TOP 25 Best High-Quality Boutique Wholesale Clothing Suppliers Worldwide

Best High-Quality Boutique Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

To deliver the best boutique clothing to your clients, a business or an entity needs to have good suppliers capable of providing you with the best clothing items at the lowest price.

The market is saturated with all kinds of products for all kinds of prices. But you will have unique customers when you provide them with unique products at prices they cannot resist. So, find such products and cater them to your customers to retain them.

Moreover, find trustworthy boutique clothing suppliers who can supply such products to you.

To save your time, I have researched and listed down the top 25 best high-quality boutique wholesale clothing suppliers in the market.

  1. Sugarlips Wholesale (US)
  2. Bloom Wholesale
  3. Wholesale Fashion Square
  4. Tasha Apparel
  5. Magnolia Fashion Wholesale
  6. LAShowRoom
  7. Parisian
  8. Wholesaler UK
  9. CityGoddess UK
  10. InfluenceFashion UK
  11. DirectDiscountClothing
  12. CatWalkWholesale
  13. IndiaMart
  14. ZaaSmart
  15. DPL India
  16. Aiden’s Corner
  17. Denim Manufacturing
  18. Chris & Carol
  19. CCWholesaleClothing
  20. Mono B Clothing
  21. Sugarlips
  22. Good Stuff Apparel
  23. Nikibiki
  24. Orange Shine
  25. ALL USA Clothing

Read the in-depth reviews below.

But What Kind of Boutique Wholesale Clothing Supplier Should You Choose?

Most importantly, the boutique wholesale supplier should be trustworthy and have a well-renowned name in the market.

You should always look for suppliers who have been in the market or boutique industry for a long time. This will reduce one’s risk of dealing with the wrong people in the business.

Also, it will increase the chances of growing one’s business. The right supplier to work with will always help you grow and become better. The more the experience of the supplier, the better and safer it is for your business.

And not to forget, a variety of options to choose from and buy from. Find out what most people want to wear and fill your inventory with various trending products.

If you buy with a variety of options, you will be able to sell products with a wide range of variety. The market and people’s likes are constantly evolving from time to time.

Hence, various products will always benefit you since no two people want the same type of apparel. Everyone wants to find what they want to wear. Ideally, you should choose from a wholesale clothing supplier who follows the above conditions.

How to Find a High-Quality Boutique Wholesale Clothing Supplier?

This is a question most people ask before starting their business.

And rightly so, this question is always on the mind of even established apparel and boutique resellers.

However, you need not worry about this question.

We have addressed this question in this article. And we attempt to help you find the best boutique wholesale supplier for your business.

1. Research

Research about the best wholesale clothing supplier on the search engine

Research about the company on a local level around you. Also, read the company’s reviews, history, what the internet and local people have to say about it.

Market research is the most underrated skill and activity for any and every business alike. This will give you an inside depth about the who’s who of the market. The boutique industry is a large one, and there will be people who have already done business with each other.

2. Fashion Exhibition or Fashion Shows

Going to fashion shows or fashion events where many fashion brands come to display their apparel is a great way to know about brands and the kind of apparel they have to offer.

Communicate with the brands which come at fashion shows and know more about them from them and also from others.

Going to fashion shows or fashion events where many fashion brands come to display their apparel is a great way to know about brands and the kind of apparel they have to offer.

You will also get to talk to some other brands in the industry to know more about the workings of the trade and establish relations.

Trust me, and there will be others like you too!

3. References

Talking to people you know who are already in the business could be a great way to know more about whom to connect with for your boutique wholesale clothing needs.

People are more likely to trust whom they already know than strangers. So, use your connections to know more about the industry.

They might not know everything about the boutique industry, but they might connect you with someone who does.

Also, approaching boutique wholesale clothing brands with references is a good way to begin as the wholesaler can trust you.

4. Internet Market

Join online forums and groups related to the boutique and fashion clothing industry to become part of the community. Also, try your way through online platforms to find the right wholesaler.

Online market communities are as strong as offline communities. You need to get in touch with the right people. Joining forums and groups of boutique clothing wholesalers and buyers is a great way to know more about the people, the products, and the business.

You also become part of the business community, which has its own perks to establish contacts and relations with people.

Another thing to explore is the online market. It is vast and has a lot of buyers and sellers alike. So, find the right people. Beware, some people are only on those platforms to scam you.

Hence, you need to be street-smart like in every other business to differentiate the authentic ones from the fake ones.

We write authentically from the fake ones and not the other way around because the number of fake people trying to scam you are not less.

Apart from that, this is a well-researched article for you so that you can make a very informed decision to choose your wholesale boutique supplier without any worries.

Top 25 High-Quality Boutique Wholesale Clothing Suppliers Review

1. Sugarlips Wholesale (US)

Sugarlips Wholesale

Sugarlips wholesale was started in the early 2000s as just a brand that sold sweaters.

But as time passed by, they expanded their collection to fashion clothing at good prices. Due to their amazing line of apparel, they started selling all over the world.
Today, after almost 20 years, their name stands out among the world’s famous women’s apparel.

Their designs are very intricate and classy. The quality of the fabric is intricately chosen and knitted, which makes them extremely comfortable.

Even though they offer great apparel at affordable rates, the attention to detail is extremely noteworthy.

2. Bloom Wholesale

Bloom Wholesale

Bloom Wholesale is another brand that was founded and is currently based in LA.

This brand focuses on women’s apparel no matter what size. And hence, it also includes plus size boutique in its roster as well.

They are known to be ahead and abreast with the latest trends in fashion. Their collaborations and deals with the best fashion labels in the world have proven to be a great factor in their success.

The ability to offer the latest trends at very economical prices is what sets Bloom Wholesale apart from the other brands out there.

They have been trailblazers in the fashion world in many ways and look to do the same in the future.

3. Wholesale Fashion Square

Wholesale Fashion Square

Wholesale Fashion Square has a great inventory that is very well organized and soberly picked.

From Activewears to Officewears, their handpicked and modern apparel for women have gained wide praise from all around the world.

They have great relations with some of the best fashion labels, which helps them deliver some of the best apparel at great deals to the common buyers.

Their motto has been to satisfy the shoppers uniquely so that the shoppers become loyal customers—human relations at their best.

Hence, once you become their customer, you will always be updated with their best apparel as and when they launch it.

4. Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel

Another brand based in LA, Tasha Apparel, is known to sell their clothing in tiny lots to their buyers so that you can buy whatever you want at the best price.

You would always love minimum orders so that you have more varieties at less price.
Thus, your inventory would be diversified in a great way.

Their loungewear and holiday special apparel are some of the best in the market.

Their customer service is second to known, making buying from Tasha Apparel very easy and advantageous for your business.

They offer multiple options at low prices so that your business can thrive over various products.

5. Magnolia Fashion Wholesale

Magnolia Fashion Wholesale

Magnolia Fashion Wholesale is based in the United States and has a unique flagship feature of shopping at the moment and paying later.

This makes shopping a hassle-free process so that you can wear what you want without any worry.

Their line of holiday apparel, along with their jumpsuits, bottoms, and shoes, is a great collection to have in any thriving inventory.

This Miami-based brand is one of the must-have collections in your showroom. Their minimum order quantities are also very feasible for buyers.

Magnolia Fashion Wholesale has earned a name for itself as a very reputed brand for businesses and buyers alike.

6. LAShowRoom

LAshowroom - wholesale clothing supplier

LAShowRoom differentiates itself from the market by offering one of a kind virtual showroom.

The sellers and business people can then use these showrooms to showcase their products and sell them effortlessly.

Their strong sense of communication and building relationships has been a trademark for them in the fashion industry. Dedicating themselves to resourcing your inventory at very feasible prices also provides reliable solutions to any problems.

LAShowRoom includes women’s exclusive apparel and made way for kids’ apparel, menswear, and others.

Once you partner with LAShowRoom, they offer you to benefit from their photography services and many other perks such as campaigns, etc.

7. Parisian


At Parisian Fashion, you will get the best deals for any women’s fashion apparel you are looking to buy.

They have exceptionally crafted and drafted designs for retailers and businesses who want to deliver only their clients’ best fashion.

In 2002, this brand captivated the market by offering the best street-style fashion apparel ranging from dresses to joggers and knitwear to playsuits.

Their fashion is on par with the best fashion shows from around the world. It would not be too much to say that they can be a tough competition for celebrity fashion in general.

8. Wholesaler UK

Wholesaler UK

Wholesaler UK is a great platform to buy almost anything under the sun.

They have a wide range of categories to buy from and an even wider option of suppliers.

They help you to find the best wholesalers in the United Kingdom and are a very renowned company in the industry.

Found in 1999, this company ensures that each seller is reliable, honest, and the best.

Since this company provides such a huge bank of suppliers, it will never be difficult for you to find the best fashion clothing on this website.

9. CityGoddess UK

CityGoddess UK

City Goddess is for the urban woman who wants to look smart and be smart wherever she goes.

This absolute veteran of the market has a great team that offers women the best apparel at the lowest prices.

Found in 2003, this brand has a great amount of experience doing what they have been doing for a long time.

They are quick at studying the fashion trends, and they work hard to make those trends available to the commoners all around the world but especially in the UK.

10. InfluenceFashion UK

InfluenceFashion UK

Influence Fashion allows you to pre-order any fashion apparel that you would like.

They have a wide range of absolute stunners for your events and fashion needs. Like every fashion brand, they like always to be ahead of the trend and offer the best fashion world.

A family business has worked hard to build this brand on trust and has successfully done so.

They update their catalog every day to include all the latest styles from all around the world within hours of their launch.

Apart from other brands, they also have their own manufactured apparel.

11. DirectDiscountClothing


Established 25 years ago, this business is also a family-run business with vast experience satisfying the buyer’s needs.

They also offer personalized services for the satisfaction of the buyer.

They hold some of the best brands and products with themselves. To get the best of their services, remember to order in bulk.

This brand also includes fashion clothing for kids and men. They also have some other essentials like bags and backpacks.

Direct Discount Clothing is such a big brand that they buy vast quantities of products and offer them to buyers in smaller quantities to ease business.

12. CatWalkWholesale


CatWalk Wholesale calls itself the numero uno wholesale brand in the United Kingdom.

A quick read of the reviews about this company confirms the same.

The customers of the buyers love the fashion wear that CatWalk Wholesale as a brand has to offer.
They keep delivering and keep the buyers on their toes with newer products now and then.

Their customer service is great, and the buyers love that. Their clothes’ quality is also commendable with extra credits to their perfect sizes so that people don’t need to replace them.

With excellent delivery and international positive feedback, CatWalk Wholesale is hard to beat.

13. IndiaMart


Moving towards the Indian Subcontinent, IndiaMart has made a name for itself in the online wholesale business.

This marketplace has a great bank of sellers and products with great pricing.

Moreover, it does not pose any trouble like other websites when you request the seller’s contact.

This open and direct access to the seller works wonders for the buyers to get products at great prices.

Hence, IndiaMart is a great place for you to get your fashion boutique requirements at a great price and great variety.

14. ZaaSmart


ZaaSmart is not just a supplier or a reseller, but they are a company that is directly involved in the textile industry.

They are known all over Asia as a supplier and trader for all types of clothing, ethnic and modern alike.

Men’s clothing and apparel also find a place in their roster to cater to the larger audience worldwide.

Being an Indian company, they give great attention to quality to preserve their long tradition of good practices.

Striking aesthetics and completely perfect sizing- That’s what Zaasmart is well known to deliver.

15. DPL India

DPL India

DPL India, also known as PSV Apparels, is an Indian-based boutique company that manufactures and supplies women’s fashion apparel worldwide.

Their designs are quite modernistic and are of great style.

They cater to the modern Indian woman but also have western elements to their designs.

Although they are not a reputed brand worldwide, their services in India are availed by many buyers, making them a great brand to buy from if you are in India or trying to resell in India.

16. Aiden’s Corner

Aiden’s Corner

Aiden’s Corner is a great hub for toddlers’ and babies’ apparel. From apparel to toys and diapers, this brand has it all.

Their baby apparel is very stylish and aesthetic because parents will love their clothes no matter what.

Their website has a great stock inventory where you can choose what you want and order at the earliest.

If you are looking to gift someone on their kid’s birthday, Aiden’s Corner has you covered with their amazing gift sets, which any parent will love to get.

They have good customer service and contact options to help you make seamless sales along the way.

17. Denim Manufacturing

Denim Manufacturing

Denim Manufacturing is a brand that focuses on the best fabric for denim in terms of quality and appearance.

They manufacture jeans with the best quality of fabrics and offer them at meager prices.

Their minimum order quantity is also quite good for resellers offered with a shorter delivery time to make sure your business runs seamlessly.

This brand is very new to the market, surprising given their large work and relation with other brands and retailers.

They also have 3 factories and a couple of dye facilities to cater to the resellers’ needs.

18. Chris & Carol

Chris & Carol

Chris & Carol is a women’s apparel brand that also supplies other important accessories.

This company is based in the United States and imbibes the latest trends from that part of the world.

It started its enterprise in the textile industry in 2009 and then ventured into women’s’ fashion apparel.
Since they have their own manufacturing units, they also have their own private labels. This means that they manufacture the clothes you buy from them and maintain the highest quality and comfort standards.

Their intricate and well-balanced designs are also a good testament to why this brand has been well known in the market in such a short time.

19. CCWholesaleClothing

CC Wholesale Clothing

CC Wholesale Clothing sells brand new apparel with a fast-changing stock inventory.

They have special drop ship programs which can be availed on a quick visit to their website.

They get their clothes from the best manufacturers in Los Angeles. The clothes they procure are of the highest quality and are US sizes, which will have to be tested with time.

Their stock inventory keeps changing every few weeks, and that’s how we understand that it is a good brand to work with.

Their products for women are great and receive no complaints whatsoever.

20. Mono B Clothing

Mono B Clothing

Another apparel brand born in Los Angeles of the United States, Mono B Clothing, caters to women and men.

They primarily manufacture and supply athleisure or athletic wear. But they also have a wide range of clothing choices for plus-size individuals.

Started in 2011, this brand offers private labels to boost your business in a very competitive market. They do so in a very secure environment following the PCI & EDI compliances.

You can also expand your fashion boutiques by adding the best of Mono B Clothing to your collections.

Even though it has been a long 10 years for this brand in the market, they are looking to stay motivated and keep moving on with their loyal buyers’ help.

21. Sugarlips


Sugarlips comes under the same umbrella as does Sugarlips Wholesale.

They have great apparel for women, currently being the largest supplier in the US. They began with sweaters and have taken over the fashion boutique world with their expansive range of fashionable clothing at very low prices for fashion individuals.

Their unmatched focus on quality and standard is well known throughout the industry, similar to Sugarlips Wholesale.

Sugarlips has a great team that keeps researching the latest trends to beat them on styles and prices.

Sugarlips is a great place to buy your inventory because it is one brand that has an international network of manufacturing units to meet the highest requirements of the fashion industry.

22. Good Stuff Apparel

Good Stuff Apparel

Good Stuff Apparel, another brand to come out of Los Angeles, United States- has clothing of the highest quality fabric for your expansive boutique.

A business relationship with them would mean that your inventory is always up to date and features the latest trends.

They offer fashion wear for women ranging from jeans to blouses and jackets to joggers for plus sizes.

They get their merchandise from the best Los Angeles manufacturers and suppliers.

Their shipping fees are very low for orders within the States, but the international orders might be a bit hard on your cash.

23. Nikibiki


With an international presence of more than 20 years, Nikibiki has been at the forefront of the women’s apparel industry.

They have always strived to keep themselves ahead and at par with the best of fashion boutiques worldwide.

They were founded in the United States and still have their manufacturing units there. They keep a great deal of focus on quality and waste reduction to be trustworthy and efficient.

Their products are very comfortable and have been lightweight to stand out from the competitors in terms of softness and sensitivity.

Their colors are also excellent and withstand the time to be timeless pieces of beauty.

24. Orange Shine

OrangeShine - Wholesale Plus Size, swimwear

Orange Shine has apparel for men, women, and kids alike.

They also have shoes, handbags, and other accessories in their wide range of collections.

They are known to include products in their inventory from the best brands from all around the world. And they also connect with retailers and help them grow their worldwide business and presence with OrangeShine products.

Hence, it is straightforward to register on their platform to start working with them since they are also a very active E-commerce platform.

You can also find beauty enhancement products on their platform.

If you are a wholesale supplier, they help you with the best of their services ranging from photography to order processing with the least effort and lowest price.

25. ALL USA Clothing

ALL USA Clothing

ALL USA Clothing is more than clothing. It also includes footwear, golf accessories, and much more.

This Michigan-based brand has clothing and accessories for men, women, kids, and everyone alike.

Their affiliations, too, like their name itself, are All USA. This brand has catered to some of the well-known companies and governments for their clothing requirements.

They have the highest quality fabrics, which are American-made and are sourced by some renowned manufacturers.

They have been in this industry for more than 40 years and can produce the best for you. They can also help you build your brand with their astonishing services and long-lasting trust.

We hope you now have a strong understanding of the best boutique wholesale clothing suppliers. This should be a good guide for you when you venture out with your own business.

I wish you the best for your boutique venture!