Top 12 Best Wholesale Online Shopping Websites in India

Best Wholesale Online Shopping Websites in India

The increase in demand for online marketing in the year 2021 has been like never before. These demands might be increasing with people requiring more ways to make it a profitable venture.

Wholesale helps retailers to buy products at reasonable rates and sell them for a good margin.

Here we shall talk about some online shopping websites that are very well-known in India and have great quality products.

Top 12 Best Wholesale Online Shopping Websites in India

India Mart


IndiaMart is India’s largest online business-to-business marketplace. It has more than 6 million suppliers, 60 million products, and 100 million buyers.

It has more than 60% of the online business-to-business space in India. However, it caters primarily to the small and medium enterprises of India. It has made business easy by facilitating access and communication to sellers from anywhere and at any time.

It has a wide range of services and sellers to allow more visibility for businesses. This wide range allows for more credibility for the suppliers on the platform. You can pay and receive payments pretty instantly on their payment gateway.

Therefore it has become the most famous and convenient online marketplace for B2B and B2C.


While IndiaMart is known for its convenience for buyers, is known for its excellent services to merchants, i.e., sellers.

It is the number one wholesale reselling app in the Indian reselling industry.

You can easily list your product or service on The website. All of their processes are pretty simpler, and you can start earning very soon.

Registration allows you effortless access as a Milmila affiliate. You can start listing your products and sell them with your margins. Milmila takes care of the shipping and logistics as soon as you hit your first sales.

You can allow prepaid and cash-on-delivery orders on the website. These services are a very transparent platform to make things easy for the buyer and the seller.



TradeIndia is another Indian B2B online market with more than 6 million registered users.

It offers global buyers and resellers authentic sources of products and services. It has very comprehensive listings and descriptions for buyers to choose the right products for their business.

It started in 1996 and now has branches all around the country. It also has specially optimized applications for mobiles so that buyers and sellers can use them seamlessly.

It has also signed Memorandums of Understanding with many countries to boost trade across those countries.

They have various membership plans to ensure that you can find a plan that best suits your trade requirements.

TradeIndia is an excellent platform that will help you find the right product to give your organization a lead over competitors.



Shopclues is an online market platform that caters to businesses and customers alike.

Established in Silicon Valley and based in Gurgaon. It has an alarmingly wide range of products from kitchen utilities to electronics.

It is also known for its heavy discounts across various products for promotion and marketing.

They have a straightforward system to start selling. Every process from registration to selling is pretty effortless and is put in place to assist you throughout your selling experience.

It has excellent features like online catalog management for classified product listings. You also receive daily sales reports to understand your products that are selling well than others. They also have real-time tracking of orders so that you and the customer can always stay updated.

Wholesale Box

Wholesale Box

Wholesale Box is another online commerce platform that gives you the most share of the profit. The margin that this platform charge is so less, so sellers can begin selling and earning significant profits.

They take care of all eCommerce aspects of business such as logistics, home delivery, quality, discounts, and credits, among many others.

They also offer you the lowest prices, and you can also provide the same to your loyal customers.

It has a pretty simple registration process for ordering products. You can easily search products, filter them, add them to your cart, and start buying.


eindia wholesale

EindiaWholeSale is known as the best online store for Indian jewelry. It sells this jewelry in bulk, and resellers can buy them at low prices to sell them at better prices to their patrons.

This platform sells ornaments and jewelry in India and other parts of the globe, making it an international shopping portal.

This platform’s various products include necklaces, earrings, rings, toerings, bangles, bracelets, and others.

Those planning to start a jewelry-only business can choose EindiaWholeSale to be the supplier for all of their jewelry requirements.

They have great returning, shipping, and shopping policies that are curated to facilitate business for sellers.

Wholesale Bazar

Wholesale Bazar

Wholesalebazar is a well-known platform for traditional and ethnic Indian apparel. You will find authentic and aesthetic clothes which completely resemble Indian tradition on this website.

They get their products from some well-known ethnic wear brands, and they allow resellers to sell at a reasonable margin compared to other sellers.

You can buy and sell these products without moving an inch. You can buy any product and ship it to any place without going to these cities.

This platform is suitable for people who want to resell without any hassles and satisfy their customers with great products.

They mention the prices along with their products and ship them within 3 to 4 days.

Textile Export

Textile Export

Textile Export is an online shopping website only for women’s apparel. You can buy anything and everything ethnic and feminine at this online store.

They are mostly known for their wide range of sarees that Indians love to wear. Their collections include ladies’ designer sarees, lehenga sarees, churidar salwar suits, and wedding dresses.

They offer the best Indian women’s clothing at a wholesale rate as they are a manufacturer and distributor of Indian sarees.

Apart from Indian sarees, they also offer various other women’s clothing which keeps them ahead of the market.

Textile Export is the best place to begin if you want to start a boutique consisting of ethnic Indian women’s apparel.


Surat Fabric

SuratFabric is an online market known for its ethnic Indian apparel that mainly caters to women.

SuratFabric has been in the apparel industry for more than 25 years.

This online shopping portal knows the market’s workings and sources its products from the best vendors who deliver high-quality fabrics.

For royal Indian apparel and superior fabric, SuratFabric is the best online marketplace to shop.

You will find various styles influenced by different cultures across India as India is rich in traditions and has a diverse culture.

They have a vast resource of apparel and continue to export their fabric all around the world.

Wholesale Mantra

Wholesale Mantra

Wholesale Mantra is a website that was established in 2008. It now sells some of the finest ladies’ apparel in India.

From ethnic wear to modern wear, this online marketplace has all that a reseller needs.

They have a great team of fashion designers who watch the trend and redefine their fashion according to trends worldwide.

The fabric that this store offers is of the best quality in India. They sell their clothes to the Asian population all over the globe.

Wholesale Mantra also sells other products like home decor, bedsheets, handbags, clutches, and curtains.

They have a versatile roster, and any reseller would love to sell these products and make good profits.

Industry Buying

IndustryBuying has been called one of the best B2B online stores in India. It is best for small and medium enterprises that can buy products for their business. It has also made shopping online very easy for businesses in India.

With more than 5000 vendors, this store has more than 40 categories. Many well-known brands sell various products to make it a great online shopping experience for B2B customers.

From medical supplies to electronic gadgets, you can enjoy the best products at discounted prices.

Brands worldwide sell their products on this website and make the best of their products available for Indian customers.

Alibaba India

Alibaba India

Alibaba India was launched in 2007, and it already made news in 2008 by becoming one of the top three marketplaces in India.

It has a wide range of products for resellers at extremely reasonable prices. Alibaba India has helped many businesses procure products at good rates to resell them at better prices.

They also send samples if you want to check the product. They also ship products to you no matter where you are.

Alibaba India is a good place to start shopping for your business if you do not know which might be the right place.

What Are the Best B2B Wholesale Website in India?

Absolutely. The previous list that you just read is a list of the best B2B wholesale websites. All of these are in India cater to primarily Indian customers.

Some notable ones among them are IndiaMart and Shopclues. There are others, but they are well known and have many products, services, and sellers.

Some of them are lesser-known online stores, but they offer better services and better rates to customers.

So, yes! India has many B2B wholesale websites other than those mentioned in this list, but the list we have provided tells you about the best website.

What Are Some India Wholesale Online Shopping Sites That Provides Free Shipping?

You will rarely find companies that ship products without any charge since that is not the norm here.

But people love products that save them the cost of online delivery charges. Shopclues is one website that offers free shipping.

Other websites charge for delivery based on the quantity of the product ordered, and some websites charge a flat fee for delivery charges. Shopclues stands out from the pack by charging zero delivery fees.

What Are the Best Boutique Clothing Vendors in India?

Wholesalebazar, Wholesale box, and Garmeto are some of the best boutique clothing vendors in India.

They are known for their highly authentic designs and superior fabric quality.

Other online stores such as SuratFabric and TextileExport are known for selling high-quality ethnic wear.

Zaasmart is best for children’s apparel according to different events, while Wholesale Textile provides great apparel for women.

What Are the Best Place to Buy Surat Sarees Online?

TextileExports, SuratFabric, AkrutiSarees, SuratWholesaleShop, and others are reputed online stores.

They sell Surat Sarees of the highest quality to resellers, and they are the best place to buy Surat Sarees in India.

The most important thing to look out for when buying Surat Sarees is the fabric’s design and quality.

It will be great to buy Sarees from SuratWholesaleShop with their own manufacturing and distribution setup in India.

Where to buy Wholesale Toys in India?

A lot of websites sell wholesale toys in India. However, TradeMart, Alibaba are some to be named. There might be other websites that cater particularly to wholesale toys, and you should find them.

They sell high-quality toys of plastic which can be disposed of or recycled without hurting the environment.

Toystore, Funcorp, and Desitoys are good online stores to buy wholesale toys for kids at low prices and resell them at better prices.

How to Buy Wholesale Jewelry in India?

IndiaMart sells great wholesale items, including jewelry.

Moreover, we highly recommend that you buy from resellers who are authentic, and Amazon Services does an excellent job at selling them.

Other online stores sell ethnic Indian jewelry as well.

Eindiawholesale is one of the best online stores to buy jewelry. They offer ethnic, customized, and designer jewelry for women.

What Are the Best Place to Buy Wholesale Hair in India?

You can buy wholesale hair from IndiaMART, which is a trusted store for everything under the sun.

Alibaba India can also provide you with wholesale hair, in which case you will have to make sure that you are receiving human hair of the highest quality.

There is a huge market for human hair in India and the USA, where people use hair to enhance their looks.