Top 19 Best Nike Replica Shoe Sellers Online 2021 (on AliExpress and DHgate)

best Nike replica shoe online sites and sellers

The growing trend of online shopping has paved the paths for many products across the globe. One such market space is that of the trendy Nike shoe replicas.

In this article, you can find information on two of the popular online sites that deal with the marketing of copy shoes. Besides, you can find detailed information on the benefits reaped, shipping methodology, legality, and the factors to be considered while choosing them.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Replica Nike Shoes (Compared to Buying Real Nike Products)?

After all, why should I opt for the replicas when there are originals? Is this your question, then we have an answer. Here go some of the benefits of choosing the replicas over the real ones:

Cost: Yes, replicas are much cheaper when compared to their originals. As a result, you can save quite a lot by buying look-alike Nike shoes instead of real ones.

Trend: Replicas help you remain trendy. You can consistently maintain your style by buying copy shoes when originals go out of stock!

Versatility: Due to the budget-friendly nature of the look-alikes, you can buy more products for the same money. This helps you build an extensive collection at home!

Maintain status: Nike shoe replicas often cannot be easily distinguished from their originals. So, you can wear them and pose to be having the originals maintaining a pseudo status quo.

Worth fullness: Although replicas are not originals, they offer comparable looks, quality, durability, and comfort. This makes their purchase worth full for a person with an average income.

Top 19 Best Nike Replica Shoe Sellers Online on AliExpress and DHgate

AliExpress is one of the top e-commerce websites that sell Nike shoe lookalikes. They have many reputed stores and acquired many positive reviews from the customers for a considerably long period.

The top 10 of these stores are mentioned here below, along with their salient features and best-selling Nike copy shoes.

KK Sports 88 Store

KK Sports 88 Store

This store is one of the best AliExpress stores that offer budget-friendly Nike shoes. They offer you a wide collection to choose from. All the products exhibited look the same as that of originals and cannot be distinguished easily.

A few of the popular brands found in this store include those designed for running, casual, trendy, and basketball uses.

Wb Running Store

Wb Running Store

Wb Running Store is a new addition to the list but is fast growing with a galloping sales number. You can find the best basic-wear Nike sneakers here. However, there are advanced products available under VIP links.

Their best-selling products are Nike Air Max Plus TN, Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air Vapor Max 2.0, and Nike Air Vapor Max Moc 2 Originals.

Best Sports Store

Best Sports Store
Image Source: AliExpress

This is another important store on which you can find many variants of Nike shoe replicas. Their rates are competitive, and the products are very similar to that of the original brand, making them almost indifferent.

Some of their featured products include Nike Air Zoom, Nike Vapor Max, Nike Air Max, Nike Air Force, and Nike Huarache.

Hot Sports Store

Hot Sports Store
Image Source: AliExpress

You can find over 1000 products at the Hot Sports Store of AliExpress. If you are looking for budget-friendly trendy wear, this site is the most suitable one!

They are top sellers in many Nike replicas like Nike Air Max 90 Ultra 2.0, Nike Air Max 90 Essential, and Nike Air Max 270.

Sports 101

Sports 101 Store
Image Source: AliExpress

Sports 101 is a mid-range store that has a wide collection of sportswear that suits athletes. If you are looking for sneakers or sport-fit products, then you can visit the site to choose the Nike replica that caters to your need the best!

A few of their popular products include Nike Air Vapor Max Flyknit 2, Nike Air Vapor Max Rainbow Cushion, and Nike Air Max Running Shoes.

Global Sports Store

Global Sports Store

Global Sports Store is a new age Nike replica shoe center that offers good quality products. They specialize in handling Nike basketball shoe replicas and ship internationally to many countries, including France and Belgium.

A few of their noteworthy products are Nike Wotherspoon, Nike Air Max 90 Essential Replica, and Nike Air Vapor Max Moc.

Reetene Footwear

Reetene Footwear

This store offers attractive, colorful, and stylish Nike replicas at astonishingly lower prices. Here you can find the products that suit to be worn on special occasions. Reetene Footwear ships its products globally, making them more accessible.

Their top-selling Nike shoe lookalikes include Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air Max 90 Breathable Red, and Nike Air Max 270.

Top Sports Flagship Store

Top Sports Flagship Store
Image Source: AliExpress

Top Sports Flagship Store has been one of the stores that have lasted in a prime position on AliExpress for the past 5 years. They have a huge number of followers and sell many well-known Nike brand replicas all through the year.

Although their most popular brand is Nike Air Max and its variants, you can even find other brands like Nike Airforce too!

Alina Wong Store

Alina Wong Store

This store offers a wide range of product listings that offer style and comfort. They deal with various categories, including hiking boots, flip flops, fashion boots, casual shoes, dress shoes, and sandals.

Their hot-selling Nike shoe replica is Men Sneakers Breathable Casual Shoes that acts as the best alternative to the Nike Air Max brand.

Olympic Sports Flagship Store

Olympic Sports Flagship Store
Image Source: AliExpress

Olympic Sports Flagship store is a top brand on AliExpress. They primely deal with Nike skateboarding sneakers, basketball shoes, and running shoes. All products are of good quality and look just like their original counterparts.

Some of the Nike replica brands present in the store include Nike Air Presto Essential and Nike Air Zoom Mariah Flyknit Racer.

Apart from AliExpress, you can even find your favorite Nike replicas at another popular site, namely, DHgate. Even here, there are prime sites to look for.

They have acquired quite a good reputation and have gained thousands of followers. Here goes a list of the top 9 such stores with their important features and popular brands.

Free Shipping Store – DHgate

DHgate Free Shipping Store

This store is a pretty recent addition to the list on DHgate. Nevertheless, they offer a variety of Nike replicas, leaving you almost stunned. Their popular products are Nike Air Max, Nike Air Force, and Nike Vapor Max variants.

Best selling products on this site include Nike Official Air Max Seam Witherspoon, Nike Original Air Force, Nike Air Vapor Max.

Men Running Shoes – DHgate

Men Running Shoes

Men Running Shoes is a DHgate store that offers Nike copy shoes at competent prices. You can find many attractive, stylish wears here that suit both normal and occasional use.

The top products sold over the site include Nike Air Max 90 Ultra 2.0, Nike Air Max Essential, Nike Air Max 90 Women’s, Nike Air Vapor Max Flyknit 2.0, and Nike Air Max 90 Essential Mesh, Breathable.

Chaussures Pour Hommes – DHgate

Chaussures pour hommes

This is another newly added store that makes a good number of sales while capturing more and more followers. They have special links that lead you to your desired Nike shoe replica.

A few products forming a part of their large galore include casual, fashion, sports, skateboarding, basketball, lady comfort, and men’s daily life-style wears.

Surprises – DHgate


Surprises is another store on DHgate that offers a good range of Nike replicas. It has many positive reviews, and numerous transactions as the products available are much cheaper than their originals while maintaining appreciable quality and style.

They deal with running and basketball Nike shoe copies in their collection, the most popular product being Nike Air 720.

Air Force 1 – DHgate

Air Force 1
Image Credit: DHgate

This store has a good customer rating and offers many varieties of products. You can find more than 400 variations in the Nike Airmax brand alone! They deal with almost all the latest product types and maintain a separate ‘Top Selling’ section that lists all best-selling shoes.

There are many types of Nike shoes here, including those that are ideal for basketball and running like sports, along with those that are casual and trendy.

Cheap_Running_Shoes – DHgate


Cheap_Running_Shoes is one of the DHgate stores that sell Nike lookalikes at the cheapest possible rate. It has been around for a couple of years, maintaining diplomacy in the field. The marketed varieties are of high quality and serve you for a considerably long time.

Their top-selling product in Nike shoe replica is an Air Max product, Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 97.

Basketball Shoes – DHgate

Basketball Shoes

This store is, just as its name suggests, popular for marketing basketball Nike shoe replicas. You can find almost any product in this category here and buy it for a cheaper rate than its original counterpart.

One of their best-selling brands is Nike Air Jordan, which is preferred by most of the sports personnel to be put-to-use while playing.

97 Sneaker – DHgate

97 Sneaker

97 Sneaker sells the latest Nike shoe replicas available in the market. If you are looking for the current trendy designs, then a visit to this store is a must as it allows you to choose your favorite from a pool of around 700 products.

The most popular products at this store are Nike Air Jordan, Nike Flyknit, Nike Ultraboost, and Nike Airmax.

Designer Sneakers

Designer Sneakers
Image Credit: DHgate

Designer Sneaker is another store on DHgate that sells stylish Nike sneaker copies. They have an amazing collection of basketball variants and have gained a pretty good number of reviews and followers.

Their most popular collection in Nike is that of Nike Boots with more than 150 variants and those of Nike Air Jordan, preferred by most basketball players.

Replica Nike Shoes Buying Guide

You need to pay attention to several factors while trying to buy a Nike shoe lookalike. Particularly because you need to distinguish between the originals and the replica products, ensuring you get exactly what you are looking for!

Some of the prime elements in this regard are mentioned and explained in brief here below.

#1. Price

The most evident characteristic of a replicated product is its cheap price, a rate that is very less in comparison to its original counterpart.

Nike, being one of the leading shoe manufacturers in the world, never makes cheap-rated products. All their products are of high standard and durable while being high-priced even for a decent earning person.

#2. Logo

Using a licensed logo or trademark on replicated products is neither ethical nor legal. If caught, they may have to face serious legal complications, including payment of huge ransom.

So, most Nike shoe replica makers avoid using the exact Nike logo and trademark on their produce. This enables you easily differentiate a replica from its original, although both may look similar in shape and color.

#3. Serial Number

All authenticated Nike shoes are provided with a dedicated serial number and an associated batch number. This is exactly reflected on their website too!

Thus, if you find a Nike shoe that lacks a serial and batch number or if the numbers printed are not in the correct format, or the printed serial and batch numbers are not seen on the official Nike website, then that product is undoubtedly a replica.

#4. The Tongue of the Nike Shoe

In original Nike products, their logo and the product name will be printed on the shoe’s tongue. This typical detailing is often missed-out by the replica makers as they find it too much.

As a result, examine the tongue of the shoe in your hand to see whether you can see any print. If not, or if the print is not original or properly formatted, then the product is far from being the original.

Can I Buy Fake Nike Shoes on Amazon?

No, you cannot get fake Nike shoes at Amazon. The Nike sneakers sold on Amazon are original and are from reputed sellers. Thus, they legitimately priced as in any other retail store.

Besides, you can find no cheap-rate Nike shoes on Amazon. This indicates their authenticity as no replica would be priced at a rate comparable to its original.

Furthermore, you can find only authenticated Nike shoe sellers on Amazon. Usually, none of these forms a part of replica marketing sites like AliExpress and DHgate.

Moreover, all Nike products on Amazon bear a proper Nike logo at all expected places and imbibe a dedicated serial and batch number, exhibiting their non-fakeness.

So, if you are looking for cheap rate trendy Nike shoe replicas, no matter for what application, then a search on Amazon might go in vain!

Do These Online Nike Copy Shoes Sellers Offer Free-Shipping?

Yes, most of these online copy shoe sellers offer free shipping. This is remarkably like any other online shopping where the purchases crossing a minimum limit are exempted from delivery charges.

However, there is one drawback associated with free shipping. They might take a longer time to arrive at your doorstep, as compared to paid shipping.

Thus, if you expect your shoe to be delivered soon and intend to wear it on a particular day, it would be better to opt for priced shipping instead of free shipping.

However, the cost associated with paid shipping is not very much compared to the product purchased. So, make an intelligent decision by trading off your grace time with that of the chosen shipping type.

What Replica Nike Shoes Are Most Comfortable?

The comfort offered by the Nike shoe replicas is subjective and heavily depends on the area of application. Not all brands make a good fit for all situations.

For instance, if you are looking for an athlete-like sport, then Nike running shoe lookalikes are the most suitable. This is because their soles are designed to provide comfort for your heel while you, for instance, run to ensure lesser pain.

On the other hand, if you are heading for a basketball match, then Nike basketball brands can be chosen. This ensures a better grip over the feet while assuring optimal movement while you jump.

Yet another case would be when you search for a product to fit your daily essentials. At this time, it would be better to go for Nike casual wear.

In addition to these, you can even refine your selection process depending on your gender!

Is Buying Fake Nike Shoes from China Legit

Buying fake Nike shoes from China is legit when brought through an authenticated platform like AliExpress and DHgate.

You need to look for sellers who have a considerably long history in the domain with many customer ratings. It is perfect if they are of the top brand.

This reputation assures you the delivery of the exact product chosen by you that is of good quality but offered at a much lower price than its original.

Furthermore, there is even an option where you can buy Nike shoe copies in bulk. These will then be offered at a much lesser rate when compared to their retail price!