Top 13 Best Places to Buy Wholesale Shoes Online in Bulk 2021

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Who doesn’t love good-quality shoes? We all do, right? But it can be quite a tough task to actually find the right shoes for every occasion. If you wish to start a business in the field of cheap wholesale shoes, then we have some good news for you. This field is a booming sector that will only continue to grow with time.

You can find several wholesale shoe websites?online that sell quality shoes at affordable price rates. It will take a good amount of time to research the different suppliers and manufacturers that deal with wholesale shoe items.

However, we do not want to waste your time or effort. This is why we have listed below 13 of the best wholesale shoe websites where you can find quality products. All of them are trusted brands and have been in the market for quite a while.

Additionally, we will also be giving out the best ways to purchase the cheapest wholesale shoes for your business.

So, if you are in footwear or thinking of starting one and require the best place to buy wholesale shoes, read this article till the end. You will gain valuable information on wholesale places that sell shoes and what they have to offer.

How to Buy Wholesale Shoes at an Affordable Price?

The footwear business is profitable when you find the right deals to a good profit margin. You get to see many wholesale online suppliers who claim to offer the best bargains, but there are some things you need to see beyond it.

Buying shoes at wholesale prices online requires a lot of research and experience. A new buyer might not always be lucky to go with the right method of doing it. However, these useful tips will help them avoid most pitfalls and grab a steal deal.

Wholesale Shoe Sites

Online shoe wholesalers have websites that sell their products to their potential customers, and you can check out their products from anywhere in the world.

You need to remember that ¡°you get what you pay for¡± is a popular saying mostly right except in some special circumstances.

So, going for really cheap products will also result in low quality. That does not mean you need to go to high-end products either but look for the balance of price and quality for the best results.

When you check the website and see that their products’ price is too good to be true, then it really might be. By paying attention to their description and the photos, you can understand what they are offering.

Also, if you need clarification, you can contact the buyer and ask for more photos.

Low-Cost Dropship Websites

Shoes are available at wholesale prices even when you decide to dropship them and save on many other costs.

Few dropship websites provide extra services such as warehousing, logistics, transport, after-sales issues, and so on, making things easier for you.

Since they ship for both individuals and companies, meaning smaller and bigger orders, you can always check the product’s quality by buying a smaller order. As they come at the same wholesale prices, you need not worry about the cost.

When you check the quality of a person, you need not spend a lot of time researching. This is the main advantage of opting for dropshipping. Websites such as Chinabrands offer dropshipping facilities.

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Also, you need not invest a lot in buying the product or maintaining it. Furthermore, you will not burden clearing the stock and many other such issues you normally face.

Buying from Wholesalers

Stocking shoes from wholesale sellers often give you the lowest price, but certain other issues might arise in this method. The first concern is quality, and if you cannot get the right quality product, it won’t be easy to return the product or sell it.

Even the sellers might be reluctant to respond to you once their sale is made, and you will be clueless about resolving the issue. This is the reason why many merchants do not prefer this channel even though it does seem reasonable.

Direct from Manufacturers

You need high efforts to find a wholesaler in this regard. The information is not readily available and requires a lot of communication before understanding its working methods.

However, if you manage to find a manufacturer who fits the bill, you can get your shoes at meager prices. Here time is of high regard, and when you delay, you risk losing the potential buyer.

Top 13 Best Places to Buy Wholesale Shoes at an Affordable Price

Here you can find the well-studied wholesalers who have been in the business for years and offer the best prices in the market along with good quality.



This global supplier offers cheaper rates on dropship websites for shoes and operates from China. They have a large network and work using this distribution platform to supply many varieties at a lower cost.

It connects you to as many as 5,000 suppliers and a huge collection of products of as many as 500,000. On average, they ship out shipments weighing at least 200 tons every day. Their sales network is spread far and wide-spanning to almost 200 regions all around the world.

The discounts it provides are possible due to the cost savings from direct dealing from manufacturers to customers. The quality inspection team thoroughly checks every product by trained personnel before dispatching to ensure no damages are present.

The comprehensive services by them make your transaction smooth and easy.


Rose Wholesale

This top-notch online fashion store with a trendy collection sells many footwear, clothing, and more. It is one of the leading stores in international fashions that sell high-quality products.

You can buy women’s shoes and men’s shoes that come in chic styles or suit your effortless elegance style. They keep updating the styles very often to keep up with the changing fashion.

Since they have a special department to research and identify the popular styles currently in trend, you get everything early here. The well-connected network with manufacturers allows them to offer factory prices.

The wide choice of thousands of products allows you to choose from full options. Their extensive range also comes at lower rates than their counterparts. With dedicated customer service and an elegant collection, they have earned a decent reputation.



The New York-based company aims to serve the global market of smaller retailers who cannot take advantage of huge discounts given only for large buyers. They give excellent bargains to support such buyers.

This company offers a complete range of footwear for the whole family where you can buy the latest styles without the need to search elsewhere. You can shop for all seasons and all occasions from here as you get boots, dress shoes, sandals, sneakers, work shoes, high heels, and many more options to choose from.

Their wholesale prices for even small quantities such as 12 or 24 pairs are extremely favorable for small businesses as they can afford many more styles. Otherwise, bulk wholesale buying tends to get only a few styles and many pairs of the same shoes.

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You should produce your retailer vendor license to purchase from them.



Since its launch in 2004, Wholesaledeals have been providing several of its customers with very inexpensive goods. You can obtain a profit margin of 45% to 95% using the products bought here.

They gather the latest wholesale deals from verified wholesalers and offer the dropshipping facility. As they continuously work on sourcing such deals, you will never run out of supply and get good bargains all around the year.

They sell many types of goods, including shoes, to buy them wholesale at cheap rates. You get to see the complete information of the supplier and all the required details before you make the deal.

The large range of suppliers to choose from allows you to mail the best deal available, thus earning larger profits. They offer both individual purchasing facilities and wholesale deals and have good customer support.



The luxury labels inspire the bold designs of shoes by Jazame. Though they obtain their ideas from the iconic models, they do have a signature of their own, giving you an array of diverse collections.

They have many colors, types, and styles of footwear, including seasonal or occasional ones. You can say that you name it, and you have it here. They offer not only fashionable footwear but also affordable costs without compromising on quality.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, they are adept at capturing the customer’s pulse through their customer service and designs.



As the name itself says, this supplier is one of the leading wholesale shoe suppliers whose focus is mainly on footwear. They sell anything and everything related to footwear, from branded shoes to flip-flops.

This website facilitates global trade as they allow both the import and export of shoes at wholesale prices. They import from counties such as Taiwan and China to serve internationally, including many USA countries such as California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, etc.

They also supply to many other destinations such as Germany, the UK, France, Great Britain, Australia, Netherlands, and many other places. They offer very competitive prices which allow you to make decent profits.



Buywholesalefootwear is a wholesale supplier that focuses on retailers looking for discounted prices. They have a wide variety of supplies for all men, women, and kids that come in stylish fashions and at excellent prices.

Mostly the online sellers, discount stores, suppliers for flea markets, and dollar stores prefer to buy from here as they provide good quality shoes.



Clearancefootwear offers wholesale prices for footwear with no specific minimum quantity. This allows you to buy several types of shoes at a lower price. They have a huge collection of shoes to select from for all kinds of people.

You get to buy very stylishly casual footwear from this site. Apart from footwear, they also sell several other goods, which might also be of interest to you if you also sell products such as handbags and clothing.



This is a place where you find everything from men’s boots for winter to girls’ flip-flops. Their high-quality merchandise is available at unbeatable prices and hence a preferred destination for most wholesale buyers.



This seller has an assortment of shoe collections. You get to buy sports shoes, sandals, casual shoes, dress shoes, slippers, stiletto heels, canvas shoes, ankle boots, sandals, canvas shoes, running shoes, canvas shoes, and many more kinds of footwear here.

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From brand replicas to the lowest priced shoes are all available at wholesale prices. You need to pick your products with a proper price balance carefully, and you will be all set for high profits.



Similar to the above website, this is also another wide product-ranged website with an excellent collection. You can buy high-quality shoes at lower prices. The endless options keep on supplying you with fabulous fashions that keep up with the trend at all times.

Look for the trendiest women’s and child’s shoes at this online wholesaler. You will be surprised by the amazing quality and wide variety of the products that are available here. Also, they are priced very cheap that will help you in your business.

The brand believes in offering its customers the latest fashion in town. This is why you can always find the latest footwear and shoes at Since the products have a reasonable price, you can choose as many products as possible.

Also, you can look at the ratings for the products, which will give you a transparent view of the shoe. Though it was founded just three years back, today, the brand has grown huge. Now, everyone is familiar with this name. So please make the most of it and don’t forget to check out this store.

Shop at the trendy hotmiamishoes and give yourself and your business a booming start. This store particularly deals with women’s shoes and footwear. You can find a wide range of sandals, boots, booties, flats, heels, wedges, pumps, and so much more.

It boasts of a diverse inventory of footwear that will leave everyone in awe. This fashion store has every footwear and shoe that is perfect for every occasion. Be it casuals or formals, and the store has something for everyone out there. Shop at the latest trends and avail of amazing discounts and promotions.

If you happen to buy products in a bulk amount, you will receive additional discounts. Also, the store has a 30-day return policy which is some great news. This way, if you have any issues with the product, you can return them. So what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity and let your business do the talking.

How to Buy Wholesale Shoes in Bulk and Sell High?

Now that you have a good list of wholesalers, you need to know what else to look for while buying and selling to make a profit.

  • Have multiple options to have a continuous supply of products
  • Do your research to find the lowest cost of the product you selected by checking other sources.
  • Make your process efficient by laying down the rules that work for you and speeding up your process with quality to get your business running.

Final Words

There are various options: you manage everything or manage partly and take little support or take most of the support from external sources. Whichever is your business model, don’t worry. We got you covered in the above details.

All you need to do is to choose the right merchant and keep working towards your goal. I hope this list is useful to take you further in your business.