Top 17 Best Quality Shoe Vendors on AliExpress

best shoe vendors on AliExpress

Shoes are something everyone notices first in you, and they are the impression making part of our dressing. So, having the right shoes is really important. But buying shoes for every occasion is expensive.

You need not compromise when you shop from AliExpress as they sell a wide variety of shoes at affordable prices. Each seller has a varied collection from only one kind of boots to all varieties of shoes.

Since they offer worldwide shipping and have stores in various places, they are operating flawlessly even during the pandemic.

Finding the best shoe vendors on AliExpress is like searching for a needle in a haystack as you have several shoe vendors.

We have done the hard part of researching them in various aspects and provide you with the list of merchants where you can enjoy your shopping experience without any impediments.

These merchants are checked for the quality of their goods, their service, and value for money. Also, we tried to include the variation of modern to classic collections, kids to adult’s shoes, and neutral to bright colored styles.

You can safely shop for shoes from the well-rated shoe merchants given below.

Why Should You Buy Shoes on China/AliExpress?

The compilation of this store list on shoe buying from China through AliExpress aims to address your online shoe buying woes. Most vendors have some drawbacks, and it isn’t easy to spot them when shopping online.

After shopping, you may find that quality is not up to the mark, no prompt service, or many other things which cannot be understood from reviews alone.

Here I will let you know what to expect and how to avoid the bitter consequences.

Buying shoes at AliExpress from the right store is something you will appreciate when the deal gets through.

However, you will need to go through few trial and error methods without this help before you find your right fit. That might prove to be costly if you partner with the wrong merchants.

So, this list will help you identify the genuine sellers for quality products with excellent service.

AliExpress is one of the largest eCommerce sites for economically priced goods from China with lots of variety and offers you competitive pricing.

Below are few precautions you should take while buying shoes from China:

  • Shoes are extremely cheap and of good quality, with a huge difference in price percentage of about 30 – 40 %. You must be cautious not to buy very low priced goods in anticipation of high savings as anything below the mentioned margin are low-quality products.
  • Shoe size measures are different in China from other countries. You need to compare the difference appropriately and select the right size that suits your locality. Check out the tools available on the internet which readily convert sizes for you for easier conversion.
  • Make sure you have gone through the return policy of the vendor before you make the purchase. You need to pick merchants that offer a 90-day refund policy or return facility. Without this arrangement, you might find yourself in a difficult situation if the shoes are not proper.
  • Usually, running shoes are the most bought items in shoes, and going for a lower range below $10 is not advisable. Running shoes are exploited the most, and hence a good quality product of $20 – $30 is the best choice. Otherwise, they end up tearing, which ruins your investment.
  • As already mentioned, you can find several shoe models in a wide range of budgets from $5 – $100.  If you are thinking of investing more than that, I would not call it a wise move as you already get shoes in other stores for that price, with brand names. Meaning you are not buying shoes at a cheap rate, which defies the whole reason you choose to shop on AliExpress.

Top 17 Best Shoe Vendors on AliExpress

The official brand stores listed below are very popular on AliExpress as they are trusted by thousands of vendors, and most of them prefer to buy from them for various reasons.

Quality, trustworthiness, and timely delivery are the topmost reasons for these shoe stores to have returning customers.



This store is a one-of-a-kind shoe store where you get every kind of shoes from heels to boots. Try this store for any footwear, and you will not be disappointed.

You will find the shoe models from simple flats to lavish heels made of genuine leather. Every woman who bought shoes from them has expressed satisfaction with the quality they offer.

Especially their high heels collection is worth falling in love with as they have classic designs to stylish modern designs. Since you get them for a reasonable cost, you can shop as many as you want and flaunt them when the time comes.


Piergitar AliExpress

Looking for classic designs for both men and women? Here ends your search. You can find loafers, boots, and even dress shoes at amicable prices here. Even kids’ loafers are also available, making it an all-family favorite.

This store with fantastic quality shoes features several styles, among which you can find your choice of shoes without any doubt.

The house’s classic styles, fashionable stitching, and similar other designs will surely steal your heart. Whoever bought shoes from here never regretted their decision.



Snow boots need not be boring and unfashionable, especially when you buy them from MoraZora. Their range of snow boots is impressive with classy designs along with the warmth of wool.

These cozy cum stylish boots also come with the heel, which enhances the style or without that adds comfort to your feet.

These knee boots come in a wide variety of colors that can brighten your day even when you are having a gloomy winter day.

If you are wondering about any other shoe products they provide, yes, they also make ankle boots that have a unique style. The common thing to note for both shoe types is they are of high quality.



Leather boots of the exclusive range are found here. From casual to formal, leather shoes of every kind are available in this store. When leather is your go-to style statement, this is where you should be looking.

The high quality, affordability, and timely discounts make this store lovable by its customers. Once you try a pair of shoes from here, you can’t stop feeling how wonderful they are.



The unlimited kid’s shoe options are the specialty of this store. We usually shop for kid’s shoes more than adult shoes as they outgrow them, and sometimes you need different shoes for various sporting events or any other good reasons.

This is a handy shop that covers both the hassle of checking numerous sites and keeps your finances in check. As you get shoes of a wide variety, I am sure you will find a suitable one for every occasion here.

Fires Official Store

Fires Official Store

This store consists of sexily designed footwear. If you want to look hot and do not want to break the bank, this is where you shop for that trendsetting shoes.

You can shop for both men and women at this store. Gym shoes, running shoes, or sneakers, you can buy many types of quality shoes here that serve your requirement.



With 5 years of market experience in selling shoes, they have the right estimate of customer pulse. They are in the top place as they keep on improving their shoe collection and offer what most people require. No wonder they are popular for their super sturdy and stylish looking shoes.

The modern shoe types such as Aqua shoes and highly appreciated lightweight women’s sneakers are found here. Apart from the novel models, the conventional shoe types of the best quality for running, dancing, hiking, and walking are available.

All of these shoes come in a very friendly budget of $8 – $14 range. Their collection features several company shoes, but they make sure they are offering the best models from each one of them.



Though this store does not exactly offer the lowest costs, it offers high-quality shoes with apt prices. Theirs have an array of the collection that gives you a lot of choices to choose from.

They sell both women’s and men’s collections, but the female shoe range is a lot more than the male.



If you have a bold style that you display with bright colored footwear of unusual designs, then this shop has it all. These interesting woman’s shoe models are also highly comfortable.

You can also find neutral-colored shoes here, but their specialty makes incongruous color combinations possible in a stylish manner.

You need to check them out to appreciate how glamourous they look. Most of their products are made from genuine leather.



This retro-style shoe shop has manually constructed footwear. The well-trained staff sews them with hands. These shoes are also mostly made from genuine leather.

Though by the name, you may mistake it as a German company, no, it is not. They are made in China, and don’t let the name fool you.



A huge collection of trendy, classic, and also unusual models of shoes is found here. Excellent quality and good price are the two most mention-worthy features of this shop.

The wide range of shoes will ensure everyone will find their shoe in this store.



BeauToday is a highly valued Chinese brand and has an excellent reputation for its prompt service and high product quality.

Their genuine leather shoes are costlier than shoes from most of the stores listed here, but their quality is also far more superior than theirs.

Both young people and adults prefer buying from this store as they feature designs suitable for each of their age groups.



This seller has managed to make good sales and bag excellent ratings through his varied collection of decent quality.

Since their range consists of expensive to economic kinds of shoes, they can capture numerous sales. Similarly, they sell all seasonal shoes, which is another reason why users keep returning to them.


Jimmly Store

This women’s goods store contains shoes, bags, and clothes. Its shoe collection consists of different colored footwear suitable for every kind of gorgeous women out there.

Though it started only 2 years ago, it did accumulate enough fame to make it to the top-rated store.



Winter Ugg boots did make this store famous enough to reach a new level of recognition recently. However, casual shoes are all-time bestsellers from this seller. Along with consistent quality and excellent service, this store also offers some discount coupons generously.



High-quality boots and sandals are available here. Also, sports shoes and daily wear shoes are found in this store. If you are shopping for this kind of footwear, then Hopus offers you an excellent collection to choose from.


Buffie Boot

This store has maintained a pretty decent rating of 99.5% even after its 6 years of operation. It does speak volumes about how they treat their customers and what kind of quality they maintain for their boots. In this store, you get to buy Russian felt boots or Bologna boots, which keep you warm in winter.

Is Buying Shoes on AliExpress Legit?

Shoes are one of the most sold items on AliExpress. You can find three types of shoes here. They are replica type, original brand, other brands. Replica shoe vendors sell similar shoes of top brands for very low prices.

Usually, Reebok, Adidas, Underamour, Puma, Nike, and so on are found in replicas. You also get the authentic branded shoes, but you need to note the price difference.

But you get the best bang for your buck when you go for other brands or as they are manufactured mostly by the vendors themselves.

This allows them to offer goods at lower prices. You can buy shoes legitimately from AliExpress but make sure you check which kind of shoes you are buying.