Top 32 Best Wholesale Products to Sell from Home

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As the world moves to eCommerce platforms and online payments, customers today buy most of their products online.

A recent NASDAQ survey revealed that consumers would buy 95% of their purchases through the internet. That means e-commerce will be responsible for 95% of assets all around the globe.

With the rapid speed of the internet and smartphone technology, we might reach that point even earlier. Hence, if you are looking to get into e-commerce, there is no better time than now.

How to Buy Cheap Items and Sell High for Great Profit at Home?

Some factors will help you achieve the goal of selling products for great profit from your home’s comfort.

Although the internet and investment will help you start selling, here are some essential things to keep in mind before opening your online business from home.

Choose Bestselling Products

The best way to immediately start earning sizeable profits as you enter the market is to sell products with a high sales volume selectively. A high volume of sales and a high price will lead to higher profits. This is a great way to boost your online selling from home business if you do not have large investment capital.

Choose Evergreen Products

Evergreen products are those which can be sold any day of the year. These products are not seasonal, and hence, you can earn profits by marketing and selling them throughout the year. As you sell throughout the year, you make throughout the year.

Choose Easy-to-Ship Products

When you get into selling products from home, you need to make arrangements for storing these products. If you already have a large place to store products, you can store large items. But the more extensive the items, the difficult it is to store and ship them. Small products that are not heavy will make things easier for you in logistics and packing.

What Kinds of Products Can You Sell from Home?

Let us look at some of the products that you can sell from the comfort of your home:

Homeware: People like to buy products that will make their home look better or, in a sense, make their family complete. There is a massive market for this; they do not cost much and are pretty easy to sell as they appeal to homemakers.

Apparel:?Everyone wants to look good, and with the right products on your roster, you can allure people to buy clothing for men and women as you improve their fashion quotient.

Entertainment and games: Video games, board games, and toys make children and adults into happy human beings. It is a great area to venture as this is a niche that is evergreen and will continue to offer significant profits.

Technology:?Day after day, with the launch of new gadgets and devices, markets turn into a frenzy with the anticipation of the new product. This creates another demand for accessories for those devices and gadgets that are not expensive to buy and earn you significant profits.

Now let us take a look at the Top 32 best products that you can sell from the comfort of your home.

Top 32 Best Products That You Can Sell from Home

1. Jewelry

Image Credit: AliExpress

Jewelry is something that has always stayed in fashion, even since the beginning of time. These can be custom jewelry, plush jewelry, or ethnic jewelry as well. All of these can be sold quickly from home as well. Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets are some jewelry you can start with.


  • Can be sold anytime: Jewelry is such a belonging that does not have a particular season and can be sold on any day of the year. As celebratory events like weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays keep happening throughout the year, reselling jewelry is a great product to sell from home.
  • Do not require large warehouses: As jewelry comes usually packed in small boxes, they are straightforward to handle and store. They do not take up a large space and hence can be convenient to store at any place without the need for large storages.
  • Come in different colors and sizes: Another reason to sell jewelry is because of the wide range of variety that they come in. More options provide a better chance for sale as the customer will like at least one product if you have a good roster.


  • Prices are competitive: With a wide range of variety comes to a wide range of prices and hence products at much lower prices won’t be rare to see.
  • Requires more effort for shipping: Compared to other products that are relatively large, small products are difficult to pack, ship and track.
  • It has to be handled with care: Some jewelry pieces are very precious, and they need to be handled with care.

Average Margin: $5-$30

2. TV Accessories

TV Accessories
Image Credit: AliExpress

TV accessories are always going to be in trend as long as screens and monitors will be around. TV stands, wall mounts, remote controls, HDMI cables, and speakers are only accessories that sell very much and are a great area to explore. Even monitor accessories to connect to different devices can be quickly sold

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  • Great profit margins: One of the best things about this product is that the profit margins are very high in the case of unbranded electronic accessories
  • Variety of products to sell from: Again, TV accessories may be electronic and non-electronic, which means there will be a lot of products to choose from


  • Requires high initial cost: Due to the higher price of these items, buying them in bulk will need a higher initial seed
  • Requires a lot of products: The models of televisions cannot be easily counted, and their accessories would include too many if they are not universal
  • Can be fragile: Electronic items will be fragile as they have chips and microprocessors. Hence care will have to be taken during transit

Average Margin: $20-$45

3. Beauty Products

Beauty Products
Image Credit: AliExpress

Beauty products are something that will again never go out of fashion. People always want themselves to look good, and the more good product you sell, the more people are likely to buy it. Most people do not like to compromise on how they look, so if you set yourself up for beauty products, it will be a deal-breaker for your business.


  • Very promising: As mentioned, beauty is a genre that is evergreen, and people are always looking for new ways to make themselves look better
  • Easy to market and advertise: Beauty products are also effortless to promote with simple taglines and graphics
  • Variety of products: There can be a variety of products like lotions, face cleansers, creams, sunscreens, lipsticks, and liners apart from others


  • Lots of products in the market: As they are easy to sell, the market is saturated with such products, and hence your products will have to stand out from the rest
  • Bad quality can ruin reputation: If any product has side-effects, bad reviews will flow in and tarnish your reputation.

Average margin: $3-$25

4. DVDs

Image Credit: AliExpress

DVDs were thought to be out of fashion until the recent pandemic when people started digging out their old belongings. DVD and VCRs recently became a fad with a lot of online stores also selling them. People also do not want to miss out on the trend.


  • Newer technology: The introduction of 4k videos and HDMI makes DVDs sound more advanced
  • Back in trend: As this gadget is back in trend, it can be great to sell it on eCommerce platforms


  • The decline in the industry: It is pretty evident that DVDs are not as relevant as they were a few years ago, and this can affect business
  • Unsold stock: Now, this can be a significant scare since trends don’t stay forever, and you might be left with unsold DVDs

Average margin: $3-$10

5. Kids’ Toys

Image Credit: AliExpress

Kids’ toys are going to be great for selling online from home. The quality is usually good, and who doesn’t want a toy for their kids these days? They can be a profitable business if you buy from the right wholesaler.


  • Evergreen products: Things which bring smiles and don’t cost a lot will always be in trend, and hence it’s great to select such products
  • Can buy in bulk: It can be easy to handle and store toys as they are not very large or heavy.


  • Monopoly: Large brands are prevalent, and hence selling toys in a market saturated with branded toys can be a little difficult
  • Difficult to segregate: As all toys are not made for all age groups of children, it may become difficult for you to organize them

Average margin: $10-$30

6. Video Games

video game console
Image Credit: AliExpress

Video games are to adults and teens what toys are to kids. Even as more adults are playing video games, this is a great time to enter the video game business to get good profits.


  • New games: New games make it easier to sell them as big brands, and people already do the advertising want to buy them at cheap rates
  • Can be shipped quickly: Video games can be packed and shipped easily as they come in one size, and they can also be sent via downloadable internet files.


  • Lack of many mainstream games: There are only a select number of games that people know of or would want to play
  • Evolving technology: Gaming is getting very advanced day by day with better graphics and user experience

Average margin: $5-$20

7. Women’s Boutique Apparel

Women's Boutique Apparel
Image Credit: AliExpress

Women’s boutique apparel is a much-underestimated market as every woman wants to buy a new outfit every other day, and that is a great opportunity to sell clothing online from home


  • Broad female audience: Apparel will always appeal to women, and hence it is an evergreen product to sell online
  • Low cost, high margin: If you find the right wholesaler, you could make good profits by selling apparel on eCommerce platforms


  • Brand Appeal: People like apparel which are branded even if they look average, and hence unbranded clothing will not make it through
  • High initial cost: You will need high investment to buy a variety of products of different sizes

Average margin: $5-$30

8. Designer & Fashion Sunglasses

Image Credit: AliExpress

Sunglasses have always been known to be great when paired with the right apparel. It also adds to your fashion quotient and, if price rightly, can become unavoidable to buy.


  • Low cost, high margin: As simple as it sounds, the right wholesaler will help you make significant profits on this product.
  • An abundance of suppliers: Sunglasses of different styles and shapes are in great supply as always
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  • Brand monopoly: Some brands are?known to sell better than the others
  • High competition: The abundance?of suppliers and sellers makes it difficult to stand out and make a niche for yourself

Average margin: $5-$30

9. Shoes

Image Credit: AliExpress

Who doesn’t like shoes? People of all age groups want comfortable and fashionable shoes. Selling shoes online on various eCommerce platforms from home would be a great business


  • Broad market: Shoes will appeal to everyone from all age groups, and hence it is a product which will always sell
  • Variety: There is a wide range of type in footwear for different ages and different purposes


  • Brand monopoly: Even in shoes, people like to buy famous brands
  • Condition matters: If the condition of the shoe is not new-like, nobody will buy it

Average margin: $10-$45

10. Halloween Costumes & Masks

Halloween Costumes
Image Credit: AliExpress

Halloween costumes and masks are excellent during the Halloween season, but have you ever heard people wearing Halloween costumes during the new year? No! This is a product bought only during the Halloween season, and you can find a good market for such products.


  • Easier to market: People do not need to be convinced a lot to buy Halloween costumes during Halloween
  • Stock resale: Even if your stock does not sell this season, you can sell them next Halloween


  • Short time: Halloween requires planning and execution within a short period of time, and there is no room for error
  • Irrelevant in the off-season: Your business and the product become irrelevant after the season

Average margin: $10-$45

11. Kid’s Formal Wear

Kid's Formal Wear
Image Credit: AliExpress

This is a very niche product as you do not get this immediately in the market, and you can make profits pretty easily


  • Niche market: This product does not take up a major stake in apparel markets, which can work to your advantage
  • Always in fashion: People will always like to buy such products as they are not yet saturated in the market


  • Marketing: It will need a lot of marketing as most people have not noticed this product niche
  • Business volume: As this is a niche, the volume of business may be low

Average margin: $10-$30

12. Sleepwear & Underwear

Sleepwear and underwear
Image Credit: AliExpress

Sleepwear and innerwear fabrics have always provided comfort throughout the day. The more comfortable the fabric makes one feel, the bigger the share in the market.


  • Easy to ship: The small size and lower weight makes it easier to pack and ship this product
  • Profit margin: The selection of the right wholesale outlet will decide the profit margin


  • Market competition: As this product is very desirable, there is a lot of competition in the market, and you will have to be prepared to deal with it
  • Sizes: This product may create size problems for customers, and you might have to find out ways to solve it

Average margin: $5-$25

13. Pet Care Supplies

Pet Care Supplies
Image Credit: AliExpress

People have become more aware of animal empathy, and they care a lot for more animals, pets, or otherwise. This has caused the pet care supply market to trend higher than ever before. Some products can be easy to get, while some can be hard. But the right wholesaler will provide all your products without any problems.


  • Niches: The pet industry includes a lot of sub-niches that can be used to build a strong business
  • Returning customers: If customers are satisfied with your product, there are higher chances of them returning to shop with you


  • Expensive shipping: Shipping can get expensive depending on the size and weight of the product
  • Quality check: The quality of the products will have to be thoroughly checked as customers happiness is primary

Average margin: $5-$50

14. Candles

Image Credit: AliExpress

Candles have various uses, from celebrations to events. It is also used for aura and scent purposes for homes, places of worship, etc. As this is a niche related to worship and peace, it is a great product to sell online


  • Easy sourcing: There are a lot of candle manufacturers, and that makes it easy to get it from wholesalers
  • Gifts: As it is also used for gifting purposes, you can advertise it as a gift
  • Returning business: If customers are satisfied with your product, there are higher chances of them returning to shop with you


  • Fragile: As candles are fragile and can break easily, great care will have to be taken while shipping it
  • Melting: If the temperature is too hot, it may melt or become useless depending upon the temperature
  • Low-profit margin: The profit margin on candles is not much, and hence a lot of products will have to be sold

Average margin: $5-$15

15. Outdoor Furniture & Accessories

Outdoor Furniture
Image Credit: AliExpress

Outdoor furniture is great in places where the population density is less. Even beaches and islands would be a great market to sell outdoor furniture. Hotels and resorts would love to have any outdoor furniture


  • High-profit margin: As furniture is already expensive, the profit margin on it will also be very high
  • Opportunities: You may also get inquiries for more types of furniture as you start selling outdoor furniture


  • Shipping: Packing & shipping becomes a problem as furniture are of mostly larger sizes
  • Sales: Since the furniture industry is saturated, it is difficult to convert inquiries to sales

Average margin: $30-$150

16. Phone Accessories

Phone Lenses
Image Credit: AliExpress

In a world where mobile devices have completely saturated the market, researchers confirm that the most used devices are smartphones. This makes the phone accessories a profitable product line to sell online and make good profits.


  • Variety: With the different accessories for phones, you can sell creative ones and make good profits
  • New phones, new market: Whenever a smartphone is launched, it creates a market for its accessories
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  • Saturated: This market is already saturated for the last 5 years, making it difficult for you to hit sales.
  • Competition: Sellers keep lower margins to sell their products, which creates competition.
  • Profit margin: Lower profit margin due to lower price of the product

Average margin: $3-$15

17. Board Games

Board games
Image Credit: AliExpress

Just like video games, board games are also getting noticed by people. However, board games have been around for since long. They do not need a specific reason to be bought as they are for fun and leisure.


  • Evergreen market: Board games do not have a particular season as children play board games during their childhood
  • Adults: Nowadays, even adults are taking an interest in games like monopoly and chess, which increases sales
  • Low seed: It does not require a lot of investment to start selling board games.


  • Fragile product: Board games are usually made of cardboard and can get damaged easily

Average margin: $20-$60

18. Books

Image Credit: AliExpress

Books have always fascinated people, and they continue to do so. There are a lot of wholesale suppliers for books that can supply a wide range of genres so that you can open an eCommerce book store online


  • Easy to sell: Books do not need a lot of convincing and can be sold without advertising
  • Niche: It has a pretty targeted market consisting of readers, and you will need to target those readers
  • Genres: The more genres you can offer, the more books you can sell


  • Shipping: Books can be easily damaged due to weather and other circumstances
  • Storage: Books take up a lot of space for storage, and you will need a large space to store them

Average margin: $5-$15

19. Legos

Image Credit: AliExpress

We, as children, loved to play with Legos. Using Legos to build structures, cars, and everything that we could imagine was fun. As many stores don’t sell Legos, your eCommerce business could be the one!


  • Easy to?stock: Legos can be bought from wholesalers at a low rate to sell with good margins
  • Light for shipping: They are not very heavy, and that can make it easy to store and ship


  • Collections: Most people nowadays are buying Legos for collection as a hobby, and such brands are difficult to source

Average margin: $5-$30

20. Activewear

Image Credit: AliExpress

Gym freaks love activewear, which has great fabrics. Activewear also looks very fashionable as compared to other apparel. And if the quality is great, people will like to keep buying from your activewear eCommerce store


  • Easy to sell: Activewear is not only for gym-goers and can be worn by general people as well
  • High-profit margins: Depending on the wholesaler and the brand, you can make good profits by selling smart
  • Returning customers: If customers like the brand and the quality, they are more likely to return


  • Sizing issues: If you do?not provide flexible size options, that might become a problem
  • Quality issues: If clothes have quality issues, it will lead to bad reviews

Average margin: $5-$30

21. Men’s Bow Ties

Men's bow ties
Image Credit: AliExpress

This is a very niche market, and if the marketing is done right, you can sell a lot of bow ties. However, as the market is a niche, expect low sales in the initial days. You can then scale your business depending on market response.


  • Easy to ship: These ties do not require large packaging, which makes storing and shipping pretty easy
  • Easy to stock: As this is a small fabric product, it is not difficult to source them from the right wholesaler


  • Variety: You will need to maintain a large variety in sizes and colors
  • Quality issues: If any of the fabric has quality issues, it might lead to bad reviews and a decline in sales
  • Low-profit margin: As the product itself is not very expensive, the profit margin will also be very low compared to other products.

Average margin: $1-$5

22. Wooden Watches

Wooden Watches
Image Credit: AliExpress

Since recently, wooden watches are in fashion as you can wear them on formal occasions, at work, and even casually. They also stand out as most people do not know about it. Be the one to build a market around it!


  • Easy to ship: The watches are usually packaged in small boxes that can be easily stored, hoarded, and shipped
  • High-profit margin: You can source them or manufacture them at cheap costs, which will lead to good profits


  • Brand building: To earn good profits, you will have to build a strong brand
  • Chances of copies: It is very common to copy designs that may eat up a share of your business

Average margin: $15-$30

23. Leggings

Image Credit: AliExpress

This is another section of women’s apparel. Leggings are very comfortable for women to wear, and leggings of different colors and designs add to the fashion statement.


  • Light: The packaging and shipping won’t be a hurdle as the fabric is light in weight
  • Easy to start: Doesn’t require a high initial seed for investment as a good wholesaler will be able to offer good rates for high-profit margin