 93.7%.

This is because they have been providing the best quality products there can be at great prices. You are going to take a lot of time while going through their variety of shies they offer.

It is considered that there are over 290 shoe styles solely of Adidas.

They are mainly known for their insane amount of dealings in skateboarding shoes by Adidas. Some of the styles include Original New Arrival Adidas Tennis Shoes, Ultraboost Uncaged, Dragon Series, etc.

Hot Sports Store – AliExpress

Hot Sports Store
Image Source: AliExpress

If you like switching between brands like Adidas, Converse, Nike, etc., you should visit this seller on AliExpress. This seller is known to be one of the best among the others.

They not only focus on Adidas’s shoes but others as well. They know what the customer might be looking for.

Moreover, they have over 300 styles of shoes that you may want to add to your cart, but you might not, as you may like every 4th to 5th one on the list.

Their best selling styles are categorized in hiking shoes, skateboarding shoes, and running purposes. Their best seller includes Adidas Neo Skateboarding, Adidas Original Prophere, Adidas Original 917, Ultraboost 4.0, etc.

KP Sneaker Store – AliExpress

KP Sneaker Store
Image Source: AliExpress

If you love hiking or planning to go on one, try their series regarding hiking and other stuff. The KP Sneaker Store has got a rating of 99.7% since they have entered the market. They are trustworthy and reliable regarding their work.

On AliExpress, they are considered as one of the renowned sellers when compared to among their competitors. They are mainly known for shoe styles, including running, hiking, and skateboarding purposes.

Their best sellers in Adidas include the Adidas Superstar Shamrock Shoes, the Ultraboost 19, Adidas Clover Original, Clover 917, etc.

Olympic Sports Flagship Store – AliExpress

Olympic Sports Flagship Store
Image Source: AliExpress

If you like to stay updated with Adidas or any other brand’s latest styles, you should visit this seller every often. This seller on AliExpress has earned great ratings since they’ve entered the business.

As you are demanding, they keep stocking up the trending shoes by Adidas. Also, you might find some limited edition shoes as well. If you like all-time classics of Adidas, then you must’ve guessed the Superstar.

If you’re a hip-hop dancer, then these shoes are necessary for you as they define you. They nit o ky provide you their logo but better comfort, style, and price.

VIP Sporting Store – AliExpress

VIP Sporting Store
Image Source: AliExpress

The places where you’ll find the crowd do have the product you want. If you agree to this statement, then you should pay a visit to the SolonSports Store.

They are also the ones who keep a stock of trending shoes out in the market. You might want to get your hands as fast as possible as they have a bad habit of getting low on limited editions or sales pretty quickly.

This site is mainly for sneakers fans. If you are one of them, there are high chances of you spending on this website adding shoes to the cart.

They are also a huge seller of Adidas Superstar style, so go ahead and choose a pair of shoes for yourself.

Ultra Boosts Store – DHgate

Ultra Boosts Store
Image Source: DHgate

If you want to lay your hands on the replicas of Adidas shoes at lower and affordable prices, then you should take a look at this seller. They entered the market in around 2007 and have been maintaining a position since.

In all this time, they became one of the leading wholesalers in terms of jerseys, caps, and shoes. As time passed away, they made their name in the leading manufacturers as well.

They have dedicated themselves to their customers and try to provide them the best they deserve after paying such an amount. You will find great quality at a very reasonable rate.

VaporMax TN Store – DHgate

VaporMax TN Store DHgate
Image Source: DHgate

You might want to roam on their list and find the best pair of shoes for you. But remember, you’ll never leave with only having one in mind. They are known for selling the best material in terms of Adidas originals and superstar shoes which people love to have.

If you are a shoe fan, then you must’ve heard about the Yeezys. This store is considered to sell many of these styles.

With such marketing, they have earned a rating of 97.5%. This was possible because, since the time, they have made more than 10000 transactions which eventually led to their name in the market.

China Fashion 6 – DHgate

China Fashion 6
Image Source: DHgate

Being a member since 2018, they have made their name in the market a bit quicker. They know what their customer might be seeking. Hence, they keep all the items you would like to have.

When it comes to their services, they have never been disappointing. They sell all the items as they describe them and no frauds. If you have anything to ask, feel free they reply as soon as possible.

You won’t be facing any long time during the delivery, and their shipping charges are very affordable. Over time, they have earned a rating of 95.3% and are planning to move ahead as they get the chances.

How to Choose Adidas Replica Shoes Online?


We can judge a lot about a product by its price and hardly can anyone deny this fact. The replicas you may find on the internet should vary from $50 – $60. At the same time, you will find the originals to go up to 50% of these prices.

You may think that these are just replicas and aren’t the original, but remember that these shoes are made from high-quality material as well.

Many parts like soles and the comfort inside are there for a reason. That’s why you may think why are they still a bit costly.

Remember one more thing, and if you any Adidas shoes worth $10 – $20, then it’s better to take a step back as you’re heading towards the frauds.


If you have a striking sight, you may find the difference between the original and the fake logo. Although the replicas don’t use these fake logos, they can become hard to distinguish.

As you may know, Adidas has two logos, one has the lotus shape, and the other has 3 slant stripes.

Sometimes, you may even encounter the logo which doesn’t have “Adidas” written on it and just the stripes. They also use that pattern which isn’t considered as a non-valid replica.


We can’t be joking about this part. Reviews are what helps a lot in finding whether we are trusting the right seller or not. They are the primary checkpoint you should reach to know the reality of the seller.

There might be times when you want a trending shoe, but there aren’t many reviews on it. For that, always head towards the reviews of the seller.

This will tell you about everything you’ll need to know before you make your decision. The higher the rating, the more confident and relaxed you will feel about buying one.

How Do I Identify the Fake Adidas?


You can judge a lot about the shoes by either touching them or wearing them. Suppose you feel that it’s comfortable and soft enough for you to buy. Also, don’t compare the quality of a replica with an original.

There is no comparison between them as their prices have a lot of difference. But using this technique, you can identify or distinguish pretty easily.

Model Number

This model number is on the tongue of the shoe. You should consider it as a great factor as they can let you whether they are trustworthy or not.

You can put that number on the internet, and it will tell you if it’s a genuine product or not. When it comes to a fake shoe, you will find that the model number is wrong and looks like it’s made-up.

Color Variants

If you don’t want to do so much investigation, then compare the colors; if that one isn’t present in the original one, then that pair of shoes are fake.

This is one of the reasons why they stand out from the crowd. There are many things you will like when you buy an original shoe from such a brand.