Top 40 Best Things to Buy on DHgate Review 2021

Best Things to Buy on DHgate Review

The internet has been a boon for many people by allowing people like you and me to sell things online. You do not just sell ‘things,’ but you add value to the lives of the many people who buy your products.

Online reselling or drop shipping has become a great source of income, with many people making a living off of it. However, finding the right products to sell and the right wholesaler to source those product is a challenge that resellers have to solve.

DHgate is a website from where you can source your reseller store. You can practically find anything and everything from this website to deliver to your customer.

This article is a resource for you to start buying the best products for resale on Dhgate.

Top 40 Things to Buy on DHgate for Resale

iPhone Tempered Glass

Tempered glasses are a niche product, and they sell a lot among a select number of customers. Moreover, tempered glasses for iPhones are further unique, and they hold an excellent command over the market on DHgate.

The demand for iPhone tempered glass is very high as compared to other products.

Portable Charging Bin

Phone chargers are becoming very important as smartphone use increases due to the internet’s availability and the dependence on mobile phones.

With more use, there is more need for portable and quick charging. Portable charging bins are therefore becoming one of the most sold items on DHgate.

Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

Bluetooth earphones with the least latency are a new trend in the global market. People have become tired of buying wired earphones on DHgate or other websites because they keep tangling.

However, wireless Bluetooth earphones with mic are bestsellers, and more people will be buying wireless Bluetooth headphones on DHgate soon.


High-quality necklace pendants have a unique market for individuals who want to buy the most attractive products. Pendant necklace for women has always been a bestseller, and this is the same on DHgate.

Choker necklace, diamond necklace, and necklace gold chain are among the bestselling necklaces on DHgate.

iPhone Case

Phone cases for iPhone have become very famous recently owing to the boom in iPhone buyers. People are looking for fancy and leather iPhone covers on Dhgate.

iPhone covers are available in many colors and a lot of materials like plastic, leather, etc.

Sellers can leverage the rising trend of iPhone cases on Dhgate to boost their business.

iPhone Cable

iPhone cable on Dhgate is becoming more famous as iPhone is no longer selling chargers with the phone. It will be great to find good quality iPhone cables on DHgate as they become more trendy and have a niche market.

This market will continue to grow as the number of iPhone buyers also grows.

Rainbow Brushes

Rainbow brushes on DHgate are the new trend. Rainbow brushes are used for cosmetics and makeup. Some rainbow brushes are also used for dental purposes, and their handles are made of bamboo.

However, both brushes are best-selling products on DHgate, and you can expect the trend to grow in the future.

Nail Art Design

Nail art design and nail polish set are good prospects for future bestselling products on DHgate.

Women always want their nails to look good, but nail paints and nail polish sets with unique colors and designs make them bestsellers on DHgate.

You can sell nail polish sets with a variety of rich colors at a reasonable price. There are good chances of repeat customers for this product.

Various Necklaces

Necklaces come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and styles. Surprisingly, all of them are bestsellers as women also like to try out new designs every time they shop for necklaces.

Necklaces for men on DHgate are also a good seller in the future as necklaces for women on DHgate are an all-time bestseller.

Teeth Whitening Powder

Teeth whitening powder is a good product in the health and beauty segment on DHgate. They come in the form of various powders, such as charcoal powder.

Beauty and body care products are bestsellers on DHgate. People want their smiles to look beautiful, and the teeth whitening powder is a product that will sell great and has an excellent chance to be a bestseller.

Flowered iPhone Case

The sales volume of the iPhone case is excellent. However, flowered iPhone cases have a good trend and have been gaining traction recently on DHgate.

They come in different colors and flowers. Men and women both will love to buy flowered iPhone cases on DHgate.

Nail Stickers

Nail stickers on DHgate will give a perfect look for girls and women. Recently, men have also started using nail stickers. DHgate will provide the best quality nail stickers for those interested in buying them.

It is an excellent product for dropshipping and is a trend among young women and teenagers in high school and college.

Long-Sleeve Top for Girls

Long sleeve tops for girls with great designs look great for casual dates, meetups, or even to wear at work.

They are highly fashionable and can be worn over leggings, jeans, and trousers. They also look lovely. A long-sleeve top for girls on DHgate will be a bestseller for your dropshipping business.

Micro USB Cable

With so many products and innovations in electronics, new products such as the micro USB cable become bestsellers in accessories on DHgate.

You can find good quality Micro USB cable for your dropshipping purpose at reasonable prices. Fast charging cables, flexible micro USB cable, and nylon braided micro USB cable are some of the best micro USB cables on DHgate.

Magnetic Micro USB Cable

Magnetic micro USB cables are becoming trendier day by day. People do not like to pull and plug their cables repeatedly into their phones as this damages the phone’s socket.

Magnetic cable with LED looks very cool, and nylon USB cable ensures durability. So this is a product which can be great for buying from DHgate.

Diamond Texture iPhone Case

Diamond texture iPhone cases are very trendy at young ages as they make the phone look super cool. Among many other iPhone cases, the diamond texture iPhone case on DHgate has become a customer favorite. The diamond texture case makes the iPhone look like it is part of a large diamond with its edginess.

It is made of strong material and protects the iPhone when it falls. The iPhone case has thus become a bestseller among return customers as well.

Fake Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes have a higher sales volume among beauty products on DHgate. They are a must-have in every makeup kit and come in different lengths, designs, and colors. As it is a women’s fashion product, it will surely earn significant profits in your reselling business.

These fake eyelashes are not very expensive, and higher sales will result in higher cumulative profits.

Nail Gels

DHgate has become a great place to buy nail gels. There are a variety of colors for women to choose from for different outfits. Girls and women can become returning customers if the nail gels are of good quality and attractive appearance.

iPhone Screen Protectors

iPhone screen protectors are an excellent product to sell as they have become familiar to all iPhones. They are available at comfortable prices and provide excellent value to the user.

As more people are now buying iPhone screen protectors, DHgate will be the best place to buy iPhone screen protectors of good quality and make.


Who doesn’t want to enjoy music while traveling, going to college, or even working out? Earphones have become a getaway as people keep on consuming more content by the passing day. Earphones with good bass and a durable cord will never go out of trend.

Earphones on DHgate have been gaining more volume in search and sales recently.

Gofuly Watch

Since the watch’s invention in 1505, watches have become an essential tool in human beings’ daily lives. They also make for great ornaments and display the pedigree of the person wearing them.

The Gofuly watch, in particular, has become a bestseller on DHgate due to its eye-catching design and excellent quality.

Lipstick Pencil

Again, a lipstick pencil is a fashion accessory that will never go out of fashion. Lipstick pencils that provide long-lasting, opaque, and non-sticky lipstick are the ones to look out for.

Such lipstick pencils provide value and quality to the customer, and they will create a niche market for you. You can buy lipstick pencils on DHgate.

Men Titanium Ring

Titanium ring has been the latest fad in fashion for men. DHgate also seems to have caught wind of it, and now men’s titanium ring has become one of the bestselling products on the platform.

These rings are not very expensive and add to the fashion statement of men and boys alike. The dark color gives a strong vibe across the room, and hence, this product can be a bestselling one on DHgate.

Xiaomi Screen Protector

This is another essential product for mobile phone accessories on DHgate. Like iPhones, Xiaomi has also made a name for itself and now commands a screen protector market.

This is a product that can generate high sales and high returns.

Magnetic Car Phone Holder

The magnetic car phone holder on DHgate has made mobile phones more accessible and easy to operate. It can be used while driving and also as a display for other uses.

This product has been higher on the search volume recently and promises to be another bestselling product soon on DHgate.

3D Magnetic Fake Eyelashes

These magnetic false eyelashes or 3D magnetic fake eyelashes have entirely changed the way eyelashes are used. They are from the cosmetics and beauty segment of DHgate.

They are reusable, lightweight, and very soft as well. This product is famous across the globe and also on DHgate.

Leather Made Card Holder

Leather-made cardholders are items of daily utility. Such products have new customers frequently. You can fit in many essential cards like debit cards, credit cards, identity cards, and some cash. Their utility and small design have made them among the bestsellers on DHgate.

Samsung Glass Protector

Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones. There are many potential customers for Samsung glass protectors on DHgate. The company still has a good hold over the smartphone market, making the Samsung glass protector a bestseller on DHgate.

Adjustable Crystal Ring

Anyone can wear the adjustable crystal ring, and the crystal makes it even more attractive. It works as a good gift for events, birthdays, and engagements. It is an evergreen product and can be sold on any day of the year, and hence adjustable crystal rings are bestsellers on DHgate.

Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes come in sets or individual units. They are essential in every woman’s make-up kit. This makes it a useful product to sell. DHgate provides makeup brushes of the highest quality and assures returning customers.

Leather iPhone Case

Leather iPhone cases give a powerful vibe and make your phone feel more comfortable. These cases have pockets in which you can store your cards and cash. Leather iPhone case is a great product to protect phones from damage.

They can be best bought from DHgate at bestselling prices.

Wooden Foundation Makeup Brush

Among the many makeup brushes, the wooden foundation makeup brush is the most important one. It helps for the first layer of makeup. These wooden brushes are long-lasting and offer great makeup. They are some of the best products on DHgate.

Nail Polish Coat

The nail polish coat is a beauty product and sells well in several countries over the world. The right color, material, and texture will always be a bestseller. Nail paints of all types and colors are available on DHgate. They are an excellent product to target for your resale purposes.

Silicone Case for Samsung

The silicon case acts as a protection layer for phones. As many Samsung products are still selling in the market, there will be a niche for silicone cases. It is an excellent product to sell along with other phone cases for your reselling business. DHgate will be a perfect place to buy silicone cases of Samsung phones at fair prices.

Anti RFID Wallet

Anti RFID wallets are trending due to their credit card safety. They come in many styles, and the materials used to make them are also superior in quality.

They can be bifold or trifold and their utility to store cash and cards makes them a bestseller in men’s accessories on DHgate.

Luxury Bags

DHgate has luxury bags from renowned brands, and they bring in bags of good quality and longevity. These luxury bags are authentic and are a good investment for anybody buying them.

Luxury designer bags will bring returning customers to your business if good customer service and timely communication are maintained.

Replica Bags

Replica bags or knockoff bags are becoming the most sought type of bags as customers buy a bag of their favorite brand at low prices.

You can find such replica bags on DHgate of standard quality and look. These bags are always going to sell as they add status and sophistication to a person’s character.

Replica Shoes

Everybody loves shoes, and replica shoes have become a part of modern teens’ and youth’s daily lives. Replica shoes from famous and elite brands can be bought at low prices.

This product will bring repeated customers to your reselling business if it is marketed and sold right. You can find many such replica shoes on DHgate.


wholesale7 Sexy Ruched Package Buttocks Long Sleeve Dress

Buying apparel from DHgate and selling them at better rates to make good profits is a great way to start your reselling business. You can get a lot of suitable apparel from DHgate with excellent quality as well.

With good quality apparel from DHgate and various products to sell, you can run an excellent reselling business.

Tattoo Supply

Tattoo-making products and tattoo supplies are bought by a niche group of buyers. DHgate will source your tattoo supply business with the right products. This product will not attract everyone, but it has great potential to bring returning customers if your product has no quality problems.

Before we conclude, here is a bonus section for those wondering if there are any alternatives to DHgate.

DHgate Alternatives


Alibaba is a platform that does not need any introduction in the world of eCommerce. It is one of the giants of online reselling and has a great resource of products and sellers.

A high number of resources also ensure a variety of products at competitive prices. is another wholesaler in China and was founded in the year 2004. It is a very reliable store and has a high annual revenue. It is just like DHgate with a couple of variations. It is well known for its electronics and the drop shipping programs to choose from. has apparent terms and conditions, and its customer service has no competition in the market.

DX, formerly known as Deal Exchange, is an excellent alternative to DHgate with over two million products. It has a massive number of suppliers for different products. Some products also offer you a discount of 50%, and this helps drop shippers in buying the right products at great prices.

Payments are accepted through credit cards and Paypal while shopping takes just a day for most products.



Chinabrands is an excellent platform for budding business people to start reselling their customers’ favorite products. It has a very easy-to-understand platform and provides excellent customer assistance.

Chinabrands, founded in 2007, has been providing exceptional dropshipping services to resellers since then. They take care of product sourcing, shipping, and delivery within the first 24 hours.

Final Word

Reselling is a great business venture with significant returns and more profits as you keep getting better at it.

It is always necessary to prioritize customer requirements and customer satisfaction. Sourcing your product from the right place to provide value to your customers is essential in this business.

And with the right ticks in the proper checkboxes, you are ready to become a successful reseller.