TOP 12 Best Cheap Wholesale Online Clothing Sites

best cheap wholesale clothing store

As we know that when we buy clothes in bulk or wholesale, we can create a huge margin in the prices. Thus most of the retailers prefer to buy clothes online in bulk to get huge profits.

Several online platforms offer huge discounts and off-season sales; thus, that can be the best time to buy clothes at wholesale even you could get a discount of 70% that is limited for a certain period.

The clothes available online are so trendy that they could easily attract women, girls, teens, and men as there is a wide range of clothing brands available online that offers clothes for each age and gender type.

What Are the Best Cheap Clothing Wholesale Websites?

  1. TopShop
  2. Alibaba
  3. Wholesale Fashion Square
  4. Wholesale7
  5. SugarLips Wholesale
  6. Bloom Wholesale
  7. Tasha Apparel
  8. Stylepick
  9. LAShowRoom
  10. Sammydress
  11. Gamiss
  12. Forgotten Grace

Why Wholesale Clothes Online? Are These Websites Trustworthy to Buy From?

The simple ideology of buying wholesale clothes online is that the retailers get a huge profit, which they cannot earn in local markets.

They can get various clothes for all age groups and gender from different manufacturers and sell them at higher prices.

For instance, they purchase wholesale online clothing at discounted prices, which could be as lower as $5, and could sell them to consumers at higher prices for about $60, which is a big deal for retailers.

Retailers find online wholesale clothes much reliable as they are exclusive styles. They offer almost all the sizes and colors; thus, they don’t have to bother about the color availability or sizes.

Moreover, retailers can purchase not just clothes at wholesale they can even buy bags, accessories, footwear, and swimwear all just on one platform.

The most frequently asked and important topic is whether online wholesale clothing websites are trustworthy or not. Of course, they are reliable as the retailers directly got products from manufacturers, there are no other parties involved, and they provide quality products. This could be due to the direct shipping of products.

What Should You Keep in Mind When Wholesale Cheap Clothes Online?

A retailer should keep in mind many factors while purchasing clothes wholesale, as many online websites may trap a retailer for illicit gains.

With nearly an estimated $16 billion per year, the clothing and fashion industry creates a huge profit; thus, increasing competition between online websites for selling cheap clothing makes it difficult to choose a reliable platform.

Buy in Bulk for Higher Profit

The more you buy from these online wholesale websites, the more you profit as these websites offer huge discounts and flash sales on bulk orders.

If one takes extra efforts in searching for wholesale clothes every day, then there might be the possibility of getting higher profits as the discount sometimes varies they offer a flat 50%, and even this can reach up to 70%.

Thus consumers find bulk orders to be more profitable than ordering in less quantity.

Extensive Clothing Style

Online clothing websites offer a wide range of clothes for all age groups and genders.

The cheap online clothing websites provide clothes that are trendy and available in almost all sizes. The clothes have not only attractive colors but also have various beautiful designs.

For buying different products on the same platform, online websites are best. For example, one can buy tees, shirts, jeans, dresses, etc., all on just the same website.

Clothing Quality

The most common problem you can face while buying cheap wholesale clothes online is the quality issue. You might think that if the clothes are available at low prices, they might be detected, but this is not the case. If you are buying from a trusted platform, then this issue is taken care of by a team of professionals.

These professionals are basically the ones that check the quality of the products before they are being dispatched to the buyer’s location.

They check each product so that there could be no product quality issues.

Cut Your Budget

Online cheap clothing websites charge logistics fees, storage fees, and other convenience fees, but if you place an order in bulk quantity, you can save a lot, and hence you can avoid paying these fees again for the same product.

Cheap wholesale clothing helps to cut your budget to have a great profit while selling clothes as retailers.

Thus, this could help those who want to sell clothes business either online or in local markets.

Rewards Points

Through rewards points, you can save more while placing bulk orders. The buyer first needs to purchase the membership to receive these points, and then they have to upload their avatar to their account; thus, when they purchase clothes in bulk, they receive points.

You can even share pr picture reviews for other customers to earn points, and you can also refer other friends to earn additional points, which you can utilize while placing your next orders. Thus, rewards points are also a major attraction for buyers as they can get more profits through these points.

Top 12 Best Cheap Wholesale Online Clothing Sites Review

The best cheap clothing wholesale websites are those from which customers buy frequently, and they are famous for providing the best quality cheap clothing at a very minimal price range.

These platforms fulfill almost all the key essential factors to be trusted by many people belonging to varied locations.



Topshop is an exclusive clothing online platform based in the UK, and it’s not a global e-commerce website, which means that people living in the UK can only purchase on this website. It has a store as well where you could find high street fashion.

Topshop offers cheap wholesale clothing, and it also includes some premium brands such as Adidas, Calvin Klein, Champion, Disney, etc. Apart from the clothes, it offers accessories, shoes, sandals and other fashionable stuff.

If you are looking for a good pair of jeans, you could get a huge discount. Students can avail themselves of up to 10% off on their purchase.

There is a price range bar that varies between £3 to 695, but most of them lie below the range of £50.

Topshop is a good option if you want to buy cheap wholesale clothing to get free delivery and free return on every bulk order.


  1. Offers a wide range of clothing for almost all age groups.
  2. Ships free on bulk orders.
  3. Shipment time is quite fast.
  4. Product quality is satisfactory.
  5. Provides huge discounts.
  6. Suitable platform to buy cheap wholesale clothing.



Alibaba is one of the leading B2B e-commerce online companies globally and is mostly in the news for its huge profits.

On this online platform, you could find manufacturers selling clothes at a very minimal price, and they are much cheaper than the prices available elsewhere.

Most of the customer’s experience is good, and they are satisfied with the product quality.

Consumers find this website’s customer service satisfactory. Before placing an order, one must check the total cart value as this website takes varied shipping charges depending upon the quantity of the products.

Wholesale Fashion Square

Wholesale Fashion Square

Wholesale Fashion Square is a USA based e-commerce website. The items are sold and purchased in order of six bundles so that the cost can be reduced; thus, it’s a good option if you want to buy clothing in bulk.

The website has introduced a new policy according to which a user can buy a bundle of three instead of six so that boutique owners could easily purchase clothing as per their need.

It offers a wide range of clothes, accessories, bags, and shoes. The quality of the products is satisfactory as they are manufactured mostly by LA-bused manufacturers. Therefore it’s a great option if you are looking for trendy and fashionable clothes.



Wholesale7 is one of the most popular platforms for buying cheap wholesale clothing in China.

They offer a wide range of clothes for women, men, and kids. Its website shows a great discount on bulk products and free shipping if the products are in bulk.

Wholesale7 has a good customer rating, and most of the customer reviews show that they are satisfied with the product quality.

SugarLips Wholesale

Sugarlips Wholesale

Sugarlips Wholesale, as the name suggests that they are a wholesaler, and it allows its customers to buy bulk clothes at a very affordable price. They are the largest manufacturers of “seamless” clothing in North America.

This e-commerce website has a variety of trendy clothes, and it refreshed its stock almost every month so that its users can get fresh clothing.

You can find sugar lips wholesale clothing in various clothing stores, departmental stores, and boutiques. This website offers its customers exclusive and quality products at a minimal range.

Bloom Wholesale

Bloom Wholesale

Bloom wholesale is an LA-based boutique wholesale clothing brand that offers trendy women’s apparel, and it is quite famous as it has almost all the plus sizes available. They refresh their stock every week.

Its customers’ reviews show that this a trusted website to buy trendy and good quality clothing. It has an easy return policy through which a customer can return a product if it is unsatisfactory within three days of receipt.

Its customers can buy clothes without any restrictions on minimum order, which means they can buy products even in small quantities.

Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel is a Los Angeles based wholesale clothing distributed, and it was started in the year 2005. Since then, it has become a prominent brand in providing trendy wholesale clothes at a very affordable price range. Retailers,

clothing stores, boutiques, eBay, or Amazon sellers find this platform reliable as they offer a discount of 50-60% on wholesale clothing.

Customer finds its customer service and extensive product selection to be the two main reasons to buy from this platform. Another highlight of this platform is that they never compromise their quality. They provide good quality wholesale clothes.

Tasha apparel has a user-friendly platform as they provide real high-quality images of products available on their platform. They offer free shipping over the order value of $300. You can find all kinds of sizes, and even plus sizes are available at a very cheap rate.



Stylepick is a USA based B2B wholesale e-commerce website that provides affordable clothing. It empowers retailers and wholesale women clothing vendors.

It offers trendy women clothes in various sizes, colors, and designs from various vendors, including

Blue B, Day &Night, JNNA, Hers & Mine, Spotlight, Davi & Dani, etc.

Their website has some great features that are easy to access; they even allow its customers to decrease the production costs and increase the orders by joining B2B business.


LAshowroom - wholesale clothing supplier

LAShowRoom is an e-commerce platform that has a varied range of apparel. It allows its sellers or vendors to sell their clothes all around the globe.

This platform is so reliable for vendors as they can endorse their products by creating attractive visuals images, perfectly written product descriptions, and many more services; thus, they find this platform to be more seller-friendly.

Buyers can easily purchase products from various sellers without creating multiple accounts. Through one convenient account, they can purchase clothes from various buyers.

LAShowRoom provides its customers with attractive offers such as a buyer rewards program, easy returns, refunds, access to high-quality product images for promotional purposes, or website use.



Sammydress is a global cheap online e-commerce website that offers a wide range of clothing, accessories, shoes, and kids’ toys.

It has a beautiful collection of bridal dresses, dresses for women, and tees. The website adds the latest trendy clothes daily so that customers can avail of new stock.

Sammydress provides huge discounts on bulk clothing and helps the customers to save a lot as most of the clothes are available at a price range of $2-30 at wholesale price.

It has an exciting offer for new customers as they get 100% lottery tickets, which means that they avail up to 30% discount. For every purchase, the customers get “S” points redeemed in the next purchase.

Sammydress allows its customers to make payments through various gateways such as PayPal, Credit Card, Western Union, wire transfer, and other wallet payment methods like Webmoney, Cashu, and Boleto Bancario.

The other attractive feature is that consumers can install an APP for hassle-free shopping.



Gamiss is a global platform that provides its services to almost all parts of the world. It is available in one hundred different languages so that customers could easily shop in their native languages.

This website provides various options to earn its “G” points, which users can use during their purchases. If a user is a member, they can receive 10 – 20 G points to post reviews.

Gamiss offers a wide variety of bags, shoes, women, men, kids, apparel, accessories, etc. It allows customers to pay through PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards. For shipping cost, the heavier the items, the more will be the shipping charges.

Forgotten Grace

Forgotten Grace

Forgotten Grace is a cheap online clothing platform founded in the year 1985. It is an LA-based online platform that offers trendy clothes for all sizes and age groups, most consumers like this platform due to the availability of plus sizes.

This platform sells designer top wear, jackets, knitwear, etc., all these at meager prices. Thus, it is a reliable platform to place bulk orders.

This platform has criteria that for free shipping, the total order value should be above $400, and if you are an existing member, you can get an additional 10% off.

Overall, Forgotten Grace is a good platform to buy cheap and quality products.

Its customer’s review shows that they provide huge discounts on bulk orders.

Final Word: Choose the Best Cheap Wholesale Online Clothing Sites Wisely

As the culture of buying cheap wholesale clothing is increasing, buyers must ensure that they are trusting the right platform where they could get quality products at affordable prices. Thus, these above platforms can help consumers to make the right choice.

These platforms are one-stop for all the requirements as they include all kinds of trendy clothes for all age groups and sizes. Users can make a smart decision by buying clothes in bulk as that is the best way to grab huge discounts and offers.

The above list can help you compare the various popular platforms, and through this list, you can buy cheap wholesale clothing smartly.