Is Wholesale7 Legit? Wholesale7 Review

is wholesale7 legit or scam review

Wholesale7 has a motto of good service, honesty, dedication, and providing exceptional quality goods to its customers. They earned their good reputation through effective production, prompt updating to trends, high supply stock, and an immense variety of items.

Their products are well-known for the stylish, fashionable, and professional looks. They encourage manufacturers to offer suggestions for improvement and allow them to suggest their own styles for custom production.


What Is Wholesale7

Wholesale7 is a clothing supplier with more than 100,000 products being sold at reasonable wholesale prices. This provider has at least 9 years of market experience and is one of the best cheap clothes suppliers in the world.

As they sell cloth at an inexpensive cost, you can gain high profit if you source your stock from here. W7 can supply even for large orders as they produce plenty of stock.

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Wholesale7 clothing store sells Korean and Japanese copy styles with their main focus on international trading. They produce the latest styles inspired by the trending fashions, especially from magazines such as COCO, Nonno, JJ, Rayli, EF, and similar prominent ones.

When you shop online, you have many risk factors such as credit card information theft or other money-related scams, and even cheating.

However, the convenience it offers, such as importing goods from all over the world with just a few keyboard taps, is indeed powerful.

Here you need a careful balance of utilizing this facility and avoiding any possible scams. You can do so by going through the reviews of the supplier you intend to purchase from and verify their legitimacy thoroughly.

Is Wholesale7 Legit?

This China-based company has an employee count of above 100, accommodated in its journey of nearly a decade. There are several reviews on their website and third-party websites such as Google, where you can find reviews on Wholesale7.

Since it has reviews on other websites, you can also trust those reviews’ legitimacy, which answers the question. Yes, Wholesale7 is a legit clothing supplier and runs a trustworthy website.

Finding them online is very easy, and you get to know a lot of information about them as they have a good social media presence. It also means that they are available for communication, respond to you, and are up-to-date in their activities.

Also, the communication on social media is not controlled by the company to find genuine opinions.

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Is Reliable is a reliable wholesale clothing platform, and you can assess it yourself using the below-provided reasons.

Product Variety

The wide variety of product range and a huge collection of clothing items are significant indicators of reliability as someone who wants to scam does not take any interest or pain in providing you such an enormous range.

You can purchase almost anything related to fashion apparel and accessories for all kids, women, and men. Items such as scarves, wigs, hair, hats, tops, coats, dresses, bottoms, shoes, bags, and whatnot.

Secure Payment Methods

Wholesale7 accepts payments only through secure channels such as PayPal, Western Union, Credit Card, Money Gram, and Bank transfer. The transactions through them are secure, fast, convenient, and have proof of payment.

Hence you need not worry about your funds as they are transferred safely using any of these methods. Payment gateways such as PayPal also allow quick transfers and support dispute settlement if required.

As this company uses McAfee to protect its users’ data, your information is kept private and hence safe.

Excellent Customer Service

Good customer service is something that every customer appreciates and remembers the seller well when he gets one.

W7 customer service is first-rate as they offer communication through several modes and respond instantly in any way you contact them.

Apart from a direct approach to their shop, they are also reachable using live chat, messages, phone, email, and Facebook. First of all, you need to have dedication and respect towards customers for providing this level of service.

You can’t imagine any such actions from a scammer as they don’t have a real answer for their deeds.

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How Does Wholesale7 Work?

The buying process of W7 is completely transparent and trustworthy as they have a systematic process. Once you find and order your goods securely, you can track them through your login on your dashboard.

You can communicate with their customer service as mentioned above if you have any issues or queries regarding the transaction or quality. They offer to fulfill orders of both kinds, i.e., wholesale as well as retail.

Several payment modes and communication methods make the experience hassle-free as you can apply your convenient method.

Unlike many other Chinese companies who have an ill reputation regarding their delivery times, they are also known to deliver goods on time.

They deliver according to the data provided, and it is calculated based on the region you are ordering from.

If you receive a refund in certain circumstances, such as the unavailability of an item, your money is returned to your wallet credit.

The best thing is you can transfer that amount back to your PayPal account or credit card as required.

What I Like About Wholesale7

You can buy clothes at very low prices from a reliable supplier that offers high quality and a perfectly stylish range. Their delivery service is timely, and even the response from customer service is quick.

A wide range of payment options adds to the convenience. Coupons allow you to add more discounts to the already low prices making the cost further attractive.

What Could Be Better?

Few locations incur high shipping costs, which might be inconvenient for people in those places. When the refund is credited, it does not automatically return to the source but stays as wallet credit that you must later transfer yourself.

Smaller-sized people do not have plenty of clothing options. Finally, if they have a better affiliation program, it would be great.

Shipping Policy of Wholesale7

Check out the details and few useful questions about shipping related to W7.

How Long Does Wholesale7 Take to Ship?

Usually, your goods are processed within 24 hours of receiving the order; however, sending it to various locations takes different times based on your location.

You can be sure that all their orders are fulfilled in a maximum of 15 to 20 days, meaning that they can reach anywhere the shipping is available within this time.

How Long Is Wholesale7 Shipping to South Africa?

When shipping to South Africa, you have two options, i.e., using DPEX and ARAMEX. However, DPEX is preferable as they deliver as quickly as possible and offer 40% off your first three orders.

Does Wholesale7 Ship to South Africa?

If your place’s name is listed on the shipping page, understand that W7 can ship to your location. Fortunately, they do list South Africa, which has two shipping options. DPEX takes 5 to 15 days, and the ARAMEX takes 7 to 15 days.