Top 19 Best Wholesale Authentic Jordan Shoes Websites Worldwide

Best Wholesale Authentic Jordan Shoes Websites

There’s no denying the fact that branded shoes aren’t just a bit expensive, but they prove to be worthy. You will find the comfort, durability, lasting longer, etc. One such brand is Jordan. You can find their stores may be nearby or online always.

So, we will be discussing a list of websites from where you can get a new pair of shoes for yourself or your loved ones.

How to Buy Authentic Jordan Shoes Online?

If we can’t reach the store then, it’s a great option to try the online websites. But there are some twists in the online world as well. Let’s help you through this so that you get what you want.

Beware of Counterfeits and Scams: we can’t deny that there could be frauds out there selling the shoes by changing the letters a bit in the logo or providing a bad quality shoe.

They differ from websites to websites. If you are aware of the term “clickbait,” then you may know what we mean.

Google it: the reason you should Google Jordan shoes is to generate all the valid or legit ones first.

Google has an algorithm where (Google Trends), people who visit a site the most, will get the top priority on the search results.

Also, it considers lower prices and offers, but some websites may have better offers but are not in the top 10 of that page.

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Top 19 Best Wholesale Authentic Jordan Shoes Websites Worldwide

Let’s take a look at some of the best and reliable websites where you should invest your time and choose the best shoe at an affordable price.


Are Jordan shoes your priority? Then, why don’t you have a visit to On this website, you’ll find many Jordan shoes for wholesale purposes and with every size.

One thing for sure, you are getting a real deal at a low price. Just place an order of above $130 and enjoy the free shipping.

And heading towards the payment, so if you forgot where you put your credit card, then you can complete the process by using PayPal and other ways.


if you surf the Internet quite often, you must’ve guessed this one to be on the list. No one can deny that AliExpress is one the most renowned websites in terms of wholesaling purposes.

You are supposed to get great Jordan shoe deals at an affordable range. AliExpress is believed to a trustworthy source for shopping as they don’t have any minimum order factor; plus, you can easily find this online store, and it’s pretty easy to find your stuff.

Quality assurance is guaranteed as the company knows how to put great terms with its customers.

In terms of delivery, it’s fast with no damages, but yes, it depends where you live or want the package to be delivered.

This company is also one of the leading websites for wholesaling and has a lot of competitors. If you’re interested in authentic Nike Jordan shoes, then you should take a visit.

There are maximum chances that their pricing may appeal to you. Furthermore, the products are of the same quality as you expect them to be.

As one of the leading companies, they also know how to keep strong bonds with their customers.

So, keep your demands ready as they have the stock you need. Delivery is great, safe, and speedy.


This website is famous for not only wholesaling shoes like Jordan, Nike, etc. But they have their grasp in other categories like home décor, health, clothing, beauty, toys, etc.

They provide the best deal at the best price. Also, you will find every item that you may have on the list at every price point.

Furthermore, you will get your delivery as fast as possible and in a safe way. They take customer satisfaction and feedback seriously.

Also, if it’s not about wholesale, then they can sell the product individually. You have to name it.


The website is considered to offer one of the best deals if you’re focusing on shoes like Jordan, Nike, etc. They have made their name and position in the market in the last few years and have proven trustworthy.

The one downfall you’re going to see here is the varieties in the shoes, and they lack it. But it’s not like they don’t have enough stock.

If you’re ready to pay the delivery charges, you can relax a bit as you won’t be paying that much amount.

If you put quality above all, then you should pay a visit to this website. They operate within and outside The US, and they are considered to be a safe point.

When it comes to dealing with them, they won’t let you down. You will find a gigantic stock, whether it’s about male shoes or females.

The price factor would be very appealing, but if you think it’s a bit high, then the rest will be reflected in their services as they are great at it.

In terms of payment, you can use PayPal as a third-party app, whereas there are our most used methods like MasterCard, credit cards, etc.


Now, this company knows what it sells and is proud of its quality sales. If you want the authentic Jordans at your doorstep, try them for once. They keep their prices at a very reasonable point.

This is where they prove that they provide the best deals as they have many competitors. You will get free shipping on orders above $100.

If you’re not satisfied with the product or got a damaged one, then there’s a great service for returning and replacing. They make sure that you get every last piece till the end.


If you want to know about a company, then you should check the reviews. This company had managed to keep an impeccable record when it came to customer satisfaction.

Shoenet supplies and operates in the US and is known to be one the biggest companies on the online wholesaling platform. Their huge discounts would surely make you cut a deal.

But remember, you must order a total of $250 or above. In this, not only you’ll be getting the best quality but also no charges on shipping and as fast delivery as possible.

Also, they only deal in wholesaling platforms, and prices are according to that.

This website is known for providing a better price depending on how much you’ve ordered. It was observed that you could save up to 70%, in terms of wholesaling, that’s a huge deal.

No matter what city or country you belong to in the US, your order will be delivered quickly and safely. Just order above $60, and take advantage of free shipping.

The more you buy, the more they provide the discount on orders. You should take a look at the products and their varieties offered by Cheapnkshoes.

If you’re primarily interested in Nike Jordans, then they might help you crack a deal.


You must’ve kept this website on your list if you’re mad for shoes. They are known to be one of the leading companies in terms of wholesaling.

They offer 100% authentic products of great brands like Jordan, Timberland, Nike Air Max, Puma, etc. But you must know this, and they don’t sell any product individually. Hence, you should have a bulk order by your side.

They always make sure that their customers get the real deal at a great price and quickly. They ship all over the globe and deliver the orders within 7 days.

Payment methods include PayPal, MasterCard, Visa Card, American Express, etc.

This is one of the companies that updates themselves with the present scenario. They are in the business since 2009 and have made a reputation throughout this time.

They deal in every kind of shoe and have almost every variety of it. One of the things that’ll please you is their customer service. If you’re not up for a wholesale deal, they also provide the products individually.

The more you deal with them, the better offers you’ll get through time. Also, all the transactions made are encrypted digitally and are secure as they use the best technology.

The Wholesale Forums, established in 2004 and since has become one of the profound companies in the UK. They have their distributing and manufacturing platform along with the wholesaling platform.

Since the starting, they have expanded their community around the globe and have 200,000 members. They will provide you great customer service along with technical support.

Whether it’s related to transactions, networking, trading, or any discussion, they can partner on that.

Rose Wholesale

How many brands do you remember regarding shoes? Well, almost every one of them will be on this website. Just submit your list to them, and they’ll help you stock your shop up.

All the shoes offered are at a competitive price, and there could be more discounts as you buy. You may also get some discount on the delivery. One thing for sure, you’re getting yourself 100% authentic products.

They don’t handover any damaged piece or any less item. They will deliver your order within 3 business days, that’s pretty quick.

Different payment methods will help you in completing your deal quickly and safely.


This website is for all 4 people that are resellers, buyers, suppliers, and retailers. The website connects the pair and helps them make a great deal. You will get only high-quality sneakers, and there’s no doubt in it.

You will get your order at a relatively lower price. It’s very easy to search for your product and adding the quantity.

Every move you make is secure, and there’s no fraud in this. There are different payment methods that you can use to complete your deal.



If you’re going to buy shoes in a wholesale quantity, then consider trying the Final-Score. They are known to sell only authentic products made by Jordan, Nike, etc.

You might get amazed as they have over 240 styles of shoes for their customers. You might recheck the price to match they are the real Jordans? Yes, you may ask that question to yourself while wandering in their lobby.

And if you spent more than $50, you will have to pay no shipping charges and wait for your shipment to reach you, which will pass soon as well.



Let’s start with a fun fact, and this company is the owner of the Final-Score. Hence, you will be getting similar treatment there as well regarding the products and discounts.

But, here at Eastbay, you are more likely to get better coupon codes, which will make your experience even better.

Also, free shipping would become a regular thing for you. One more thing to note, when they choose a product, there’s hardly anyone who can give you something at that price range.

They deliver pretty quickly and make sure that there isn’t any damaged one in the package.

Finish Line

Finish Line

If you have checked many websites but aren’t satisfied, take a look at this one. The Finish Line offers shoe styles for men, women, and kids that are over 170.

They are known to offer unbelievable prices of Jordan shoes, but there might not be enough sizes available. But when you look at the others, there will be many options that might appeal to you.

The deliveries are quick and safe—also, no chances of getting counterfeits. Different payment methods will help you choose if you don’t have your credit card.

They are dedicated to their customers and put them as their priority. There’s no doubt why their reviews are positive. They will provide you a diverse collection of shoes (branded).

Take our word, and you’re going to see some high-end models as well. Just tell your preference, and see your wish come true. You will be getting all of their products at a very affordable price range.

They ship worldwide at a very cheap rate. Also, their delivery is pretty quick, with no damage to your shipment. They guarantee to sell you authentic products at any point.

They are in the market for over 20 years and have made a good name throughout the time. They say no to counterfeits and only authentic.

They provide excellent customer services and are ready to clear any doubts they have or want to cut a deal.

Your personal information and transactions are completely safe as they have invested in great securities that forbid any malicious activity.

They are proud of their shipping services as they can deliver your shipment in one day, it is their primary goal, and they are well intended to keep it.


In the end, we conclude that we all love sneakers and other shoes. We want to have the best as we are ready to pay for that. But there are times when we get counterfeits or get scammed.

To tackle them, we’ve created a list in which you’ll only find the legitimate websites and provide the product you want. You can google and check them for yourself.

Some of them are from the US, Some from the UK, and the rest from China. They all are focused on one goal, providing satisfactory products for their customers. So, keep your list ready and let them ring your doorbell.

And they are pretty good at it. All the shipping doesn’t take much longer, especially the worldwide ones.

Also, everyone will offer you different payment methods, and all are safe as they have invested heavily in safety and security.