TOP 14 Best Websites to Buy Wholesale Clothing in Bulk for Resale [How-to Guide]

Best Websites to Buy Wholesale Clothing in Bulk for Resale

The clothing boutique industry is taking off like never before. And reselling clothing is also turning out to an up-and-coming business as they are making great returns by delivering what customers want.

But how do you pull off a reselling business in the clothing boutique business in any part of the world? Where to buy clothing in bulk for resale? How do you stand out in such a competitive business where almost everyone seems to be selling trendy and fashionable clothes at great prices?

We address such answers and much more in this article so that those who want to get into reselling can read and take off with a successful reselling venture.

Where Can I Buy Good Quality Clothes in Bulk for Resale?

  1. Tasha Apparel
  2. Stylepick
  3. LAShowroom
  4. Boulevard Apparel
  5. Wholesale Fashion Square
  6. FashionGo
  7. OrangeShine
  8. Chase USA International Inc
  9. Wholesale Central
  10. CC Wholesale Clothing
  11. Chinabrands
  12. Bloom Wholesale
  13. Wholesaler UK
  14. CityGoddess UK

How to Buy Wholesale Clothing in Bulk for Resale?

1. Developing a Business Plan

Developing a business plan is the preparatory stage in a wholesaling business

Developing a business plan is the preparatory stage in a business before entering any market.

A business plan is the core of your business. Everything you do in business revolves around a business plan.

Starting a business sounds very easy unless you get down to doing it. But once you start any business, there are several issues that you need to address before, during, and after you face them.

Start with an executive summary. This deals with what market you are exactly targeting. It should also include the problem you are addressing and the possible solutions, which is your service.

Another important question to answer is: who is your ideal customer?

Is it women, men, kids, plus-size, sportspersons, corporate workers, fashion models, or the common public? This is important because your mission and goals will be clearly laid out through defining your ideal customer, as this will help you understand what and how you are going to cater to your customer.

You will also need to study your immediate and far competition always to be ahead and do better. Prepare an overview of your team’s people to understand why and how your team is the best to do this task.

Another major aspect of planning most people ignore is setting milestones in the business. Setting milestones helps you achieve goals and even more.

Most importantly, it includes the right pricing strategy, which will play a major role in your business. Consider your costs, profits, and the market rate for a long-term approach in the market.

You may set your price according to the cost-plus-profit where you charge an extra percentage over the costs you incur.

Another way is to set your price according to the market. A very rarely used method is the value pricing method, where you set the price according to the value you offer to the customer by your services.

Marketing or promotion should also be a major part of your plan. Marketing is nothing but how you communicate about your products to the market or your customers.

Shipping and Packaging are some of the toughest processes for new businesses, so keep an eye on how you will tackle the problems posed by these processes.

These are just some basic outlines, but developing a business plan will be much more than these few points.

The stronger your business plan, the better the insight you have into the market, which may also be clear in the results because of your foresight.

2. Legalize Your Business

In simple terms, you will have to register your company to operate legally, financially, and regionally according to the state’s legislation.

Once you have developed a robust business plan, the next major step is working towards the legal aspects of starting your business.

Now, this might be trickier than you imagined, but everything is in place to encourage free and fair trade.

The business’s legal identity has to be decided on, and you will have to choose what configuration your business will run on.

There are different legalities and financial implications for different types of businesses. According to your state, you will have to go through the tax considerations and legal obligations to be fulfilled before you open shop.

The different options to choose from while registering your company are corporations, non-profit organizations, or limited liability companies.

The firm name has to be registered, which then becomes the legal name of your company. If you are the sole proprietor of the firm, your full name will be considered as the legal name of the company.

Apart from that, several forms will have to be filled and complied with to create your identification for taxes, finances, and licenses.

There are some permits, too, that you need to avail from various government agencies depending on your trade.

If you don’t abide by the regulations or fail to vail any of the permits, compliances, or licenses, you may face heavy legal fines or action for the same.

So, make sure that you understand the legalities, counsel some legal advisors and take the right steps to acquire the documentation that you need to.

Before you get into it, make sure that you read all the necessary rules and procedures to get things done smoothly.

From the name itself, you have to think legally. You may have to do comprehensive searches or check with the list of registered businesses in your state to ensure that you do not infringe on any other business’ names.

If you are not using your own name, you may have to register a DBA (Doing Business As) to start your business.

As described earlier, you will have to incorporate your company in either one of the allowed structures, which may have their own benefits and drawbacks.

The next step would be to get a tax identification number from the IRS so that you can legally carry out transactions.

Permits will be essential to carry out business concerning the nature of your business and your state. These licenses keep you immune from any wrong practice from land to the health department and occupational licenses.

3. Sourcing Your Clothing in Bulk from the Right Wholesale Supplier

The online world is a great way to find suppliers. Since most of the companies are on the internet, you will find many suppliers ready to serve you, but some other ways of sourcing your clothes are referrals and local searches.

Now that you are strategically and legally equipped to start selling, the most important aspect is to source your products.

Since you are going to be selling in retail, you will need to buy wholesale. But where will you source your clothes from?

To source your clothes, you will have to enter the clothing wholesale market and search for the right wholesaler to start working with.

Once you know the product you are selling, you have to decide the source of the product. Now there are a lot of wholesalers in the market.

But to start with, start asking people you know. If you know someone who is in the business of wholesale clothing, you can use their referral and find a good wholesaler.

Usually, this works, but you have to be careful enough to ensure that you carry out good business in referral since the world is small and people know each other.

Some companies have their catalogs and descriptions readily available to choose from, which is a tremendous benefit since you won’t need to search for those products.

Always remember this- the right supplier will always want the best for you. Relationships are built on trust, and trust is built on goodwill. Ensure that you make yourself clear as to what you want and observe the suppliers in your business.

Seek suppliers who are established in the market and have an excellent reputation for the services. A reputed supplier will always be one of the safest and best ones to source your clothing supplies from.

If the supplier has several options to choose from, it would be another advantage for you as a reseller.

Customer service is essential and be sure to look out for wholesalers who provide the best service for your value.

Going local with your search for wholesalers will help you build good relations with people while providing you first-hand feel and touch of the products.

Knowing your wholesaler and collaborating with them to bring the best out of them is a process that will be dependent on you. It has to be understood that this process of finding the right wholesaler is a long-term process.

Top 14 Best Websites to Buy Clothing in Bulk for Resale

1. Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel, based in Los Angeles, the home of fashion clothing, has a wide range of clothing options at excellent prices. Their styles are worth choosing from, while you get great offers from them compared to the market.

Their clothes are always up on the trending list, making their clothes a favorite for your customers. Their payment process is seamless, and they also offer free shipping for sizeable orders.

In case you need images of the apparel for marketing and your customers, Tasha Apparel offers high-quality images for your perusal so that your customers will love your products even before you sell them.

2. Stylepick


Stylepick is known for its website, which is very easy to use and order as well. This brand was also launched in Los Angeles to make fashion clothing digital.

This has been done through their eCommerce platform, which is targeted towards resellers.

This helps businesses seamlessly, and the digital advancements make things easier for the retailers by saving time and effort. Services such as these win the hearts of resellers who love to do business again with Stylepick.

You can easily update your inventory in a single click to make your business efficient. Their wide range of variety in women’s apparel is rated very highly in the trendy market.

3. LAShowroom

LAshowroom - wholesale clothing supplier

LA Showroom offers you a platform to subscribe to their line of apparel and buy them.

They have a very selective process, where you apply to become a member with them, and if they approve it, you could buy and browse through their roster.

It has a versatile number of suppliers who can sell fashion and clothing apparel at very reasonable rates, although you could also find suppliers who quote top rates.

You also get some additional services such as high-quality product photographs, which they only share with premium subscribers.

They also assist resellers with email campaigns for marketing, provide graphics for your company, and many such perks for their associates.

4. Boulevard Apparel

Boulevard Apparel

Boulevard Apparel offers jackets, hoodies, jeans, and other clothing for outdoor purposes, also known as outerwear.

They are known for distributing finesses for all kinds of clothing, including apparel for men and children.

They are based in Los Angeles and are actively involved in business for over 20 years. They source their clothes from some reputable brands like Rock Revolution and Miss Me.

Even though they collaborate with some of the best brands in the market, they are known to offer very competitive rates, which leaves business experts baffled.

The reseller’s competitive rates can then be passed on to loyal customers with a slice of profit.

5. Wholesale Fashion Square

Wholesale Fashion Square

Apparels from Wholesale Fashion Square are known to be very fashionable and voguish in their appearance. However, it is one of the few brands which provides posh clothing at very great prices.

If that was not enough, their fabrics are known to be of the best quality, something to be proud of for Wholesale Fashion Square.

Offering such classy apparel with the highest quality at such reasonable prices is nothing less than a business feat that Wholesale Fashion Square pulls off with just such great relations built over the years.

If you are going to buy from Wholesale Fashion Square, you will be a fortunate customer for sure.

6. FashionGo

Fashion Go - Boutique Clothing, Handbags

Fashion Go is another haven for retailers and resellers to get the best brands’ trendiest clothing apparel.

They have a large repository where they keep adding thousands of newer and trendier styles as the days go by.

To add to it, they also have a great app for retailers where they can buy stylish clothing seamlessly with great options from great brands. You can also search images to find the style you are looking for.

FashionGo also doesn’t charge you for any packing and shipment on your orders, saving you a lot of money and effort.

7. OrangeShine

OrangeShine - Wholesale Plus Size, swimwear

OrangeShine is also considered one of the best quality suppliers among a very elite group of brands that provide high-quality clothing in the United States.

Staying true to their vision of helping the needy among the nations, they are known to make apparel for donations, which are then given to children worldwide.

They also reflect this generosity in their business as they always offer the best to retailers and brands.

This boutique clothing e-commerce company is a renowned wholesale manufacturer that offers the best clothing, high-quality product images, and comprehensive customer support to retailers and buyers worldwide.

8. Chase USA International Inc

Chase USA International Inc

Chase has been a long-established brand in this highly competitive industry of fashion clothing apparel.

They have the unique attribute of being a one-stop-shop for both children and adult clothing needs. This includes products from lingeries to undergarments and socks to outerwear.

They have their own brands, among which is Chikny, which is highly regarded in the market.

They have been a well-established company and are looking to establish further their foothold in the boutique clothing industry in the States.

They offer a wide range of flexibility in terms of order-sizes. They offer this besides the wide range of options and brands that they already have to offer.

9. Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central is a supplier for many products and brands for all industries. However, their apparel inventory is very rich in variety and quality.

You will find all kinds of clothing for men and women alike. Children’s apparel is also included in their roster, making them a go-to stop for all clothing requirements.

From bras to boxers and shorts to suits, this company’s website has all kinds of clothes on its rosters, making it a great place to buy all your apparel from.

It provides you with direct links to reputable and screened brands’ products so that you can place orders to the brand itself, which allows for more options and transparency.

10. CC Wholesale Clothing

CC Wholesale Clothing

CC Wholesale Clothing is also one place where you can find much clothing from fashion to daily essentials.

This company has come a long way in this business, and they have experience in the retail industry as well, which makes them better equipped and mature to cater to the retail businesses themselves.

Their website is always up to date with the best brands and styles for retailers and customers alike. They also release promotional blog posts for their subscribed retailers to let them know about the latest trends in the market.

11. Chinabrands


Chinabrands is a platform that has ties with several world-leading online platforms to provide them with clothing apparel from their inventory.

They have a robust logistics integration with other brands to deliver worldwide because they are a leading drop-shipping platform.

They also have warehouses to store their products all over the world. Their quality check is stringent, going through repeated checks to ensure that they provide products that the retailers and the customers will like eventually.

They are known to be very drop-shipping friendly, and their orders are delivered within 24 hours, covering over 250 countries and more than 10,000 daily orders.

12. Bloom Wholesale

Bloom Wholesale

Bloom Wholesale is very famous for its easily available products for as low as 5$. Even though they have products with rates this low, they are known to be one of the safest places to get your wholesale clothing from.

Based in LA, this brand sources most of its products locally and sells them globally to its many retail buyers. Doing so offers products at a shallow rate while maintaining its reputation of selling high-quality fabrics.

It offers a 3-day return policy for a full refund in case of unsatisfactory feedback and promises free shipping over orders of $400.

13. Wholesaler UK

Wholesaler UK

Wholesaler UK is a place where you will find multiple brands to source your wholesale fashion clothing boutique. These brands are verified and screened to make sure that they are genuine.

Their directory includes several suppliers for each of the different clothing categories such as men, women, children, fashion, corporate, indoors, outdoors, sportswear, etc.

Through their online store, they have made amazing sales reflecting the vibrant market for wholesale clothing.

No matter how big or small your business is, Wholesaler UK is the ultimate source for your clothing boutique.

14. CityGoddess UK

CityGoddess UK

As the name goes by, CityGoddess UK is a brand that caters solely and royally to women’s clothing boutiques.

They have all kinds of dresses in their stock, from maxi dresses to midi dresses and sequin dresses to summer dresses.

They also have an impressive collection of unique events and occasions as well.

Launched in 2003, this brand also makes custom designs that are well-received by the audience. It also has its own manufacturing and delivery mechanism, making it a great place to source your clothing inventory.


Where to Buy Bulk Clothing for Resale in South Africa?

South Africa is one of the leading market places for clothing boutiques globally, and the clothing industry generates billions in terms of revenue for the country.

This has given rise to some great clothing wholesalers in the past few years in the African textile industry.

Jetina is one supplier that trades and distributes wholesale apparel, including lingeries and wedding dresses.

This brand is up-and-coming since it sells only 20% in the African Subcontinent and can sell more in the future because of its trading and distribution capacity.

With an experience of more than 10 years, Gumtree has become an established wholesale clothing brand over the years. Thanks to the amazing website, they have a very loyal customer base that is very easy to browse and order from. This, along with great quality standards, makes Gumtree a place worth buying from.

Alibaba is another supplier and distributor which supplies not only in South Africa but also worldwide.

The sellers on the platform are from all around the globe. They sell clothes of excellent quality and variety to fill your inventory with quick-selling and customer-satisfactory clothing apparel.

Like the above-mentioned brands, many other ones from whom you can choose to buy clothing in bulk to resale in South Africa.