Top 28 Best Quality Replica Designer Clothing Sites

Best Quality Replica Designer Clothing Sites

Are you addicted to designer clothing? Looking for the right quality products at low prices? Do you want to open a small business selling imported items? You are in the right place!

Without a doubt, you know or have heard of some sites where you can buy clothes, but maybe you do not know where to buy the best replica designer clothing sites. Here you will find what you are looking for.

E-Commerce continues to grow, and the search for the ideal products can be chaotic. However, these sites have found specific niches and are booming in their categories.

If you are interested in fashion, in this guide, we show you the best online stores that offer quality, risk-free, and affordable luxury.

How to Choose the Best Wholesale Fake Designer Clothes

Are you already clear about how your business will be and what kind of fashion products you want to sell? In that case, the next step will be to find the best wholesale fake designer clothes, but what should you keep in mind? You will find that information here.

The Price

An important point to keep in mind is to choose the products at a fair price. I. e., it must be adapted to your budget.

When buying large quantities, wholesale distributors provide a more significant discount on the purchase, but it will always depend on the price that each supplier stipulates.

The Quality

Another aspect that you should assess is that the products are of sufficient quality. Although it is fake designer clothes, many wholesalers offer excellent quality.

In this way, you are sure to achieve greater customer loyalty. You can check this aspect in the feedback from the company’s customers.

Customer Service

The customer service provided by the provider must also be of high quality. This refers to complying with the times and deliveries, that the merchandise has no damage and that, in this way, the product is delivered in perfect condition.

If there are problems, you can contact them and receive an assured response.

Shipping and Delivery Time

You must evaluate how long you will have the supplier’s shipment to manage the products in your clothing store effectively.

The Location

Depending on where the supplier is located, it will take longer for the merchandise to arrive and even incur additional shipping costs.

Therefore, choose the option and the most suitable negotiation for you. For example, if you buy a certain amount of products, you can get free shipping.

Payment Methods

You will need to find a wholesale provider that offers you different payment methods. Generally, wholesalers that ship to different countries offer many payment methods, but that will also depend on your residence country.

Top 28 Best Replica Designer Clothing Websites Review



Aliexpress’s reputation is out of the question. This wholesale business is like China’s eBay. It is a collection of many suppliers that offer a wide range of wholesale products, not only replicas of designer bags but also watches, jewelry, and, of course, the shoes you want to find.

Most of what they sell is at an excellent price. But the replicas from name-brand and famous designer clothes are surprisingly cheap too. If you need to get a wholesale replica from China, you can definitely shop here.



Alibaba is a powerful wholesale company, like the genie in the lamp. Here you can buy replica designer products in bulk, such as clothes or handbags, at a low price if you work on scale and in volume. has 5-10 million registered buyers on its website, and they wholesale products around the world, with a large number of suppliers from China, giving the site a strong competitive advantage.

Rep Fashions

Here, you will find designer sneakers, T-shirts, and sweatshirts that you can wear both for sports and for dressing casually.

The designs are on fire, they are great, without a doubt they have a lot of styles and at reasonable prices in exchange for excellent quality. You will get your product in about 5-9 business days, and you can track it.



On this site, you can buy the clothes you need by sections and always of good quality. Something important to note is that they have large sizes. It also offers a section for the home where you will find towels, sofa covers, etc. And a jewelry section.

This store is very safe, so you can relax as the transactions made and the data provided will be safeguarded. They offer 30 days if you want to return the product even though the jewelry is not within this guarantee.



This is another website if you want to buy replica clothing in bulk. Currently, Dhgate offers more than 40 million products and serves more than 10 million buyers from more than 220 countries worldwide.

Designer replicas like Balenciaga are here as it has a large number of replica manufacturers from China providing the same level of quality but at low prices.


This site offers a relatively large catalog, in which you can choose various fashion garments according to your style. It offers a wide variety of accessories and models in women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing looking for a different and innovative style, which cannot be found in other markets because its clothes are not replicas.

On this page, it is unnecessary to look for information about the supplier since Romwe is the manufacturer of the products and is very famous among YouTubers where they do product reviews, so Romwe is well known worldwide.



The Chinabrands website has about 18 categories. You will find products such as tablets, cell phones, vehicle accessories, designer clothing, footwear, household utensils, toys, cameras, decorative items, and hobbies many others.

An interesting aspect of Chinabrands is that it works as a dropshipping store, a modality that allows retailers to sell products online without requiring their own inventory, but rather the seller acts as a contact between the customer and wholesaler, who finally dispatches the package.

Wholesale Clearance

Wholesale Clearance

If you were thinking of having your own business, you are in the right place. Wholesale Clearance with a UK base will provide you with high-quality products, including name-brand clothing from well-known designers and a large stock of many other products.

The prices offered here are very economical (range from £1.25- £52), so those who buy in bulk find a great benefit here. On the other hand, this site offers the ability to make purchases without creating a profile, and you can buy and sell directly and quickly.

You type the product’s name to perform a search to see if they have what you are looking for in stock on this site. And you can also select your country of residence, and the site shows a long list of the countries it sends to.

And don’t stop there. You can also register, select your favorite brands and receive direct sales alerts by email. It’s a very nice site with replica brands, with great prices (from £87- £1600).



eBay functions as an intermediary platform between buyers-customers. However, that does not mean that you will not find brand clothes or luxury products like Rolex, Nike, Puma, Nine West, and Hugo Boss in wholesale.

You can create your account so that sellers can tell you if they deliver to your location. You can find great products here at low prices (under $35 or over $35).


This platform is well known for selling handmade products, but you will also find branded replica clothing wholesale.

In this e-Commerce, you have a large section of bags, belts, clothing, etc., with replica designer brands like Chanel, Saint Laurent, etc., at very low prices (under $ 25 or those over $ 100).

Sports Warehouse Wholesale

UK Sports Warehouse

This page offers wholesale products by supplying other companies with excellent quality products all over the world.

Here, you will find sports designer products such as clothing and equipment such as balls, backpacks, etc., at affordable prices for which those who practice sports or have sports stores benefit from great discounts. You need to contact them through email to get price information.

Buying on Amazon has become a common thing that makes our lives easier: its extensive catalog offers us practically everything, from pens to renowned clothing brands such as Puma, Adidas, among others.

The good thing is that ships the product to your door, and shipping prices are even very low. Many are without shipping costs. Also, you can buy in bulk if you wish.

Bags Heaven

Bags Heaven

If you would like to have a Gucci bag, but you can’t afford it, don’t worry because Bags Heaven offers replicas of bags from the most famous brands on the market. Their products are so exact that you don’t notice that they are replicas since they have all the details: the logo, the clasps, they even come with labels.

You can buy in bulk for excellent prices, and they will not charge you for shipping.



On this platform, you will find many merchants who wholesale products mainly from Indian brands, and many of them, replica designer clothing at meager prices.

You only have to publish what you need, and the suppliers will contact you telling you that they have what you are looking for, offering you different prices starting from 200 Rupees (around $3).

Wholesale Box

Wholesale Box

If you are looking for more options where to buy replica Indian clothing, here is another one. The quality of the garments are outstanding and offer reasonable prices, and you will find sarees, kurtas, and more from 100 to 5,500 Rupees ($1-$75).

You will also find different accessories, shoes, jewelry, and more for kids, women, and men.


To wear typical Indian clothing, you have to visit The replicas of Indian outfits are of excellent quality both for you and to give to someone or even if you want to have your own online store since they offer wholesale at great prices.

The platform offers different payment forms and a 30-day refund guarantee if you do not receive what you need.

Textile Export

Textile Export

Textile Export is a wholesale clothing store for women located in India. They offer all kinds of women’s clothing, from typical Indian clothing to western clothing, making different collections available to you throughout the year.

If you have a women’s clothing store, this site is what you need to obtain the best guarantee of success in your business at meager prices.



If you are looking for a reasonable price and quality, Shop4Shops has it. If you have a store and you are looking for suppliers of clothing for men, women, and children, contact them because the prices are incredible, range from $1.80 – $2.22 per unit, and if you are in India and make a purchase of 10,000 Rupees, shipping is free.

Even though the store is based in India, you can still buy western clothing. They also take care of packaging and logistics.


This platform offers you many products, from jewelry to shoes and from wallets to clothing for men, women, and children.

The page offers many alternatives such as wholesales, many payment alternatives, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and even an affiliate program for those who have websites.


Dear Lover

Thanks to its very well organized page, Dear-Lover offers a very intuitive and easy to navigate page site. The products they offer are separated according to their categories, and you can easily find what you need.

Find replica designer clothing for men and women at prices from $1.25 – $20. They offer shipments to any country, and you can even change the page to your native language.


This European page offers better value for money in its replicas of top brands clothing at wholesale prices in outfits such as jackets, t-shirts, and accessories such as belts, bags, etc.

They are committed to innovation and technology by selling their website, where their customers have access to all the collections to manage orders.


If you are in Los Angeles and have plans to start your own clothing business, can help you get started as it offers very low prices on quality replica clothing sales.

The platform has a concept of young clothing and even plus sizes. The collections are renewed each season, but their customer service will offer you help if you have doubts.

Christian Louboutin Kings

Christian Louboutin Kings

Christian Louboutin is a famous designer of women’s shoes. His designs are recognized for creating red sole shoes as a trademark. It is a very recognized brand, so its prices are very high.

But is it possible to have designer shoes for $140? Yes, on this platform, you will find branded replica shoes and free shipping.


Good Stuff Apparel

Setting up a clothing store is one of the favorite options for many entrepreneurs, especially those interested in fashion. But, if you want to open an independent business, you need a provider like GoodStuffApparel.

This platform offers replica brands at wholesale prices from $6 in different feminine outfits.

Replica Wholesaler

If you are looking for a user-friendly site, Replica Wholesaler is for you. The platform is straightforward to use, and you can do your search by typing in your search engine as directing you to the categories. Here you will find the replicas of brand clothing you want at excellent prices and bags, belts, shoes, etc.

Their headquarter is in China, where they have a large workforce trained in top-tier designer replica clothing. They are specialized for both bulk sales and simple purchases.

This website is also famous for selling products identical to luxury brands like Louis Vuitton. This page is growing a lot and sells all over 50 countries, becoming the key so that many young lovers of luxury products can get them practically identical at a lower price.

The quality is of the first level, although they are not authentic products. Besides, they try to give customers the products most demanded by the public at great prices (from $30-$130).


You will also find replicas of branded clothing from the world’s leading designers for women’s and men’s clothing on this site. You won’t need to pay that much money to get that blouse you love so much from that famous designer; Bodjean will have it at a lower price.

This site’s base is in China, but the shipments to your destination are also very cheap. You can buy in bulk and get discounts or buy for yourself.

Risks of Wholesaling Replica Designer Clothing

Investing in wholesale clothing from replica brands can mean a fruitful business since it is usually done with a reduced capital because wholesalers offer discounts when buying in quantity. However, doing this can also be risky as copyright laws are involved.

You should consider the following risks and be careful if you decide to buy replica designer clothes in bulk.

1. It Is Illegal to Sell Replica Brand Clothing

Designer brands are registered trademarks, so any copy of the product of the said brand is under the protection of international law. That is why when a company decides to start manufacturing copies of registered trademark products, it must contact the owner of said trademark beforehand to ask for their authorization to avoid problems with the law.

2. The Online Store Can Be Reported and Closed

Due to competition, many e-Commerce companies tend to report those who sell replicas of fashion brands. If the supplier in question does not have the relevant documents, the online store will be fined and closed.

3. Your Image Will be Condemned

When the public discovers that you sell replica brand clothing or accessories without prior authorization, the reputation of your business will be affected.

Final Words

After applying the tips that we have mentioned here on how to choose the best wholesale fake designer clothes and then choose which wholesaler to work with, congratulations! Now you only have to constantly attract the public to your website or shop and make your store a success, the first step you have already taken.