Top 35 Stores Like Shein Review 2021

Stores Like Shein Review

Fashion is one of the things top things that keep changing now and then. Some people say it just keeps getting better, and some people say the previous ones were better. We can’t deny that we love shopping and spend hours or even days in a mall.

As fashion has been better, the companies have been too, and they are investing a lot in their websites to make sure you get what you want with a tap on the screen. So, we will discuss a huge list of websites where you can find yourself a great outfit just like Shein.

What Is Shein?


Shein is one of the go-to websites for women. The collection is amazing, and so is the quality. They have been in the market since 2008 and have been developing.

Now, they are one the leading e-commerce platforms worldwide and have a massive collection for men, children, shoes, accessories, etc.

They entered the market with a vision or a hope that everyone should enjoy the beauty of fashion, and it seems they have come pretty close to it.

They have settled their business in America, Europe, the middle east, and Australia (also other markets). They get orders from over 220 countries around the globe.

Top 35 Stores Like Shein

You read that correctly. We will provide you a list of 35 Shein-Like stores. They all are trustworthy and have been handpicked. If you aren’t satisfied with the apparel in Shein, these will surely satisfy your needs.


We are sure most of you have guessed it to be on the list. Amazon has been one of the trusted companies in the past years. It offers a great collection and a speedy delivery when compared to Shein.

If you want, you can subscribe to its Prime membership and get benefits from it.

It handles most of Shein’s clothing and sells at a great price. You can add various filters to your search and get exactly what you want. You won’t regret shopping on Amazon.



If you want the same outfit as on Shein, then you should visit this website. A fun fact, both brands are owned by the same company.

If you want less shipping charges or free shipping on less shopping, then also, you’re at the right place. If your order is a total of or above $15, then consider getting free shipping.

The same benefit you’ll get on Shein but at thrice the amount. You will find the same apparel as on Shein, with the same quality material. Furthermore, the delivery can take about 2 weeks, considering you’re in the US.



Another fun fact, Zaful, Romwe, and Shein are sister companies (hence, owned by the same). You will get the same quality and the same shopping style as in Shein. Their shipping rates don’t have much difference and take the same time to deliver (on an average, 2 weeks).

Just like any other website, it too has coupons that you can use to benefit yourself. It also serves internationally and is considered to be trustworthy.



As this list comprises Shein-like websites, here’s another one for you. BerryLook is the kind of website where you can find high-end, branded clothes at a low price. This is one of the reasons why people choose this website. The collection is fantastic, and one must visit it for once.

Many people claimed that they found their taste on this website and probably better versions. They ship internationally as well, so don’t just think that the outfit’s just on the screen, tap “buy now,” and keep it for yourself.



If you find yourself in a bohemian style, then you’re at the right stop. The website offers a great collection which one probably can’t deny. The navigation is user-friendly, and by adding certain filters, you can get the perfect outfit for yourself.

The pricing is almost the same as Shein. The delivery part is also considerable, and they keep your package undamaged and as fast as possible.



If you find the pricing and apparels of Shein right, you should pay a visit to this website. This site is for the ones who have a problem finding big sizes. Well, this site strikes that factor for you and provides the best clothing options for you at the same quality.

The shipping charges are somewhat the same as Shein, and the same goes with delivery time. It could take around 2 weeks to deliver, but it depends where you want the package.



This one’s mainly for the youth or younger generation. No matter what type of party or occasion you have to attend, they have covered you from all sides.

It has been a popular site for the youth for quite a long time. The sizes are fit to size type, and the quality is not something you will question about.

The shipping can take around 2 weeks, and the charges are affordable. Make sure to use coupons during the checkout for some added benefits.



Another website for teenagers if they are finding something amazing for the upcoming occasion. The ones who like hourglass gals head towards the website have a lot to offer at a very nice price point. You will get all sorts of sizes from smallest to largest; name it.

The collection keeps updating itself every often to keep its customers satisfied and a reason to visit it regularly. Customer service is one thing you may like. They know exactly how to treat a customer and value him or her.



Suppose you want a printed t-shirt like funny, comfortable, intellectual, etc. Then, you must visit this website. Printed or graphic t-shirts is their niche. They have many categories that you will like. The quality is unquestionably amazing at such prices. If you want some clothes to wear during walks or in your home, you will surely like this website.

The shipping and delivery are somewhat the same as the aforementioned. You will get your package undamaged and safe.



One of the major reasons misguided is so popular is their price pointing. Misguided price pointing is similar to that of SHIEN’S.

But the reason they are on a different footing from Shein is the wide variety of sizes they offer their customers. They have literally called out to the stereotypical S, M, and L sizes.

Their sizes are not only varied but relatable, from tall plus and petite to maternity. They have considered all sizes. One can also sort their clothing preference based on their size, making shopping easier at another level altogether.

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal

The name might sound high profile and expensive, but the reality is upside down, Nasty Gal is known for their affordable clothes at a great quality.

One can argue their prices are higher than that of Shein, but there is no doubt that their quality is much better than the one Shein provides.

Apart from the affordability, they have struck the right balance with their delivery tracks. Nasty Gal delivers clothes within two weeks, and they are known for keeping their promises.

Forever 21

Forever 21

If someone is planning to buy some clothes and making a list of brands, there is no chance they can leave forever 21 out. Everyone has something from forever 21, considering their quality of clothes and affordability. Forever 21 has made a humble abode for everyone in the clothing field.

The quality of clothes provide by forever 21 is better than that of Shein and are durable too. They are committed to their customer services and are known for the transparent relation they keep with their loyal customers.



They are a UK-based company and are known for their trendy nature and fashionable wear. They have the most stylish clothes of all time. Be it summer wear or winter couture, and they bring the best out of clothes. They have options for every kind of size and color, and fabric.

Their basic motto is to bring comfort in stylish clothes and to bring affordable clothes for every person. They have an abundance of options for every occasion, from teens to adults, traditional or graduation or bachelor or wedding.



H&M is not a clothing brand but a legit lace to call home for clothes lovers. There is no chance that you are looking for particular clothing and won’t go to H7M.

They bring the best sale, and their collection will always leave you full of surprises. Apart from the collection, their clothes go on for years.

People have jeans that they bought five years ago from H&M and are wearing them as they bought them yesterday. The prices may vary from Shein, but their collection has no comparison.



Let’s first address their popularity; the T-shirt launched by Uniqlo The Billie Eilish x Takashi Murakami line went bonkers at the site. There traffic game on the website changed the whole game. They are known for their loungewear and activewear.

These cheap everyday t-shirts have teen’s hearts. They have the cutest, most relatable clothes with the utmost comfort in the fabric. They produce reliable clothes at affordable prices. Apart from this, customers love the dedication Uniqlo has towards its customers.



If you want the experience of shopping in a mall, you should visit this website. This is another place for high schoolers.

This brand solely focuses on the younger generation, and their collection would definitely catch your eyes. They provide genuine material at reasonable prices.

Will you get inexpensive clothes? Yes, the apparel can be of high-end, but you might get shocked by the prices. Their customer service is another thing you will like, and they will clear any queries you have.



If you want evening gowns or a super comfy outfit for an occasion, then this can be your go-to website. They tend to improve themselves now and then. It doesn’t matter what occasion it is, just search for the type and they’ll show the best that’ll suit you.

One thing for sure, you won’t regret shopping because of the comfort their clothes provide. Shipping is quite fast and takes a week to get delivered. You can enjoy free shipping if you order $50 or above.


StyleWe - shop for women clothing

This is one of the leading companies, and you can expect quite a lot from them. Their collection will surely make you stop at every interval. Price could become an issue as it’s a bit high when compared to Shein. They have never disappointed anyone when it comes to their apparel or material.

Shipping could take long, like around 2 or 3 weeks, but the shipping charges are quite affordable. Also, their customer satisfaction and customer service are great.



Another great company that has a position in the fashion market. You can compare them with StyleWe and other big companies. They provide the best material and comfort in their apparel. They keep updating themselves with the trend and hence, always keep their customers satisfied.

They have a simple motto, high-quality clothes at a very affordable price. The shipping charges aren’t high, and you can expect the delivery within 3 weeks.


Chicwish Indie Design in Onepiece Dresses

If you put quality above all then, you’re at the right place. They also provide clothes at an affordable range, but their prices can get higher when compared to Shein, but they also promise you better quality. If you’re looking for a great skirt, then consider buying one from here.

Not only skirts but also tops and other accessories come under their website. But we all know that using the right coupons can do miracles. So, just keep them ready during your checkout.


ZAPAKA Vintage Dresses & Clothing

You may agree with the old saying, “old is gold.” If you haven’t changed your mind yet, then make sure to visit their website at least once. You may relive your old times by checking out their vintage collection. While you’ll be going through their collection, you may ask yourself why you didn’t hear about it earlier.

You can find all the sizes, whether it’s the smallest or the largest. This is one of the websites that’ll take you back to the early times.

Modlily - Modlily Clothing - Women Online Shopping Center

If you are looking for something unique or why this one’s better than the others, then it’ll be their collection. Many people have left positive reviews about this website, and so it makes its way to the list. The shipping charges are $4.99, but you can enjoy free shipping on orders above $49.

The delivery can take between 17 – 25 days. But there’s one way, if the product is expedited, the time cuts down to a week or less.

Belle Lily

Bellelily - Women's Online Clothing & Accessories Store

Another great website that offers amazing apparel at an affordable price. You will spend quite a time when you’ll go through different categories it has. Printed t-shirts, swimwear, summer wear, etc. Just name it, and you’ll have it.

They keep up with the trend, which is the reason why you may revisit the website. When it comes to shipping, the charges are affordable, but delivery might take around 3 – 4 weeks.

Ericdress online shopping store for wedding

This company has a big collection indeed. They have over 25000 items which are going to take a lot of time of yours for sure.

Whether you’re looking for apparel for men, women, children, or any accessory, they have got you covered. There are very high chances that you’ll get what you want and probably better.

The shipping can take around 3 weeks, but you can pay them extra to cut it down to a week. They keep themselves updated and refresh their stock at every interval.

Milanoo - Online Shop for Fashion Clothing

When it comes to a wedding and that too of someone you’re close to, you can’t compromise on your outfit for every moment. Just to take that burden off, this website enters your life. Whether it’s a wedding or a ceremony, they will show the best apparel out there and keep it in front of you.

One of the best parts is the shipping, they charge lower than others, just $4 (that’s their maximum), and you can expect the delivery within a week.



This company is considered to be the big player in the fashion game. They have a collection of more than 10 million items. One thing for sure, it might take time, but you will come across something that you’ll toss into your cart.

When compared to Shein, their prices are somewhat the same. They ship worldwide, which includes 230 countries currently. Shipping can take up to 25 days, and yes, you can pay a little extra to bring down the number to a minimum of 3 days.



Women’s clothing brands are almost everywhere at every corner, but things are a little short when it comes to men. And if you are seeking a site similar to that of Shein but specifically for men, it doesn’t wait anymore because Maxi zero is the one-stop.

They have everything a man needs in daily life and for special events and occasions. They have bottoms, shoes, shirts, and every important accessory for men. They provide free shipping on orders of $79.

Banana Republic Factory

Banana Republic Factory

Banana Republic Factory is an outlet for the banana republic. Their collection is mesmerizing. They have not left anything. Their prices are meager, and the quality of the clothes is surprisingly well at these rates. Their clothes style is stylish yet classy, and with these two headers, they don’t leave comfort behind.

These pieces are versatile and can be worn for years to come by. Their relationship with their customers is significant and considerable. They like to keep everything open when it comes to their customer.



This website is one with a unique collection. They entered the market to empower women, so they got what they deserved, a great amount of attention. They have a great vintage collection that will take you back to the good old times and rejuvenate some great memories.

They established themselves in 2002, and since then, they are have been uplifting women with their collection. You should visit the site at least once if you still picture yourself in an indie or vintage outfit.



Every brand and company is born with some motive to serve. For GLASSONS, the motive is to make with care. Nothing can be more relatable than these three words. These words create reliability and trust amongst the customers.

GLASSONS are built on three pillars people, planet, and product! And they have lived up to their motto by producing clothes with keeping the care of the planet. The products by GLASSONS are affordable, accessible, and made with Sustainability. They ensure the environment isn’t badly affected by their work.


Cottonon Women's Men's & Kids Clothing & Accessories

Cotton on is one of the most popular clothing brands and is Australia’s biggest retailer in clothing. But being the biggest in their field, they haven’t forgone their roots and responsibilities. Their main motto is to bring positivity to people’s lives through their clothes.

They believe in comfort over fashion trends, and they have everything from casual and classic to trendy and teeny. They have no tolerance towards unethical behavior and unethical people. They want everyone to be on their best behavior when they work at clothes on for their customers.

Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Fashion Nova. They have been ruling over Instagram for the last few months.

It’s easy to find the latest trends everywhere but managing the latest trends and comfort and classiness for everyone is hard.

But fashion nova has proved nothing is hard with the right mindset. They have around 500 sewing factories, and most of their products are made in L.A. one of the most striking features of fashion nova is that they launch 500 new pieces every damn week.


YesStyle - Shop Asian Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Online

Yesstyle was founded in the year 1998 and is one of the most recognized e-commerce companies. They were awarded the most popular merchant by yahoo (HK) and the top service award (US), and the list goes on for their immense recognition.

The website has more than 300 fashion brands, and they ship their products to more than 70 countries across the globe.

The company is committed to its customers with its day-to-day transparency skills. The company is one of the most reliable and trustworthy in today’s time, dedicated to serving its customers.

Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville

Well, if there is a brand that has leveled up the social media game, it’s Brandy Melville, hands down. They enjoyed their popularity in the US and then slowly went out of their comfort zone by launching the brand in Italy and Canada, and the U.K., and Asia.

They keep a keen focus on the teenagers. And their “one size fits all” clothing trend went bonkers recently. Although there were some backlashes, they reached many audiences and touched various lives through social media platforms.



If you’re always updated with the latest couture launch and keep your wardrobe updated, then your one-stop is Dresslily. They are the most updated trendy place ever.

And they will not burn a hole in your pocket while keeping you on your toes for fashion.

They are known to provide quality clothes at an affordable rate. They have an exclusive collection of apparel, footwear, accessories, and even wigs. And they are absolutely committed to their customers and their need.


In this article, we discussed several stores like Shein. Shein is one of the leading brands with a great collection of apparel at an affordable price range.

There are many competitors when it comes to price and quality. The list also comprises the sister companies of Shein. All the websites added to the list are trustworthy and are considered to provide comfortable clothes.